Pakistan Responsible For Half of UK’s ‘Imported’ COVID-19 Cases

There are calls for tougher quarantine check at international airports after half of Britian’s imported COVID-19 infections since June 4, were found to have come from Pakistan, The Telegraph reports.

Up to two flights from Pakistan arrive in the U.K. every day with Pakistan International Airlines plying on the route since early April.

Data from Public Health England showed 30 positive cases in travellers who are understood to have arrived from Pakistan. Some have reported going straight to a hospital on arrival.

Passengers had been screened and there was a high level of compliance with the increased health surveillance procedures.

Experts have also called for Pakistan to be declared a “high-risk” country since it has recorded almost 200,000 Coronavirus cases.

Emirates also suspended its flights out of Pakistan after 30 passengers were found positive for infection.


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