United Nations Secretary General released his latest report which he publishes every three months on developments in Afghanistan. The report provides an update on the activities of the United Nations in Afghanistan, including political, humanitarian, development and human rights efforts. Below are some key matters that were put forward in the report as observations. Parliamentary Elections: A Little Chaos, A Little Thunder but Security

17 December 2018

The Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center came up with their review of US President Trump’s South Asia Strategy so far. The report was published in October 2018, much before the Moscow peace talks, or US Special Representative for Afghanistan’s Reconciliation having visited the region two times and meeting up with Taliban representatives. The review begins with a clear verdict that the

13 December 2018

The Asian Foundation conducted an annual survey which delves on the public opinion of the Afghan people regarding various issues like security, Elections, governance, economy, services, corruption, demographics, reconciliation with Taliban, access to media, migration, role of women and political participation. It is titled Afghanistan in 2018: A Survey of the Afghan People. The survey interviewed a sample population of 15012 Afghans over the

4 December 2018

The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) on Thursday clarified that it has counted both biometric and non-biometric votes as valid while declaring the winners and losers of the October 20 parliamentary elections. “Voters list was the base, anyone who participated in the voter registration process whether their votes were biometric or without biometric, but their names were present on the list, their

30 November 2018

The Geneva Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan included delegations from 61 countries and 35 international organizations, and representatives of civil society, the private sector and the media as well. It was held from 27-28 November and was a much awaited summit especially after many initiatives for peace in Afghanistan have gathered steam. The conference was co-chaired by Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani, Minister of

29 November 2018

President Ghani addressed all the attending 61 countries’ delegates on the second day of Geneva Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan. His address comprehensively covered all the current aspects and issues that the country is surrounded by. Beginning his address with talking about Afghanistan’s relations with US, he said "The South Asia Strategy of President Trump has been a game changer, allowing us to focus in

28 November 2018

President Ashraf Ghani spoke about the dynamics of Afghanistan-Pakistan relations while he addressed an audience in Washington through a video conference on Monday. Below are some notable excerpts from his remarks.

End the Undeclared War

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has said that the “undeclared war” between Afghanistan and Pakistan must end while expressing that Pakistan must cooperate in direct

15 November 2018