COVID-19: India Crosses 300,000 with Single-day Spike

India overtook the U.K. as the fourth worst-affected country in the world as it recorded 308,993 confirmed Coronavirus cases and 8,884 deaths on Saturday.

The country recorded its highest single-day spike of 11,458 new COVID-19 cases with 386 new fatalities and is now surpassed by only the U.S., Brazil and Russia.

The western state of Maharashtra remains the most affected in the country as it became the first to report over 100,000 cases as it recorded 101,141 cases.

Two and a half months of nationwide lockdown did little to keep the number of infection low. With the easing of restrictions in the last few weeks, cases have shot up dramatically, raising doubts about the lockdowns efficacy.

Moreover, patients have reported getting turned out of the Coronavirus-designated hospitals due to a lack of beds in Delhi and Mumbai.
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New Delhi’s city government has predicted the caseload will balloon 20-fold to affect more than half a million people by the end of July. It currently has 36,824 cases.

Schools and markets that were reopening are discussing closing again to prevent further spread.

India took just 10 days to reach 300,000 from 200,000. However, the government said the doubling time of cases has improved from 15.4 days to 17.4 days.

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