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    Indian PM Modi Discusses Afghan Centennial Independence Day with US Prez Trump

    Indian PM Narendra Modi had a telephone conversation on Monday with US President Donald Trump, as announced by Indian state press agency. The thirty-minute conversation covered bilateral and regional matters and was marked by the warmth and cordiality which characterises the relations between the two leaders, as per the statement.

    In the context of the regional situation, the Modi stated that extreme rhetoric and incitement to anti-India violence by certain leaders in the region was not conducive to peace. He highlighted the importance of creating an environment free from terror and violence and eschewing cross-border terrorism without exception.

    Modi reiterated India’s commitment to cooperate with anyone who followed this path, in fighting poverty, illiteracy and disease.

    Recalling that today marked the one hundred years of the Independence of Afghanistan, the PM Modi reiterated India’s longstanding and unwavering commitment to work for united, secure, democratic and truly independent Afghanistan.

    The Prime Minister stated that he appreciated remaining in regular touch with President Trump.

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    Taliban Group Leader Killed, 4 Detained on Charges of Terrorist Activities in Kabul

    At least four individuals were arrested on charges of terrorist activities and a Taliban group leader was killed in Kabul, as per security officials.

    As a result of several operations of police special units carried out in various parts of Kabul, 4 individuals were arrested on charges of terrorist activities, Ministry of Interior in a statement said on Monday.

    The Interior Ministry added, three of the individuals were arrested from a residential township in Kabul and another was detained with a weapon and military equipment from surrounding of Deh Sabz district.

    In another security forces operation backed by Afghan air force in Mussahi district of Kabul, a key Taliban group leader was killed along with his bodyguard.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior also announced earlier on Monday that counter terrorism operations have been launched by Police Special Units in Kabul and other cities of the country.

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    Rocket Attack on Independence Day Ceremony Left Six Wounded in Laghman

    At least six people were wounded in a rocket attack on a ceremony of Afghanistan’s Independence Day in Laghman province, security officials said on Monday.

    Shafiullah Afghanyar, spokesman of Laghman Police confirmed the incident and told Reporterly that at around 11:00 am a rocket hit an area at a distance of 100 meters from the ceremony.

    Afghanyar added that at least six civilians including a child were wounded in the incident. In the meantime, Asadullah Dawlat Zai, spokesman of Laghman governor has rejected the incident and called a rumor.

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    EU Congratulates Afghanistan on 100 Years Of Independence

    The EU issued a statement congratulating Afghan people at their historic 100th Independence year. The statement read that it supports Afghanistan at this critical juncture and hails its aspirations for peace, stability and justice.

    EU reiterated the friendship and cooperation that bounds the two regions by the principles of unity and sovereignty, ensuring equality under the rule of law, on the basis of the Afghan constitution.

    The EU’s statement said that it supports democracy, transparent elections and development in Afghanistan and emphasised that the two shall remain united in the struggle for human and civil rights and in particular the rights of women and girls.

    Stressing the need for an immediate and lasting reduction in violence, the EU further said that it will actively accompany the negotiations aiming at achieving peace that the people of Afghanistan deserve and have long demanded.

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    Developing: 6 Consecutive Explosions Leave 17 Wounded in Nangarhar

    Afghan Local Officials have said that as a result of six consecutive blasts in Nangarhar province, 17 people were wounded today.

    Ataullah Khogyani, the spokesman of Nangarhar governor said that the explosions occurred in PD 1 and PD 4 of Jalalabad city.

    Khogyani declared that the blasts occured as a result of IEDs going off and their targets were the Independence ceremony processions of the city.

    According to him, six IEDs were detonated and security forces succeeded in detecting and defusing six other IEDs.

    The spokesman of Nangarhar governor noted that the healtcondition of three wounded are critical.

    Meanwhile, Abdul Raqib Mubariz, Nangarhar Police Commander told Reporterly, “Five people were wounded in the explosion near the Edgah mosque PD 4 of Jalalabad city.”

    He added, that the explosion happened as a result of an IED that went off on a roadside.

