Kandahar Parliamentary Elections:

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    Districts in Kandahar Vulnerable to Threats May Have Low Voter Turnout

    Head of the provincial election commission in Kandahar Nematullah Wardak, has said that apart from the two districts where the registration process were not carried out at all, five other districts were vulnerable to security so its expected that most citizens may not show up in the polling centers.

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    Social Media Testimony Shows Issues on Election Day in Panjwayi, Kandahar

    Mohammad Yar Yar, a facebook user while quoting Kandhar IECC, has pointed out that there are serious problems in Panjwayi district and Ayno Mina area and asked the observers to monitor the situation well.

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    Security Measures in Place for Kandahar Elections

    Local authorities in Kandahar province say that strict security measures have been undertaken to hold elections in the districts of the province and the center as well.

    Kandahar Media Center said in a statement: “We assure all Kandahar citizens that strong measures have been taken to ensure the security of the elections.” According to this statement, the election in this province was officially launched at 7 am today and was accompanied by a large number of people in the polling centers.

    “The people of Kandahar, including the men, the women, the elderly and the young people, have been widely present in the ballot boxes to cast their votes for their favorite candidates,” the statement added.

    However, some reports say that although voters showed up on time, some polling centres delayed the process by opening late.

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    The Status of Kandahar Polling

    Kandahar has a population of 2059182, but according to an IEC report, only 522984 people have registered to vote, which is roughly one-fourth of the total. These figures indicate that 442512 men, 67276 women, and 13,196 Kochies/ Nomads have gotten registered for voting.

    Additionally, 225 polling centers have been established by the election commission in Kandahar province.
    According to IEC, a total of 172 polling centers will be operational in Kandahar today.

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    Voting Begins in Kandahar

    It has been reported that balloting has finally begun in Kandahar province. Although people of the province showed up earlier at the expected time of polling which was 7 am. According to some reports, the elections has not begun at 7 am which has caused people to wait for longer periods.

    Provincial IEC officials have also assured that if all voters can’t vote until 4 pm, then polling centres will be kept operational till 6 pm.

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