Half a Million Infected by Coronavirus

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Half a Million Infected by Coronavirus


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27 Mar 2020

The number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 500,000 as economies around the world reel from the impact of widespread lockdowns.

Italy has shut down most of its industry, and a record-shattering 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits in a single week.

In India, where the country’s 1.3 billion people were under orders to stay home, legions of poor were suddenly thrown out of work, and many families were left struggling for something to eat.

The Indian government announced a 1.7 trillion rupee ($A37 billion) economic stimulus package that will deliver monthly rations of grain and lentils to a staggering 800 million people.

Around the globe, the death toll stood at nearly 8200 in Italy, more than 4100 in Spain and above 1000 in the US.

New York State, the worst hotspot in the nation, accounted for about 400 of the US deaths.