We Have Friends in Afghanistan: Jaishankar

Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has said that New Delhi has “friends and influence” in Afghanistan.

The comments come even as US and Taliban signed a deal that lead to American troops leaving the landlocked south Asian country but questions still remain on intra-Afghan talks.

Indian EAM, speaking at an event in Delhi said, “Today, we Indians, have a very high standing, in Afghan society. People genuinely like us. A lot of the work we have done is appreciated. And when it comes to Afghanistan, my own sense is, people tend to be too hard on ourselves. I think we have influence, I think we have a record, I think we have friends, in Afghanistan, and around Afghanistan. And my own sense is that serious conversations about Afghanistan have only now just begun. We are entering a new phase, that phase has only just begun now,” he said.

New Delhi was represented by Indian envoy to Qatar P Kumaran as a witness at the signing of the US Taliban agreement signed on 29th February.

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