In the Afghan parliamentary elections 2018, which was held on October 20, many of the current parliamentary representatives run for another term, but, contrary to popular belief, a number of them did not win votes in the preliminary results. Reporterly in this report attempts to introduce six of the most prominent candidates. Abdul Latif Pedram Abdul Latif Pedram is a famous politician, writer, poet, journalist, leader

12 December 2018

John R. Bass, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan discussed the Afghan peace process in an interview with TOLONews on Friday, December 7. Reporterly has summarized the key points of the conversation. Ambassador John Bass emphasized clearly on the important agency of Afghans themselves in the reconciliation process which was a recurring point that he made throughout the interview. His core argument was that there

8 December 2018

Dr Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the former Afghan ambassador to India who recently resigned and returned to Kabul, spoke on Monday with Ariana News. Reporterly has summarised the key points of the conversation. Mr. Abdali, apart from his work as Ambassador of Afghanistan to India, was the special assistant to former President Hamid Karzai and former deputy head of the Afghan National Security Council. Nomination

6 December 2018

Mohammad Hanif Atmar, the former Afghan National Security Advisor, gave an interview to TOLOnews on Thursday, November 29. Reporterly has focused on the key points of the conversation. Reasons for Resignation Hanif Atmar in the interview clarified that the mounting disagreements over policies as well as the president's disregard for his consultations over the past year were the main reasons for his resignation. Security The former

2 December 2018

A government delegation that was commissioned about a week ago to investigate the roots of recent violence in Uruzgan and Ghazni provinces, arrived back in Kabul on Monday evening, November 12, after a week of investigations and discussions with residents of these provinces and local authorities. The following are excerpts of an interview of Mr Asadullah Fallah, taken by an

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7 October 2018