As COVID-19 Cases Rise, New Delhi Struggles to Provide Hospital Beds

The Indian government struck down an order given in the capital New Delhi to limit the scope of COVID-19 testing and reserve the city’s hospital beds for residents, even as the country reported a record increase in the number of new Coronavirus cases.
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Delhi has seen a surge of Coronavirus cases, with 1,007 reported on Monday itself, taking their total cases to 29,943.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced on Sunday that testing would be limited to those who showed symptoms of the disease.

Those seeking hospital admission would have to provide a proof of residence as the city was running out of beds accommodating people from across India, said Kejriwal.

The Indian federal government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi objected to the rules and made Kejriwal retract them.

The latter then sent out a tweet stating that “making arrangements for treatment for people from across the country during the pandemic is a major challenge. But maybe it’s God’s will that we have to serve everyone in the country.”

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