Laghmani Has 3 Days To Leave Faryab: Protesters

Kabul: On the 8th day of protests in Faryab against the newly appointed governor, the protesters gave Mohammad Daud Laghmani a deadline of three days to leave, otherwise, a federal government will be established in the province.

The protests in Faryab began after President Ghani appointed Mohammad Davood Laghmani as governor of Faryab a month ago. Ghani also nominated Naqibullah Fayek, the former governor of Faryab, to the Senate. However, supporters of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan led by Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum in Faryab province were against this decision as they believe that Laghmani does not understand the geography or people of the province.

Dostum called on Faryab residents to prevent the nomination of Mohammad Daud Laghmani as the governor of the province and defend their rights. As a result, dozens of people in Jawzjan and Faryab provinces protested and demanded the election of governors, mayors, and district governors.

Earlier, Mir Rahman Rahmani, Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced that these problems would be resolved. Protesters had earlier prevented the landing of a plane carrying Laghmani, but two days later, he started working in the 1st Brigade of the 209th Shaheen Corps at Maimana Airport. Protesters have also set up a tent camp in front of the governor’s office. On Saturday, protesters even reached the gate of the first brigade chanting slogans. A large number of women also took to the streets and expressed their dissatisfaction.

Ehsas Niroo, spokesperson for the Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, said that protests would spread to several provinces if the government did not comply.

According to Niroo, the demonstrations of the people of Faryab on their eight day were wider than on previous days, and in addition, a number of residents of Bamyan supported the claim of the people of Faryab by launching a protest too.

The protests in Faryab are underway since the last seven days. On Friday, however, they decided to reopen hospitals and some essential government offices to provide service to the people.

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