Chabahar Port Exports Continue To India And Southeast Asia Despite Economic Slowdown

Iran’s Chabahar Port has remained active during the COVID-19 pandemic and sent its first shipment of seafood products to Thailand.

Director General of Sistan and Baluchestan Ports and Maritime Organization, Behrouz Aghaei said reefers carrying Iran’s aquatic products had left from the southeastern port of Chabahar.

“The shipment will be sent to India’s Mundra Port and then transhipped to Thailand’s Bangkok,” Aghaei said, adding, “Normal cargo containers carrying the second shipment of Afghanistan’s dried fruits have been transported to China’s Tianjin by the same cargo ship.”

He noted that over the past month, four ships carrying Afghanistan products have left from the Shahid Beheshti Port for India.

“In the past, exports from Chabahar were restricted to one destination, namely India, but we managed to tap into the benefits of the country’s only oceanic port and expand the export destinations of Iran and Afghanistan to other countries, including China, Thailand and Malaysia.”

The port was jointly established by Iran, India and Afghanistan to expand trade for land-locked Afghanistan in 2016.

India has also sent several consignments of wheat through Chabahar Port in the past few months.

Iran is planning to increase the capacity of the port from the current 2.5 million tonnes to 8.5 million tonnes.

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