Top EU Envoy Talks to US on Iran Trip, Mideast Plan

Top EU Envoy Talks to US on Iran Trip, Mideast Plan


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8 Feb 2020

Oriental ceramics expert, Hanne Sutcliffe, will examine the Ancient Art of Afghanistan at Tennants Garden Rooms, Leyburn, on Tuesday, February 11.

The lecture for The Arts Society Wensleydale, considers the magnificent gold, silver, ivory, bronze and glass objects excavated in the kingdom of Bactria (ancient Afghanistan) that illustrate a unique fusion of Greek, Persian and Indian motifs.

Greek and Macedonian refugees fleeing the depredations of Alexander the Great settled there in c300 BC.

The exquisite archaeological finds range from Bronze Age gold and silver to first century AD carved ivory, along with 20,000 gold artefacts found in six tombs in Tillya Tepe, Northern Afghanistan.

This rich heritage was believed to have been lost after 30 years of war and anarchy.

It has subsequently toured the world – a magnificent cultural symbol of hope for the future of Afghanistan.