International Community Welcomed Afghan Presidential Election

International Community Welcomed Afghan Presidential Election


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29 Sep 2019

Afghan people have defied Taliban threats and used their rights to vote on Saturday in a one-day presidential election to elect their country’s new president through ballots amid tight security.

The international community has welcomed the presidential election in Afghanistan, calling the vote transparent and credible.

Special Representative of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) Tadamichi Yamamoto, who went to the polling places yesterday, praised the Afghan citizens’ support for democracy.

“Visiting a polling centre in Kabul, I commended those women and men of Afghanistan working to enable transparent and credible elections in the most trying circumstances. Voters deserve admiration for their determination and support for democracy,” Yamamoto said, as quoted by the UNAMA Twitter page.

German Ambassador to Afghanistan Peter Pruegel also expressed hope that the election would be fair and transparent.

“Visited polling station in Kabul as Presidential Elections started in Afghanistan this morning. Hope Afghans throughout the country will be able to turn out in large numbers to exercise their democratic right safely and in a free, fair and transparent electoral process”, Pruegel said.

In the meantime, NATO’s civilian representative for Afghanistan, Nicholas Kay, said he hoped that the presidential election would be held in complete security and condemned the Taliban Islamist movement’s attacks, aimed at undermining the voting.

“I condemn the Taliban for the violence they are conducting. I hope that all Afghans today will have the chance to vote in peace and security. I appreciate the efforts of the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces,” he said in a video address, posted on his Twitter page.

“I hope that all Afghans today will have the chance to vote in peace and security, and I praise the efforts of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces,” he added.

In addition, a number of foreign countries congratulated the Afghan government on the successful election and expressed optimism for further positive developments.

Afghan security and election officials have praised Saturday’s landmark presidential polls as unprecedented in showing peace and order in the post-2001 period.

The landmark presidential polls, only the fourth since the fall of the Taliban in December 2001, ended on Saturday with some incidents of violence reported from across the war-torn country.