Iran Denies Receiving Evidence of Afghan Investigation into Migrant Deaths

Iran said it has yet to receive the evidence from the Afghan government’s investigations over the drowning of dozens of Afghan migrants in the Harirud river.

Head of the Judiciary Organization of the Armed Forces of Iran said they have not received any evidence which the Afghan government claimed had already been handed to the Iranian diplomatic delegation.

The Afghan findings had evidence which showed that Iran was responsible for the May 2 incident where 46 Afghan nationals were “forced by the Iranian border force” to cross the Harirud River, leaving 12 of them dead, 17 missing and 17 survivors.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry said that their report along with interviews from seven of the survivors, had been handed to the Iranian consulate on Herat.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs had also objected to Iran’s refusal to take responsibility for the deaths who officials claimed were migrants illegally crossing into Iran.

Afghan Rights organisations have urged the government to take this matter up in international courts.

This comes as a delegation from Afghanistan headed by Acting Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar visited Tehran on Sunday to meet with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

They reviewed a comprehensive cooperation agreement covering economics, transit, political and border security that will be finalized within the next three months. They also worked on legalizing the status of Afghan migrants in Iran.

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