    According to Mubariz, the conditions of the two who have been wounded are critical.

    More details to come.

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    Developing: Explosion Wounds Five in Nangarhar Province

    Security officials have said that at least five people were wounded as a result of an IED explosion during the anniversary ceremony of Afghanistan 100th Independence day in Nangarhar.

    Abdul Raqib Mubariz, Nangarhar Police commander told Reporterly, “Five people were wounded in the explosion near the Edgah mosque in PD4 of Jalalabad city.”

    He added, the explosion happened as a result of an IED that went off on a roadside.

    According to Mubariz, the conditions of the two who have been wounded are critical.

    Earlier, it was reported by news sources that multiple blasts might have occured in Nangarhar.
    The provincial governor Shah Mahmood Miakhel has also said that casualties are feared.

    No claims of responsibility have been made.

    More details to come.

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    Breaking: Multiple Blasts Heard in Nangarhar

    Multiple blasts were reported in Nangarhar.

    The provincial governor Shah Mahmood Miakhel has also said that casualties are feared.

    No claims of responsibility have been made.

    More details to come.

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    Iranian President Criticizes US Presence in Afghanistan

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has criticized the presence of US troops in Afghanistan, saying peace in Afghanistan should be led and attended by Afghan people.

    Afghanistan’s embassy in Iran in a press release said that Rouhani made the remarks on Sunday while receiving the credentials letter of the Afghan ambassador to Tehran.

    The press release said that the Iranian president has condemned the recent terrorist acts in Afghanistan as sad and criticized the presence of US troops in Afghanistan.

    According to the Afghan embassy, Rouhani emphasized the need to strengthen Afghanistan-Iran friendly relations, adding that Iran has always supported a process supported by the Afghan government.

    The Afghan ambassador, Abdul Ghafor Lewal also praised Iran’s hosting of immigrants and called Iran as an important neighbor of Afghanistan and hoped for increased cooperation and coordination between the two countries.

    The ambassador insisted that the Afghan government will not allow any country to use its territory against its neighbors.

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    China Calls for Close Ties Between Afghanistan & Pakistan

    China’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Deng Xijun says his country looks forward to a close relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan and is ready to help improve relations between the two countries.

    Xijun met President Ashraf Ghani yesterday August 18 in the Presidential Palace.
    A statement released by the Presidential Palace said that China’s special envoy pointed out the close relation between Afghanistan and China and emphasized that his country has supported Afghanistan in the past 18 years.

    He declared that China hopes the Taliban will accept the Afghan people’s demands and enter into negotiations for a ceasefire with the Afghan government.

    Xijun said that China, as Afghanistan’s good neighbor, plays its active role in the peace process.

    Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani also said that Afghanistan and China have security cooperation and China fights against the terrorist group of the East Turkestan Movement which is a threat to Afghanistan.

    “As a terrorist group, the Taliban still has close ties with a large number of terrorist networks in Afghanistan including the East Turkestan Movement. We must treat the Taliban as a group and not see it as a government, because it violates international principles and standards of China,” Ghani said.

    The President stressed that the republican system of Afghanistanwill never be debated with one group and Taliban have to choose a political solution and that the group can never collapse a big system.

    He called for the continuation of terrorist attacks by Taliban a major obstacle against the peace process and noted that continued attacks have weakened the public’s desire to negotiate with the Taliban, on contrary, strengthens Afghan’s resolve to suppress them.

    Ghani further added that the Pakistani government has not yet taken any serious action to reduce violence and cooperation with the Afghan peace process as the Pakistani support for the Taliban continues.

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    Counter-Terrorism Operations Launched in Kabul & Other Cities

    Ministry of Interior announced that, counter terrorism operations have been launched by Police Special Units in Kabul and other cities of the country.

    The ministry on Sunday night said that, “Since past few days police special units have launched clearance and search operations to identify and detain delinquent individuals and terrorists in various parts of the country.”

    The police special forces, in cooperation with the intelligence forces, have taken on security preparations in various parts of the country and Kabul city. This intensified vigilance is in order to prevent destructive terrorist activities and any other disturbance of public order during the celebration of Afghanistan’s 100th Independence Day, the ministry said.

