US Ambassador Bass: Peace is the Top Priority in Afghanistan

US Ambassador to Kabul John Bass, in a press conference on Saturday said that right now, for Afghanistan, the highest priority is peace.
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He pointed out that not just US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but also President Ghani, CE Abdullah, other Afghan political leaders have expressed that peace is paramount.

He added that it’s therefore important for everybody to work together for this common goal of Afghan peace.

Ambassador Bass added that they anticipate that their (US) ongoing discussions with Taliban about US’s concerns of terrorism in Afghanistan and Taliban’s understanding of troop withdrawal, reaches a conclusion to the point that would open the way for intra-Afghan dialogue which is what is needed for durable settlement and peace in Afghanistan.

“We hope that our ongoing talks wth Taliban will open this door, and the Intra-Afghan dialogue discussions are something only Afghans can solve”, Bass said.

He also hoped that Afghan society is prepared for this opportunity of intra-Afghan talks.

He conceded by saying that “Secretary Pompeo noted that highest priority is peace, as well as its important for election planning to go ahead without delay”, and added that they urge everyone who has some responsibility to help achieve those results-Afghan election commissions, legal side, Afghan government, candidates and political parties and observers and wider society help in achieving fair and transparent elections.

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