Kabul: The U.S. State Department on Wednesday said it is working to forge an international consensus behind the need for an Afghanistan peace accord even as it acknowledged that "all indications" point to the Taliban seeking a "battlefield victory." The comments made came as envoys from the United States, China, Russia and other countries met in Doha with Taliban and Afghan government negotiators in

12 August 2021

Kabul: Two back-to-back international meetings are being convened in Qatar this week to press Afghanistan’s warring parties to resme upeace negotiations and reach a deal before the Afghan conflict spirals out of control. The diplomatic effort comes amid dramatic battlefield advances by Taliban insurgents even as the United States continues airstrikes in support of embattled Afghan government forces. It also follows last week’s warning

9 August 2021

Kabul: The Taliban has plans to present a written peace proposal to the Afghan government side as soon as next month, a spokesperson for the group told Reuters even as they make major territorial gains in the country. "The peace talks and process will be accelerated in the coming days and they are expected to enter an important stage, naturally it will be about

6 July 2021

Kabul: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday said that the security situation in Afghanistan remains “very difficult and challenging,” reiterating that as the US and coalition forces are leaving and now Afghans should take full responsibility for their own future. Pentagon officials have said that the withdrawal is at least 25% complete. In Kabul, efforts are underway to resume the stalled peace talks

1 June 2021

Kabul: The Taliban has set three pre-conditions for it to attend the Istanbul Summit scheduled to deliberate on the Afghan peace process, reported the VOA on Tuesday citing senior Taliban leaders. The conditions set by the Taliban are that the conference must be short; the agenda should not include decision-making on critical issues; and the Taliban delegation should be low level, a senior Taliban

26 May 2021

Kabul: In a move that comes as a positive step in the Afghan peace process, some negotiators of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban held a meeting in Doha on Sunday--their latest since May 13. Shaikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani, the head of the Taliban’s negotiating team, also attended the meeting, according to sources in Qatar. This follows his one-month consultation with the

25 May 2021

Kabul: The Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yi held multiple discussions with various stakeholders of the Afghan peace process, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Haneef Atmar and Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib and said that China is ready to facilitate internal negotiations among various parties in Afghanistan, including creating necessary conditions for negotiations in China. Wang Yi’s discussion included the

18 May 2021

Kabul: The Afghan government will participate in the Istanbul Summit in Turkey with full readiness, said Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan, who recently prepared a three-stage plan called "Final Achievement" for the peace process and explained it at a ceremony at the presidential palace two days ago. Pictures and content of the meeting were published on Wednesday night, in which Ghani stressed on the

8 April 2021

Kabul: With the Istanbul peace summit round the corner, the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) announced that a meeting for drafting and unification of the peace plan was held on Sunday. At least, 25 political parties and members of the leadership committee of HCNR have submitted 30 peace plans to the drafting and unification committee so far, as per HCNR’s statement. The meeting, chaired

4 April 2021

The United Nations seeks a leading role for women in decision making at all levels in Afghanistan’s peace process that is expected to enter a new phase in the coming weeks or months. UN in its statement on International Women’s Day, says that to give Afghan women a leading role in peace, there they need support from all sectors of society as well as

8 March 2021