COVID-19: With 51,100 Cases Mumbai Overtakes Wuhan Peak

India’s financial capital, Mumbai, has recorded over 51,100 positive cases of Coronavirus and had overtaken Wuhan in China which reported where the virus first emerged.

The news comes as India recorded a surge of new infections coincides with its ‘unlockdown’ easing of restrictions from this week.

India currently has over 275,000 Coronavirus cases with 7,719 deaths and 134,164 recovered patients and remains the fight worst-hit nation in the world.

The state of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the capital, continues to remain the epicentre of the spread with over 90,000 cases. Data suggests that the state reports roughly one death every 12 minutes and 94 new cases every hour. The state’s rate of recovery though is a relief with the mortality rate at 3.6%.

Mumbai also seems to be doing well in the protracted battle against COVID-19, with the average rate of doubling cases going up to 23 days from the previous 11 days in parts of the city.

City authorities believe that most of Mumbai has already reached the peak of infections, and the only way ahead, is for cases to go down if adequate measures are taken.

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