Newsfeed: Monday, April 29

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    Russia Ridicules Afghan Government for Canceled Doha Meet

    Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement on Monday ridiculing the Afghan government for the cancellation of the intra-Afghan meeting in Doha, Qatar.

    The statement said that Russia regrets the decision of the Doha meeting organisers to cancel because they believe the intra-Afghan format has proved to be “the most promising communications channel between various political forces in Afghanistan, including the current Government and representatives of the armed opposition represented by the Taliban”.

    As per the statement, first such meeting of the intra-Afghan dialogue was held in Moscow on February 5-6 successfully.

    “The abolition of such a dialogue can have negative consequences for the large-scale intra-Afghan peace process,” the statement said.

    “We consider the reason for the disruption of the Doha meeting to be the unconstructive position of the current leaders of Afghanistan, which sent a delegation to Qatar that a priori did not fit in the format of the event and caused discontent among many participants, including the main opponents, the Taliban,” the statement added.

    It was pointed out that Russia believes that dictating the terms of holding the intra-Afghan meeting does not correspond to the statements by the current Afghan Government about its intention to launch a constructive conversation for the sake of the future of Afghanistan.

    “We hope that Afghans will eventually manage to resolve the difficulties themselves and return to the dialogue that may prove to be seminal for their country,” the statements conceded.

    The intra-Afghan Doha meet was scheduled for April 19-21 and on April 18, the Afghan government confirmed the meeting was canceled due to disagreements on the list of the 250-member delegation.

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    President Ghani’s Special Envoy Umer Daudzai Addresses Inauguration of Peace Jirga

    President Ghani’s Special Envoy Umer Daudzai says that at least 3,200 delegates and 300 guests have attended the Peace Jirga.

    “Mr. President I assure you that every district has delegates in the Jirga,” Daudzai says “This Jirga is the most inclusive Jirga”, Daudzai said.

    Daudzai added that they had called on the Taliban to allow people to participate in Loya Jirga, he also thanked the Taliban for allowing people to participate in it.

    Although, Daudzai clarified that Loya Jirga was postponed for refugees’ participation in it.

    “We will explain the agenda of Loya Jirga after selecting the administrative board. Committees will work today and tomorrow before presenting results to the administrative board”, said Daudzai.

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    Taliban Intelligence Member Arrested in Kabul Province

    The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said in a statement on Monday that special police unit personnel arrested an intelligence member of Taliban insurgents from company area of Kabul city.

    This individual is called Qudratullah who was involved with organizing terrorist acts and reporting on the movements of the security forces on Kabul-Maidan Wardak route, the statement added.

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    IEC Announces Final Results of the Parliamentary Elections for Paktia Province

    The IEC has announced the final results of the parliamentary elections for Paktia province.

    Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced on Monday that in this round of parliament elections from Paktia province, Mohammad Ibrahim Ghashtali, Dr. Yar Baz Khan Hamidi, Nasib Muqbel, Sayed Hassan Gardizi and Razia Saadat Mangal entered Afghan House of Representatives with highest votes.

    Meanwhile, Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) announced on Sunday that investigation on Kabul parliamentary election votes has begun and results based on the previous count are cancelled.

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    Consultative Peace Jirga Kicks Off in Kabul Despite the Boycotts

    Consultative Peace Jirga Commission announced on Monday that the first day of the Peace Consultative Jirga has begun.

    Almost 3000 delegates from all over the country will discuss about peace and defining limits of peace talks with Taliban for three days. About 30% of the participants in the jirga are women.

    Security measures and a week holiday in Kabul have been announced for holding the Loya Jirga. Many citizens say that these measures have caused problems for Kabul city. It was reported that a child died on Sunday due security measures and checkpoints in Kabul.

    Meanwhile, more than 70 circles and parties and some politicians have boycotted the holding of this jirga, or they have considered the participation in it in contrary to the spirit of national unity and national interest of the country.