Refugee Deaths in Iran will be Investigated Assures Afghan Foreign Ministry

Refugee Deaths in Iran will be Investigated Assures Afghan Foreign Ministry


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6 Jun 2020

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) vowed to thoroughly investigate an incident where three Afghan nationals were killed in Iran’s Yazd province.

According to initial accounts the Afghan migrants had been in a vehicle and had been asked to stop by the police. When they did not cooperate, the Iranian police opened fire at the moving vehicle.

A bullet hit the tire and the vehicle lost control, hit the guardrail and caught fire.

Ahmad Tarahumi Bahabadi, deputy governor of Yazd, confirmed that three of the vehicle’s occupants had been killed, four were wounded and some were missing.

The MoFA said a delegation of Afghan officials has been sent to look into the incident and find the identity of the victims.

The incident was condemned by Afghan activists as they started an online campaign “Justice for Afghans in Iran” after a string of attacks on refugees, including the Harirud drowning incident in early May.

The Afghan activists called for a thorough probe into the incident.

“Our afghans in Iran have tolerated this but enough is enough, stand against this cruelty of your brothers and sisters, just like you stand for other nations now is the time to stand for your own,” wrote the author of the campaign which has already amassed more that 7,000 signatures of support.

The activists also started a hashtag trend of “I am burning” and “Give me some water I am burning.”