COVID-19: Global Confirmed Cases Rising Faster Than Ever

Over the last week, on an average 100,000 new cases of Coronavirus are being reported every day.

From the start of the pandemic, cases had not crossed the 100,000 mark until May 21. Since then, there have been less than five days on which the count has fallen below that mark.

Newly reported cases have been on an upswing with the maximum so far on June 3, with 130,400 new cases on a single day.

While some countries have managed to flatten the curve, the increase may be partially explained by countries developing better testing capacities. However, there have been cases of countries underreporting their statistics.

In countries such as India, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Uganda, Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, and many others, the rate of transmission is still accelerating with a ‘peak’ of transmission is expected soon.

There are also countries such as South Korea and Japan who successfully fought off the first wave of the virus, reopened, and are now seeing a resurgence of new cases.

The current statistics show more than 6.7 million cases worldwide with 395,812 deaths and over 2.
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7 million recovered patients.

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