Newsfeed: Tuesday, October 16

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    NAI calls on IEC to Issue Credentials for election coverage

    Nai-Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan have asked the IEC to grant credentials for the eminent media agencies that have not yet been able to renew their license.

    The IEC had previously stated that no media can obtain the credentials of the commission, unless the license for the media has been renewed.

    “The Afghanistan Independent Election Commission declared that those media that wish to receive the credentials of the commission to cover the parliamentary election, need to provide their extended media licenses to the IEC in Kabul and its provincial commissions,” Nai said in a statement.

    About 200 media agencies have not yet been able to renew their work licenses for security, financial or distance reasons.

    Nai called on IEC to issue credentials to the media that have not yet been able to renew their licenses, but have been recognized locally.

    Nai believes that those media that have not yet renewed their licenses will join the process and will soon fulfill their duties.

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    Chief Advisor to President Assured Election Security by Crediting Offensive Ops

    The chief advisor to president Fazel Fazly in a statement pointed out that in the past several days, many offensive operations have been carried out to the extent that there has been a 30% increase in these operations across the country.

    He also added in his statement that all these clearing and offensive operations carried out by security forces are done so that there is good level of safety and security for the voters and candidates in the election process.

    This comes after several operations by security forces across many provinces in Afghanistan have claimed more than 150 insurgents’ lives in the past fortnight.

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    Director General of NPA Confirms Purchase of Biometric Devices from Germany

    Elham Omar Hotaki, thr Director General of National Procurement Authority (NPA) said in a statement that it is with full confirmation he is assuring of Afghanistan having purchased twenty-two thousand bio-metric kits from Germany.

    He also added that the total cost of getting the devices was around Euro 14million and the purpose of these devices would be to record information about voters.


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    Roadside Bomb Claims 4 Lives in Helmand

    On Tuesday, four civilians lost their lives to a roadside bomb in southern Helmand according to officials.

    The incident happened in Fazluddin square in Nawa district according to the provincial governor’s office statement and it also informed that 2 others were wounded.

    Although the statement has claimed that Taliban were behind the attack, Taliban has not come forward yet for claiming responsibility.


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    Approval of Laws on Anti-corruption and Corruption Informants Protection in Afghanistan

    In a joint news conference at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) on Tuesday, the Afghanistan Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat, in coordination with the President’s Office of Administrative Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, has announced the approval of Anti-corruption law and Corruption Informants Protection law.

    The senior adviser to the Ministry of Justice, Mohammad Ashraf Rasuli, said that the Anti-Corruption Law was prepared and enacted in five chapters and 40 articles and the Corruption Informant Protection Law in five chapters and 33 articles, according to the two decrees of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

    “The Anti-Corruption Law is developed based on Afghanistan’s commitment to the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the obligations of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, toward creating more structured and law-abiding anti-corruption institutions. Corruption has been developed in the country”, The head of Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat, Dr. Yama Torabi, said.

    According to him, the law was prepared as it prevents the activities of parallel anti-corruption agencies, makes their activities legal and brings under an umbrella.

    Meanwhile, in this law, there are mechanisms and provisions to protect the corruption informants from any kind of harm.

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    Four people Arrested on Charge of Murdering Two Religious Scholars in Badghis

    Security officials have reported the arrest of four people who were charged with killing two religious scholars in Badghis province.

    The Afghan National Police arrested four people in connection with the killing of two religious scholars in Bolandkoh area of Abkamari district, Badghis province, Ministry of Interior said in a statement.

    These people recently shot two religious scholars dead and one other injured after getting into a contentious argument.

    During the operation, two weapons of the suspects were captured by security forces.

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    Under siege of the Taliban, a tragedy will occur if we do not receive backup: Local Police Commander Gochli

    Security officials have reported a Taliban attack and the siege of ALP commander in Qala-e-Zal district of Kunduz province.

