Delegate Established to Probe into Midwife’s Sexual Abuse in Samangan Province

A team will be sent to investigate the alleged rape of a midwife in Samangan province, as per Attorney General’s Office.

Attorney General’s Office said in a statement on Wednesday that in order to fully investigate the rape case, a delegation will be sent to Samangan province to investigate the case.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, 9 people have been arrested in connection with this case, of which 4 were under age.

Attorney General’s Office has emphasized that the case will be followed up seriously and impartially.

On Tuesday, Mohammad Sidiq spokesman of Samangan governor told Reporterly that, three days ago several individuals raped a midwife in Ab Qort village in Ruyi Du Ab district of Samangan province.

Police arrested nine people in connection with the incident and the case is under investigation at attorney office of Samnagan province, Mr. Sidiq said.

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