COVID-19: Iran Fears ‘Second Wave’ as Cases Rise

Restrictions may be imposed again in Iran to prevent a second wave of mass Coronavirus infections, warned the country’s President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran reported more than 3,000 daily new cases for the second day in a row – its highest figure in the last two months. The number of cases continue to rise.

Iran in one of the worst-hit nations in the Middle East and it started easing its lockdown measures in April after the number of deaths decreased. Mosques had resumed daily prayers and government offices had reopened.

The health ministry figures show that the number of deaths is also on the rise with 70 deaths in the past day.

They government has started imposing restrictions again to control localised outbreaks.

“If in any part of the country these warnings aren’t taken seriously and God forbid the outbreak of illness peaks again, the authorities will have to reimpose restrictions,” President Hassan Rouhani said in remarks on his website, reports Reuters.

The lockdown has already damaged the sanction-laden economy and citizens had welcomed the reopening of borders and trade. Authorities had been under immense internal pressure to lift the lockdown to get the economy on track.


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