Baloch Activists Protest In Germany Against human Rights Violations In Pakistan

Baloch activists in Germany held a protest against human rights violations in the southwestern province of Balochistan, a sparsely populated region in Pakistan.

The Saturday protest was organized by the Baloch National Movement (BNM Germany Zone) for the Harnai incident where the Pakistani army raided the home of a herder and then killed the entire family, including 9-year-old child named Naz Bibi. Some sources claim, the child was 6 years old. Two men from the family were also abducted.
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Local Baloch residents had said the entire family was wiped out.

The incident was reported in early July and erupted on social media with #JusticeForNazBibi trending.

The German arm of the Baloch Republican Party, members of Pashtoon Tahfuz Movement and people from the local community also took part in the demonstration.

“The purpose of today’s demonstration is to make aware the world about Harnai tragedy and human rights violations in Balochistan by the Army of Pakistan,” said Hammal Baloch, president of BNM Germany Zone.

“Pakistan is punishing Baloch nation for raising their voices for freedom while following its policy of collective punishment,” he alleged.

The mountainous region has seen a strong separatist insurgency in the past decades which has intensified and has seen a response from the Pakistani government and military with frequent reports of families going missing or being killed.

The attack on the Karachi stock exchange In late June was claimed by young Baloch men.

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