Newsfeed: Thursday, October 11

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    24 insurgents, 7 Afghan security forces killed and wounded in latest clashes in Ghazni

    Ghazni governor spokesman has informed that 24 Taliban and 7 security forces were killed and wounded in the latest clashes in the province.

    “Over the past few hours, as a result of security operations and armed clashes in surroundings of the city and several districts of Ghazni, 11 Taliban militants have been killed and 13 others have been wounded,” Arif Noori said to the media on Thursday.

    According to him, as a result of these clashes, two Afghan security forces have also been killed and five others have been wounded.

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    Photographing female voters on election day is optional: IEC

    Independent Election Commission (IEC) members have decided that photographing women’s faces on the day of parliamentary elections should be optional.

    According to a decision letter by IEC, three members of the Independent Election Commission, including Wasima Badghisi, Maliha Hassan and Moazullah Dawlati, voted against the decision, but four other members have approved the decision. with the approval of majority, the IEC has decided that It’s optional to take the female voter’s face image.

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    International Day of the Girl Child: 3.7 million children in Afghanistan don’t have access to school

    Today, October 11th, is the International Day of the Girl Child. The Afghan Ministry of Education congratulated girls on this day, saying that due to insecurity, economic problems and cultural problems, about 3.7 million children cannot go to school, of which more than 60 percent are girls.

    Meanwhile, this year’s International Day of the Girl Child is themed “Ready to Learn, Ready to live.”

    “The Ministry of Education, while proud to provide educational services for approximately three and a half million girl children across the country, congratulates all the innocent girls of the country on this day,” said in a statement by the Afghan Ministry of Education.

    The Ministry of Education has pointed out: “The education of girls is not only their human and lawful rights, but also a basic religious responsibility of all classes of society, so it is for all of us to be diligent in this regard.”

    The ministry emphasized that Afghanistan has made significant progress in getting girls enrolled to schools after the fall of the Taliban and the emergence of a new system, and now about 42 percent of all schoolchildren are girls. Girls’ schools are also active in all provinces and cities of the country.

    But despite all these improvements, the Ministry of Education has acknowledged that, due to insecurity, economic problems and cultural problems, about 3.7 million Afghan children still cannot go to school, of which more than 60 percent are girls.

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    CEO Abdullah Meets Tajikistan Prez at Dushanbe

    As per statement on Twitter by CEO Abdullah Abdullah on Thursday, the CEO met with President of Tajikistan on his visit to Dhushanbe.

    The two leaders talked about bilateral relations, trade, security, fighting terrorism and investment.

    The CEO is visiting Dushanbe for the 17th SCO Council of Heads of Government meeting.

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    Inauguration of First Standard & Modern Slaughterhouse in Kabul

    The first standard and modern slaughterhouse in Rishkhur has been inaugurated with the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Nasir Ahmad Durani.

    The slaughterhouse has a slaughter and process capacity of 500 heads of goats and sheep, as well as 100 heads of cattle.

    MAIL is due to complete the construction of three other standard slaughterhouses (Herat Slaughterhouse, Shakardara Slaughterhouse in Kabul and Balkh Slaughterhouse) by the end of the year and Kunduz Slaughterhouse by the summer of next year.

    The total cost of building these Slaughterhouses is USD 30 million which is funded by Asian Development Bank.

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    Khalizad Meets Saudi Crown Prince

    US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalizad visited Riyadh on Thursday and has met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salmaan.

    The two followed up on bilateral relations as well as discussed the efforts on Afghanistan.

    Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir along with a number of other Saudi officials also attended the meeting.

    This is Khalizad’s third leg of his visit in the region after he traveled to Kabul and Islamabad earlier this week.

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    Insurgents Killed in Logar

    The Ministry of Defence has released a statement informing that 37 insurgents have been killed and one suspect has been arrested in Baraki, Logar.

    It was also added that a vehicle belonging to the insurgents had been destroyed. This was a result of the airstrikes and clearing operations by security forces.

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    Elections a “Futile Game”: Hekmatyar

    In a conference on “Grand Gathering of National Unity”, the Hizb-e-Islami leader Helmatyar has said that government does not seem to have a clear proposal for peace.

    While rejecting the idea of an interim government, he went on to call the upcoming parliamentary elections a “futile game”.

    Hekmatyar also expressed that he believes the hurdles and challenges related to security are being deliberately created.

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    US House Speaker Visits Kabul

    Paul Ryan, the Republican US House Speaker has made a visit to Kabul on Thursday. He visited the Afghan Special Ops Corps along with a delegation of US officials.

    While he met with the commanders, he discussed security issues about the elections and also conveyed gratitude towards the security forces of Afghanistan.

    Ryan also met with President Ghani to discuss mutual cooperation, regional matters, and US’s South Asia Strategy with respect to Afghanistan.

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    One injured in mine blast in Faryab candidate’s office

    Following a suicide bomber attack on a campaign in Helmand province on Tuesday, another parliamentary candidate’s office in Faryab province was targeted.

    On Wednesday, one man was injured as a result of the explosion of an embedded mine in the office of parliamentary candidate, Mohammad Anwar Bashliq, in Andkhuy district of Faryab Province.

    The explosion occurred in Qarghan area of this district, when Mohammad Anwar Balshiq was not present at his office at the time.

    The attack in Faryab happens while no group has yet claimed the Lashkargah’s suicide attack, in which a candidate, Saleh Mohammad Achakzai and seven others were killed and 11 were wounded in the attack.

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    14 Dead in Sar-i-Pul

    According an official, 14 people were killed on Wednesday night after Afghan forces attempted to arrest a strongman in northern Sar-e-Pul province.

    The clash began on Tuesday and is still ongoing. Six Afghan forces and eight individuals loyal to Mahdi Mujahid, a former mujhaideen commander, were killed in the clash, said Zabihullah Amani, a spokesman for provincial governor.

    All the 12 who were injured were Mujahid loyalists.