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    Police Chief of Farah Province Dismissed

    Local media has announced the dismissal of Police Chief of Farah province.

    It was said that the Police Chief Farah, Gen. Fazl Ahmad Shirzad, has been dismissed following the recent Taliban attacks in this province.

    Rahmatullah Seddiqi is appointed to replace Shirzad as the new chief of the Farah Police.

    It comes after a massive number of military forces were killed and wounded in attacks by insurgent over areas of the province.

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    Ambassador Bass Led Delegation Travels to Herat

    A US Delegation led by Ambassador Bass visited Herat on Saturday to oversee the delivery of emergency relief material and humanitarian assistance support to the 9000 families in Herat and Badhis who have been displaced by the severe drought.

    This was informed by a statement issued by the US Embassy in Kabul. It comes after the areas in Herat are under crisis-like drought because of which several thousand lives have been affected.

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    ANA Clearing Operations Launched in Jaghori

    The press office of the Ghazni ANA brigade has announced the launch of a massive clearing operation in Jaghori distirct.

    According to the statement, the operation in the district was led by the Army Chief of staff in order to eliminate the enemies of Afghanistan.

    In this operation, the ANSDF successfully and rapidly advanced and took over the areas under control in the district of Jaghori.

    For the past 2 weeks, Jaghori and Malistan districts of Ghazni, and Uruzgan Khas in Uruzgan have been under constant attack by the Taliban insurgents, leading to the residents of the districts having to flee and leave their homes. Many even put up a brave resistance by forming “people’s forces”. After almost a week of requests by local residents, and a protest by people in Kabul, the officials and leaders have finally tended to the conflict.

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    President Ghani Insists of Youth’s Role in Peace Process

    As per a statement released by the Presidential Palace, President Ghani had insisted “in a meeting with representatives of multiple civil society organizations on Saturday that Afghan youth’s role in peace negotiations should be significant since the gains and losses will have long term consequences for them.”

    The President expressed that the younger generations reflect the new Afghanistan, willing to let go of the past and look what lies ahead. He stated that the “route to peace is full of obstacles, and we need to be ready to employ all available tools for gaining a positive outcome. He reiterated that any peace agreement must be ratified nationally before taking effect.”

    Civil society representatives have already laid out their suggestions for peace negotiations, and welcomed President Ghani’s move to engage youth in major policy-making processes, the statement informs.

    The meetings to discuss the advisory board for peace process and formation of a negotiating team with Taliban started last week, and will continue for several days to come.

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    39 IS-K Terrorists and 67 Insurgents Killed Across 9 Provinces in the Past 24 Hours

    The Ministry of Defense has released multiple statements to announce that more than 100 insurgents have been killed as a part of ANA operations, airstrikes and clearing operations across 9 provinces.

    39 IS-K terrorists were killed and some weapons and ammunition were seized in ANA airstrikes and clearing operations in Pachir WA gam district of Nangarhar Province.

    25 insurgents were killed and 5 wounded in ANA airstrikes in Qarabagh district of Ghazni Province.

    Eight more insurgents were killed, along with 1 bag explosives and some weapons and ammunition being confiscated in ANA clearing operations in Charkh district of Logar Province.

    Moreover, Nine insurgents were killed in ANA airstrikes in Malistan district of Ghazni Province.

    Seven other insurgents were killed and 15 others were wounded in ANA response attacks in Mizan district of Zabul and Maiwand district of Kandahar Provinces.

    Furthermore, eight insurgents were killed, 10 wounded and some weapons and ammunition were seized in ANA response attacks in Burka district of Baghalan Province.

    Five insurgents were killed in ANA airstrikes in Nirkh district of Wardak Province.

    Finally, five insurgents were killed and 4 wounded in ANA airstrikes in Charsada district of Ghor Province.

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    MoE Recruits More Teachers to Enhance Access to Education

    Ministry of Education spokesperson Nooria Nazhat, in a press conference on Saturday announced that the ministry has employed 30,000 teachers to increase the “presence of women in the field of education”.

    This recruitment will be across 34 provinces and especially in areas where access to teachers, particularly female teachers, is scarce.

    Ms Nazhat clarified that 2674 teachers were recruited in the previous year while 2326 others were recruited this year.

    Focusing on education for the female students, it was also pointed out that guideline for menstrual hygiene of girls will be published soon.

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    Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Assassination of Kashoggi: CIA

    The CIA of US has conceded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, as per US media sources on Friday. This is contrary to the claims of non-involvement by the Saudi government.

    According to the Washington Post, US officials have expressed confidence in the CIA assessment.

    Jamal Kashoggi was a well renowned journalist from Saudi Arabia. He was a columnist for the Washington Post. He was mysteriously declared missing when he entered the Saudi embassy in Istanbul and never found to be exiting.

    Washington Post has covered the findings of CIA: “The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, US media reported on Friday, a finding that contradicts Saudi government assertions that he was not involved. According to the Washington Post, who first reported the CIA conclusion, US officials expressed high confidence in the CIA assessment, which is the most definitive to date linking bin Salman to the killing and complicates President Donald Trump’s efforts to preserve ties with one of the closest US allies in the region.”

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    NPC Approves Contracts Worth $45 Million

    The National Procurement Commission on November 14 approved 21 contracts in total, worth $45 million.

    Contracts were approved for work of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Kabul municipality, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of a Energy and Water, and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

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    Balkhi Actor Qodus Farhmand Killed in Armed Assault

    Qodus Farhmand, a well-known Balkhi actor, was killed on Friday night, in an armed assault in the Kholm district of Balkh province.

    According to sources, a group of artists had gone to Kholm district to launch a performance and were targeted on their return.

    However, the motive and the main cause of this incident have not been determined yet and the body of Mr. Farahmand has been shifted to Public Hospital in Mazar-e-Sharif.

    Sources also say that in the assault, five bullets hit the body of Qodus Farahmand and the assailants escaped from the area.

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    Jamiat-e Islami Forms Permanent Peace Committee

    The Jamiat-e-Islami released a statement informing about the meeting of its leadership council for the discussion of peace process.

    “In the meeting, The Permanent Peace Committee of Jamiat-e-Islami of Afghanistan was formed after the discussion and consultation on the peace process,” the statement read.

    Also after hearing the report of the expert committee a comprehensive discussion was held on the issue of presidential election and the co-ordination and readiness was further emphasized in this regard.

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    President Ghani and Jihadi Leaders Meet for Dialogue on Advisory Board on Peace

    The Presidential Palace in a press release announced the minutes of the meeting between President Ghani and Jamiat-e-Islami.

    The statement read that “President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani stressed on proceeding with peace process based on national consensus in a meeting with Jamiat-e-Islami solidarity council representatives today.”

    The President, as per the statement, took advice from the participants of the meeting regarding the formation of an advisory board that will advise the government on the composition of the negotiating team and a framework for their conduct.

    The participants of the meeting welcomed President Ghani’s move to create an advisory board for an inclusive and nationally consensual peace process, the statement clarifies.

    “The President recently started meeting with various demographics of the country, and will continue the meetings for several days to come,” the statement finally added.

    President Ghani also met with Abdulrab Rasul Sayyaf a Jihadi leader, and the Speaker of Senate Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, with whom he insisted that national consensus is imperative for any peace negotiations.

    In another separate meeting the president also met with Mohammad Yunus Qanuni former speaker of Lower House of Parliament who also gave suggestions regarding the peace process and the suggested advisory board.