    Taliban attacked Nabi Agha’s, nicknamed Nabi Gochli, check post last night, said Anamuddin Rahmani, spokesman for the Kunduz police headquarters.

    Rahmani stated that commander Gochli and his local police forces were in the siege of the Taliban, but he has managed to resist so far. He also emphasized that backup forces were also deployed to the area.

    Mr. Gochli announced his siege on a Facebook status and said he has not yet received any ground or airborne backup. He warned that if backup is not deployed, a terrible tragedy may occur.

    Commander Gochli is one of the most famous anti-Taliban commanders in Kunduz, who has so far survived several assaults from Taliban.

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    17 Armed Militants Killed in Zabul Province

    In past 24 hours, 17 armed militants were killed and seven other armed militants were wounded following a clash with Afghan National Police as informed by the Ministry of Interior.

    The clash took place in Shinkai district, southern Zabul province, yesterday.

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    Explosion in Surkh Rod District of Nangarhar

    An explosion took place in the Sultanpur area of Surkh Rod district, Nangarhar on Tuesday morning. As per the police headquarters of the district, an ALP ranger struck a roadside IED.

    Two local policemen have got wounded in the incident as per sources. More details to follow.

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    Six civilians killed and wounded after mortar lands on Ghazni

    Security officials have reported deaths and injuries of six civilians in Ghazni.

    203 Tandar Corps announced in a statement issued on Tuesday that a mortar landed on a house in Tasang village of Dehyak district and as a result, two people were killed and four others wounded.

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    India and China Launch Joint Training for Afghanistan

    India and China launched a programme on Monday to train Afghan diplomats as stated by China’s Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui.

    Mr Zhaouhui also said that after the diplomat training, many such joint Indian-Chinese programs for Afghanistan will be launched soon.

    This is the first such cooperation between India and China on such a training initiative.

    China’s ambassador to India said the joint training of 10 Afghan diplomats at the Indian Foreign Service Institute was the first step in China-India-Afghanistan cooperation that was agreed at a summit between President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this year. He added “I am sure that in the future days China-India cooperation in Afghanistan will span from training programme to more concrete projects.”

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    Samangan Security director killed in Taliban attack on Dara-I-Suf District

    Colonel Khawani Taheri, Samangan Security director, was killed last night in an armed conflict in Dara-I-Suf district of the province.

    Ariana News quoted Governor Samangan Abdul latif Ibrahimi as saying that the armed Taliban began their aggressive attacks over the headquarters of the Dara-I-Suf district during the night, which resulted in the Samangan Chief of Police’s life being taken away.

    It is reported that intense clashes between security forces and the Taliban are still ongoing

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    730 Commandos to be Commissioned Today

    The Minister of Defense Tariq Shah Bahrami came out with a statement pointing out that the graduation ceremony of 730 commandos will take place on Tuesday.

    Mr Bahrami noted the well maintained neutrality of Afghan army in terms of political issues and how the army is in full support of the national process.

    He commended the spirit of Afghan National Defense Forces for being brave and taking the responsibility to provide safety and security for the upcoming elections.

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    UNAMA Announces $35 m for Drought-Affected Families

    The United Nations Deputy Special Representative for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) Toby Lanzer announced in a statement on twitter that UNAMA is going to allocate $35 million to help families who have been affected by the drought in Afghanistan.

    In his statement, Mr Lanzer wrote that the fund is “to help families struck by drought meet priority need: food, fodder and seed for people in rural areas and shelter for people who have been displaced to towns and cities.”

    Drought has been a major problem in Afghanistan and the country is one of those countries which contributes least to global warming and climate change but has to bear the brunt of it in a brutal way.

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    TAPI Committee Launches Exhibition in Kabul

    The exhibition committee of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India natural gas pipeline project launched a 3-day exhibition on Tuesday in the city of Kabul.

    The idea is to encourage private sector to get involved in the project. Recently the government has been wanting to involve the private sector in many activities for the Afghan economy’s overall growth.