Same Source of Terror Impacting India, Afghanistan: Indian Envoy to Kabul

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Same Source of Terror Impacting India, Afghanistan: Indian Envoy to Kabul


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1 Dec 2019

Indian ambassador to Afghanistan Vinay Kumar has called for the need for Pakistan to act on terror which impacts the entire region including Afghanistan and India.

Speaking at the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS), ambassador Kumar said, “We, in last 3-4 decades, have seen the same source of terrorism impacting both the countries…if we have peace in Afghanistan, we all stand to benefit from that peace by various cooperative mechanism.”

Explaining, “The biggest threat to peace and stability in the region is terrorism. our region, like most other parts of the world, can have peace, stability, prosperity but the condition is just one, violence stops, terrorism stops, the entire region stands to benefit… it requires a decision we can talk about our issues in an atmosphere free of violence and terrorism.. better sense should prevail.”

Talking about the need for integration and connectivity in South Asia, Kumar said, “Peace for us, empowerment of all the people to enable them to reach full potential, to integrate the region for the socio-economic benefit for fast we have moved in the eastern side with other neighbours.”

“Fundamentals of foreign policy is to create stakes for neighbours in India’s growth,” he added.

He highlighted India’s development assistance to the landlocked South Asian country saying New Delhi has committed US $3 billion for Afghanistan’s development of which US $2 billion has already been spent.