Saleh: Taliban Is A Small, Ugly Group And People Must Wait For It To Melt Into Society

Saleh: Taliban Is A Small, Ugly Group And People Must Wait For It To Melt Into Society


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14 Sep 2020

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh called the Taliban a “small, ugly and violent group” and promised to melt the group in a “community furnace” referring to society’s melting pot.

Writing on his Facebook page on Monday, Saleh described the republic as a “human-centric majority” and the Taliban as an “ugly” group, telling the people to not worry because the Taliban will be forced into becoming part of it.

“History does not and will not witness the victory of ugly over beauty.”

Saleh stressed that soldiers of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces are “volunteers” and none have surrendered, but have stood up to the end.

He said that no major government bases had been captured by “terrorists and Taliban,” however sometimes checkpoints did fall.

Saleh said that millions of literate people are dedicated to society, and none of them are aligned with “terrorists and Taliban” other than some who had “studied in Pakistan.”

The cities that were under the Taliban, are counting down to the moment they can be freed from the clutches of this “ugly and violent” force, Saleh said.

“From the point of view of the Taliban, economics means extortion under the name of tithes and regular export of opium. Everyone did not comply with the punishment of a whip or a bullet,” he said.

He added that the Taliban had “no message for the world and their message is full of contradictions and delusions.”

In comparison, the first vice president said the people on “this side” have unrestricted access to science, mysticism and the right to ask questions.

“This is a multidimensional, pluralistic system that responds to people every day.”

“There are a few innocent people who are not even allowed to wear a variety of clothes… or colours,” he wrote on Facebook, saying God had created the colours.

He accused the Taliban of having a black and white vision of the world – “Taliban and non-Taliban.”

The vice president went on to compare that “this side” believes in history and has its roots in thousands of years, but for the Taliban, history began with the emergence of “intelligent” Mullah Omar, and before that the world was “all dark.”

Saleh said the republic has a justice system, but the Taliban believes in public trials.

The first vice president has argued that the government keeps thousands of Taliban members in its prisons, but that the Taliban beheads anyone they capture.

Saleh said that this method was common even during the “black rule” of the Taliban.

The first vice president’s remarks come as direct talks between the government and the Taliban began for the first time this week.