Parliamentary Elections 2018:

All Updates and Live Reporting from Across Afghanistan.

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    No major issues except technical ones here: Daikundi Police Chief

    Daikundi Police Chief Ghulam Sakhi Ghafuri has assured that there is no major problem that has been recorded in any of the 586 polling stations of Daikundi.

    He also added that the only minor issues that are sprouting are technical in nature with respect to the use of biometric devices on election day.

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    Women Line up to vote in Paktia

    Many reports are circulating on social media about a possibly good turnout of female voters at polling stations in the Paktia province.

    This comes amid security concerns.

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    As other provinces flourish in voting, Kabul centres receive backlash for being closed

    Many voters including famous influentials have called out IEC and authorities for not being properly ready for election day in Kabul. Several people have posted on social media, pictures and videos of long queues of voters at polling stations getting disappointed at the sight of a closed station.

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    Reports reflect high voter turnout in Daikundi

    There are reports circulating which have informed that Daikundi province has a very positive reception from voters who are stepping out and waiting in queues to cast their vote.

    This comes after there were reports of several long queues of people lining up to cast their vote in the Daikundi province.

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    People gathering in mass for voting in Jawzjan

    The chief of staff of first vice president General Dostum has issued a statement on social media informing that the voter turnout in Jawzjan is very impressive to the extent that people are gathering in mass outside polling centres to vote.

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    UK Ambassador Kay Visits Polling Station

    UK Ambassador Nicholas Kay visited a polling centre in Kabul on Saturday as the election day reaches its third hour of operations.

    Sir Kay also spoke with some IEC officials as he visited the centre.

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    IEC responds to complaints, says working on technical issues

    IEC Deputy Spokeswoman, Shaima Sorush has issued a statement saying that due to technical problems, most of the polling centers could not be opened on time. But she assured that the IEC authorities and technical teams are trying to address and solve all the technical problems being faced across the polling centres in Afghanistan.

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    School and Mosque Polling Centers are Open: MoE Spokesperson

    “Currently, schools are available to the Independent Election Commission and are open and used like mosques and other polling stations.” said Nooria Nezhat, MoE spokeswoman.

    This comes after many have complained about various polling centres being shut, including Chief executive and deputy chief executive affirming about the closed centres.

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    Presence of people in the election is a negative response to violence: Chief Executive Abdullah

    The Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, having voted on Saturday morning at Naderia High School, a polling center in Kabul also duly acknowledged the closed polling stations and delays on Saturday’s voting proceedings.

    Mr. Abdullah, after casting his vote, urged people to participate in the elections widely and vote for the candidate of their choice.

    Abdullah said the presence of people in the polling centers means represents a defiance to violence, because the enemies of the Afghans do not want a legitimate system in Afghanistan.
    The chief of staff said the government is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the security of the elections so that citizens can go to polling centers and exercise their right to vote.
    Meanwhile, the second vice president, Sarwar Danish also casted his vote in a polling center in Western Kabul.

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    Many Polling Stations Closed: Deputy CEO Mohaqiq

    Mohammad Mohaqiq, the deputy chief executive in a liver coverage of TOLOnews has expressed concern saying that many polling stations have been closed. The closed ones amount to 935 in Kabul including some in Sare Karez area, Tape Salam area, Jamal Mena, Darulaman road poling station.

    Additionally, in Dai Khodaid 14 polling stations have been shut.

    Mr Mohaqiq says that he has talked to the chief of IEC and the matter has now been forwarded to chief operations officer of the commission.

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    Kunar Witnesses Polling Delays/ Some Centres Possibly Shut

    Bilal Sarwary, a candidate from Kunar has written on his social media informing that the Kunar Director of Census Ahmed Zia as well as Director of Tazkiras Mohammad Asif are present in the Hakim Abad highschool for voting.

    But unfortunately Mr Sarwary has expressed disappointment by pointing out that the polling center of Hakim Abad school is closed altogether.

