Kabul: As per new reports, a Turkish garrison will be deployed near Kabul airport and 600 US marines and an unspecified number of troops could be deployed to guard Washington's embassy. This comes even as US troops are reportedly expected to be fully withdrawn from Afghanistan by mid-July, several months ahead of the originally planned September 11 goal. Hundreds of foreign troops will remain

27 May 2021

Kabul: The Special Operations Corps said in a statement on Wednesday that Camp Morehead of the US troops in the Special Operations Corps' garrison in Kabul's Rishkhor area has handed over to the Afghan commandos. The Camp, established in 2007, was used by foreign forces to train and advise the commandos. This is the third international force camp to be handed over to Afghan

12 May 2021

Kabul: Voicing caution to the entire global community, the Lower House of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday said that an irresponsible withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan will have dire consequences. “The withdrawal is welcome by the Afghan people; but it must be done responsibly taking into account the security situation in Afghanistan. Irresponsible withdrawal without establishing an alternative security

4 May 2021

Kabul: With the formal withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan started on May 1, the Al-Qaeda has warned Washington of war against all its fronts. Speaking to CNN media via an intermediary, the terrorist group said that their “war against the US will be continuing on all other fronts unless they are expelled from the rest of the Islamic world”. US President Joe Biden

1 May 2021

Kabul: In the first big step for the Afghan peace process in recent times, the members of the extended troika – US, China, Russia, Pakistan – met with representatives of the Afghanistan government and the Taliban in Doha, in the presence of host country Qatar, on Friday to discuss the peaceful settlement in Afghanistan and help the parties reach a permanent and comprehensive

1 May 2021

Kabul: In his first formal address to US lawmakers since he took office, US President Joe Biden on Wednesday said that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan after 20 years reflected American leadership. “The drawdown will not endanger national security. We are halting the cycle of endless armed conflict, a conflict which was dragged on for generations. It’s time to bring our troops home,”

29 April 2021

Kabul: Even as there is a growing concern from global players and experts that there will be vacuum in Afghanistan after foreign troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the commander of the US Central Command has said on Wednesday that the US will never be at the mercy of groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda or the Taliban if they want to create problems and threaten US

21 April 2021

Kabul: With the US and NATO withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan, there is a growing concern that the country may fall into a civil war and terrorists can use it as their hotspots, considering this, a top white house official said that no one can say with any certainty what will happen in Afghanistan once US President Joe Biden withdraws the remaining 2,500

19 April 2021

Kabul: In a formal announcement, US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday, that he will withdraw all the remaining US troops from Afghanistan to mark the end of a “forever war”, rejecting calls for the US forces to stay to ensure a peaceful resolution to that nation’s grinding internal conflict. Biden’s plan includes pulling out all American forces - numbering 2,500 - by

15 April 2021

Kabul: With the US administration announcing its complete troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by 9/11 before the 20th anniversary of the twin towers attack, Germany on Wednesday said that it will match the US plans for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, as per Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. The Defence Minister added that she expected a NATO decision on the matter after a special session of

14 April 2021