    The ministry added that, during the operations and search of suspicious houses, dozens of suspects have been detained on charges of terrorist activities. Investigations are underway from the detainees.

    The operations will continue till the end of the week, Ministry of Interior said.

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    UNSG Special Representative Yamamoto Wishes 100th year of Afghan Independence

    Tadamichi Yamamoto, United Nations Secretary General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), issued a statement on the occasion of Afghanistan’s 100th Independence Day.

    He on behalf of the United Nations in Afghanistan, congratulated all Afghans as they celebrate 100 years of their country’s independence.

    He expressed, that The United Nations shares in the pride of all Afghans who, despite many decades of conflict, remain steadfast in their pursuit of a nation that is stable, peaceful and prosperous, and that upholds the human rights of all its citizens, women and men alike.

    Most importantly he remarked that, as Afghanistan marks 100 years of its independence, the United Nations remains mindful that it is at a crucial moment in its history, with final preparations now being put into place for an election that will give voice to the people, and with a real possibility for breakthroughs in peace after so many years of war.

    Finally, he mentioned that The United Nations is proud to be able to work for the people of Afghanistan toward a better future where this country can once again take its place as a crossroads for commerce and culture, for the region and for the world.

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    Trump: We Don’t Want Afghanistan to be ‘Laboratory for Terror’

    US President Trump remarked on Sunday that he wants to withdraw more U.S. troops from Afghanistan but leave behind a significant intelligence-gathering operation to prevent the nation from becoming “a laboratory for terror” again.

    “Look we’re there for one reason, we don’t want that [Afghanistan] to be a laboratory. It can’t be a laboratory for terror. And we’ve stopped that we have a very, very good view,” he told reporters on the tarmac before departing from New Jersey as he headed back to Washington.

    Trump’s comments come after he met with top national security advisers last week at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, to review a US-Taliban peace plan that could end America’s longest running war.

    “We’ve really got it down to, probably, 13,000 people,” Mr. Trump said. “And we’ll be bringing it down a little bit more, and then we’ll decide whether or not we’ll be staying longer or not. I think it’s very important that we continue intelligence there, in all cases, because it is somewhat of a nest for hitting us. So there’s a big argument to be made [for keeping a U.S. presence]. And I buy that argument. We’re like a police force, and that’s it, frankly. We have it very much under control as far as what we’re doing.”

    The negotiations would include a ceasefire but are not expected to reach a commitment by the Talibanto hold its fire on the Afghan people or the Afghan military, CNN reported. The Taliban do not recognize the Afghan government.

    While the president said negotiations are going well, he added that he is not trusting anybody, “It’s a horrible situation that’s going on in Afghanistan.”

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    UN Secretary General Condemns Wedding Attack, Support Pours in From Other Countries

    United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Sunday condemned the bomb attack targeting civilians in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul Saturday night.

    Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric issued a statement saying,”The Secretary-General strongly condemns the horrific 17 August terrorist attack on a wedding ceremony in Kabul, claiming the lives of 63 people and injuring over 180,”

    The UN chief expressed “his deepest sympathies to the families of the victims and the Government and people of Afghanistan.” He wished “a swift recovery to those injured.”

    Ministry of External Affairs in India also issued a press statement strongly condemning the horrific bombing in Kabul and expressed sincere condolences to the families of the victims of this cowardly attack and wished early recovery to the injured. It further demanded that the perpetrators of this heinous terror attack and those who provide shelter to be brought to justice expeditiously.

    Morgan Ortagus Spokesperson of the State Department, US, tweeted that The United States condemns the despicable ISIS attack at the wedding hall in Kabul.She added that the Afghan people deserve a future free from terror, and urged Afghans to join the Afghan Peace Process and build a united front against the menace of ISIS.

    Moreover, John Bolton,Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (NSA), Washington, also condemned the attack and said that the the US stands with the Afghan government and people.

    Meanwhile, The Islamic State (IS) militant group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack, an Afghan media outlet reported.