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    MoI: Providing Security During Elections Is Our Top Priority

    The Ministry of Interior (MoI) spokesperson, Masoud Andarabi says providing security during elections is our top priority. He added that security at 4,942 polling centers will be provided.

    During the Ministerial Council meeting today, Andrabi said, “During this year, due to increase of security forces’ operations and movements, Taliban’s casualties have risen.”

    He assured that the result of investigations about civilian casualties, particularly in the Zurmat district of Paktia will be announced soon. The Presidential Election is scheduled to be held in September this year.

    Previously, the Taliban group have threatened that they will target the election process and electoral campaigns.

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    Zalmay Khalizad Clarifies That US Will Defend Afghan Forces

    U.S. Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad in a twitter statement clarified that the Reuters report, which quoted two unnamed Talib commanders who alleged that US would cease support of the Afghan forces as part of any agreement, was not true.

    He further added that “No one should be intimidated or fooled by propaganda”. He made it clear in his statement that the US would defend Afghan forces now and after any agreement with the Taliban.

    Moreover, he ensured that all sides agree that Afghanistan’s future will be determined by intra Afghan negotiations.

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    Nine Taliban Insurgents Killed in Helmand

    Security officials reported that nine Taliban insurgents were killed and one injured in Helmand province.



    Ministry of Interior in a statement on Monday said that as a result of several operations carried out by Afghan National and Defense Forces in Nehr Saraj, Nawi, Sangin districts and Lashkar Gah City of Helmand nine Taliban were killed and another one was injured.

    Furthermore, the ANDSF destroyed 6 Taliban hideouts and seized 15 roadside bombs,1 rocket launcher, 2 AK-47 rifles and 1 motorcycle.

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    Road Accident in Nangarhar Leaves 4 Dead & 3 Injured

    At least four people were killed and three wounded in a road accident in Nangarhar, officials confirmed.

    The Nangarhar province press office in a statement said that a Toyota Hilux collided with another vehicle at 10 AM local time in the vicinity of Muhmand Dara district of Nangarhar.

    The impact of the collision was such that four people succumbed to their injuries and three others were left wounded.

    Nasim Shinwari Momand Dara district chief said that the car crash happened on Jalalabad-Torkham Highway.

    The office of Nangarhar province attributed the reason of the accident to recklessness of the drivers.

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    Taliban Threatens To Target Salaam Telecom

    The Taliban group announced that the employees and offices of Salaam telecommunication company will be a military target for the group.

    Salaam company has not paid attention to their warnings and hereafter all employees and installations of the company will be a military target for its fighters, Taliban group in a statement said on Monday.

    The group also said that the individuals who use SIM cards of Salaam telecom will face action.

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    Taliban Field Trails In Charge Killed in Ghazni

    The Taliban field trails in charge for three districts of Ghazni province has been killed in an air-strike, local officials said on Monday.

    The Ghazni province press office in a press release said, “Fateh Khan who was in charge of Taliban field trails for Andar, Giro and Deh Yak districts has been killed in Barimzai area of Deh Yak district.”

    The Ghazni governor’s office added that Fateh Khan was a resident of Khani village of Andar district.

    This comes a day after, Ghazni Police said that Rahmatullah, Taliban’s shadow judge was arrested in Abb Band district. According to Police, Rahmatullah was also in charge of field trails for Taliban group.

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    US Democrat Klobuchar Insists On Keeping Limited Troops in Afghanistan

    An American Democrat, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar believes it’s time for American troops fighting in the nearly two decade long war in Afghanistan to come home. Nevertheless, she’s also open to keeping a limited U.S. military presence in the country. Amy Klobuchar is also running for the post of president.

    “You could always have training footprints and people working there ready to go if there is a complete upsurge, but I think that you have to make sure that this country can function on their own.” Klobuchar said on ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday.

    As per CSB News report, in recent months, the Trump administration has been holding peace talks with Taliban militants. The fundamentalist group which governed Afghanistan until a U.S.-led coalition invaded the country in 2001 has opposed negotiating directly with the current government in Kabul. But the two sides have yet to reach an agreement to end what has become the longest war in American history.

    “We have people there now who are deployed and weren’t even born when we got into Afghanistan,” Klobuchar said on Sunday.

    The U.S. currently has about 14,000 troops in the country, but President Trump has signalled he wants a major draw down as soon as possible, given the seemingly intractable nature of the conflict.

    Foreign policy hawks in his own party, like staunch ally Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, have urged Mr. Trump to maintain a “robust” military presence in Afghanistan for national security purposes.

    Whereas, Klobuchar also supports withdrawing most U.S. forces from the country, she stressed that the U.S. government needs to secure a lasting and balanced agreement with the Taliban that ensures the recent social and political reforms in Afghanistan continue.

    She said that the US wants to make sure the gains that they made with women in government and the democracy in Afghanistan stay the same, but further added that they need to start bringing US troops home.

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    15 Prisoners Rescued From Taliban Prison in Kunduz

    At least 15 prisoners were rescued from a Taliban prison in Kunduz province, as per security officials.

    The rescue operation held in Imam Sahib district in the northern province of Kunduz, was done by Afghan Special Forces, Special Operation Corps said in statement on Monday.

    In a joint operation carried out by Afghan commando and 09 Unit of National Directorate of Security in Alef Birdi area of Imam Sahib district, 15 people including security personnel and civilians were rescued from a Taliban prison, Kunduz provincial spokesperson Esmatullah Muradi confirmed to the Reporterly.

    Muradi added that a weapon cache of Taliban group was also destroyed in the operation.

    The Taliban group suffered heavy casualties but there is no exact number to report yet, as told by Esmatullah Muradi.

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    Ghani Meets King Salman & Saudi Arabia’s Senior Officials

    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met Saudi Arabia’s King Salman at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah on Sunday.

    President Ghani expressed his happiness at visiting the Kingdom. King Salman also welcomed the president and his delegation to Saudi Arabia courteously.

    During the meeting, they reviewed relations between the two countries,ways of developing and strengthening them in various fields and the latest developments in Afghanistan.

    In the meantime, President Ghani met Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Minister of Interior of Saudi Arabia.

    During the meeting, they assessed bilateral relations between the two countries, in addition to a number of issues, including security cooperation in the service of both countries.

    President Ghani also met the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, on the sidelines of his visit to Saudi Arabia.

    During the meeting, President Ghani expressed Afghanistan’s appreciation of the GCC for the efforts exerted to develop joint cooperation in all fields to achieve the common interests of both sides.

    Alzayani reiterated the GCC leaders’ keenness on developing relations with Afghanistan, hailing the Afghan Government’s strenuous efforts to combat the scourge of terrorism, consolidate security, stability and peace and push the march of development forward.

    Ghani arrived in Jeddah on Saturday, and immediately went to perform Umrah as part of his trip.