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    Voting Begins across Badakhshan

    Badakhshan Police Chief, Mohammad Saber Arian, had informed that the election process in the province has begun across many of its districts after the governor casted his vote.

    The voting process is operating slow due to the biometric devices and the employees making sure to use them properly. Additionally, there are conflicts by the insurgents in areas like Raghistan, Erghanj Khan and Tagab, but the situation is under control.

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    Scores of Voters Line up in Western Kabul

    The area of Kabul that recently witnessed a violent and deadly attack on the registration center in the voter registration phase, western Kabul has now been recorded to have scores of voters who are lining up and ready to cast their vote.

    The western part of Kabul has had casualties of over a 100 due to the deadliest attack that took place there. However, as informed by reporters of Reporterly who are present in the scene, the voter turnout is a great feat demonstrated by the people of western Kabul despite their violent ordeals of the past few months.

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    Panjsher Reports Show High Voter Turnout

    Reports from Panjsher suggest that many voters have lined up to participate on election day, despite some delay in polling stations being set up fully for operations. Longer queues, especially from the area of Marshal Fashim mosque have been recorded.

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    Ready to Extend Polling Time if Queues are Long: IEC

    The IEC has come out with a statement that as the commission has observed long queues of people in many polling stations of various districts across Afghanistan, the IEC staff will be ready to extend the polling deadline time.

    This will keep the polling stations open for longer duration in areas of high voted turnout.

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    Long queues of voters in Kunduz / Authorities say they will halt Taliban movements

    With the beginning of the Afghan parliamentary election process on Saturday, reports of Taliban attacks in Kanduz province have surfaced, but security forces are trying to halt the Taliban’s movements in the province.

    Meanwhile, local officials have reported that a huge number of voters have lined up to vote in Kunduz.

    “Taliban movements in some parts of Kunduz province have been reported”, said the spokesman for the Kunduz governor, Esmatullah Muradi to Khabarnama. However, the official emphasized that the security forces are fully prepared to halt the Taliban’s movements in the province.

    However, some Facebook users have reported two rocket hits on certain areas of the city of Kunduz. But officials in Kunduz province have not confirmed these reports yet.

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    PD 2 Kabul Sees Pleasant Participation

    It has been observed that the voter turnout in PD2 of Kabul as well has recorded good turnout. This is has also been reported by Ms Zakia Wardak, a candidate from Kabul and a volunteer reporter of election day for Reporterly.


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    Good Turnout Reported in Herat

    As more and more information reaches about voter turnout, t has been reported that a good number of people have showed up to vote in Herat province.

    This can be seen from the active social media posts of people from the area documenting the participation of voters especially from Jebrial area.

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    Government Officials Also Participate in Elections

    Several government officials like the head of IDLG and many others, have expressed on social media about their active participation in the elections.

    This comes it was reported that in Kabul, there has been a massive turnout of voters.


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    People Report Massive Turnout in PD13 Kabul

    Despite the election staff being late and the polling stations yet to be opened properly, it has been reported on social media by various people that in PD13 Kabul, a huge number of people have showed up to vote. This is especially from areas of Shahrak Safe, Wali Asr Mosque, and Humayun Shahid school.

    a social media wrote that despite the huge turnout of voters in Malik Ashtar Mousqe polling center, PD 13, the electoral staff has not yet showed up which goes to show that people are very excited and look forward to practicing their voting rights.


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    Voter Turnout Seems Impressive in Kabul

    It has been reported that in PD13 and PD18, a significant number of people have started to participate in the voting process.

    The coverage in terms of videos and photographs received by Reporterly represents a huge turnout in these two areas of Kabul. Even the people themselves feel that the turnout that they see around them is impressive and high.

    However, one issue that has been reported is an apparent lack of full security measures in certain areas.

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    Polling Begins Across Afghanistan in Full Swing

    The election day receives a head start as President Ghani himself casts a vote. He has encouraged all fellow Afghan voters to step out and cast an informed vote

    Barring one district in Nuristan, all the other districts have been reported to receive the ballot boxes and ballot papers.

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