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    Emomali Rahmon: “Tajikistan Welcomes Every Step that Contributes to Solving Problems in Afghanistan”

    President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon has met the Acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Muhammad Hanif Atmar.

    The parties discussed the development and strengthening of cooperation in the trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres, on the joint implementation of structural projects of regional importance, as well as addressing topical issues related to security, the press service of the head of Tajikistan government reports.

    Emomali Rahmon stressed that cooperation with Afghanistan in Tajikistan’s foreign policy is one of the priority areas, and the Tajik side constantly pays serious attention to the development of relations with this neighboring country.

    In particular, the parties’ interest in bringing cooperation in the field of science, education, culture, art and information to a new level was emphasized.

    Rahmon and Atmar noted the importance of further implementation of issues related to the implementation of regional structural and energy projects that are important for the region, which is a factor in attracting Afghanistan to the process of regional cooperation.

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    Discussion on Intra-Afghan Talks ‘Very Promising’: Gen. Scott Miller

    Gen. Scott Miller, commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, speaking during a visit to the eastern province of Laghman, called the ongoing negotiations in Doha “very promising” yet include some rising concerns about civilian casualties.

    “Discussions in Doha are very promising and important for the Afghan people, we also know the Taliban violence has to go down,” said Miller as quoted by TOLOnews.

    “Personally I am a little concerned about the civilian casualties…the results of bombs that civilians keep striking, and we need to bring the violence down, that is the will of the people,” he added.

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    Webinar Mulls Efforts to Start Pak-Afghan Dialogue

    A webinar was held by Pak-Afghan Youth Forum on ‘Pak-Afghan Relations: Future Goals Setting’. The panelists and participants included prominent personalities from academia, media and policymakers from both sides of the border.

    The webinar was organized as part of PAYF’s initiatives to enhance people-to-people connection between the two countries, the Daily Times reported.

    The brainstorming session was also arranged in an effort to start cross-border dialogue between Pakistan and Afghanistan in an attempt to discuss how the youth of the two countries could successfully navigate through these historic times.

    The brainstorming session was an interactive and informal discussion between the panelists from both sides.

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    US President’s Policy to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan is ‘Unwise’: HR McMaster

    H.R. McMaster, President Trump’s former national security adviser, called the US president’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan “unwise” in an interview scheduled to air Sunday.

    The retired lieutenant general told CBS’s “60 Minutes” that Trump’s negotiations with the Taliban and the plan to withdraw troops has made the U.S. less safe.

    “Well I think what he did with this new policy is he in effect is partnering with the Taliban against, in many ways, the Afghan government,” McMaster told CBS’s Scott Pelley in a portion of the interview released by the network Thursday.

    “So I think that it’s an unwise policy, and I think what we require in Afghanistan is a sustained commitment to help the Afghan government and help the Afghan security forces to continue to bear the brunt of this fight,” he added.

    In his book “Battlegrounds,” McMaster writes that the president has “cheapened” the lives of U.S. troops who died in Afghanistan by giving in too much to the Taliban, “60 Minutes” reported.

    “Terrorist organizations who pose a threat to us are stronger now than they were on September 10, 2001. Those who perpetrated the mass murder attacks of 9/11 were the mujahideen-era alumni of the resistance to Soviet occupation in Afghanistan,” he told Pelley.

    “Today, we are facing an Al-Qaeda and an ISIS alumni that is orders of magnitude greater than that mujahideen-era alumni ever was. And they also have access to much more destructive capabilities,” he added.