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    IEC Declares Parliamentary Election Results for Logar, Paktika, Balkh, Faryab & Badakhshan

    The Independent Election Commission has declared the parliamentary election results for 5 more provinces-Logar, Paktika, Balkh, Faryab, and Badakhshan.

    Results for Logar province:
    4 individuals have made their way to Wolesi Jirga.
    They are Mohammad Esmail Siddiqui, Wafiullah Iftekhar
    ,Mohammad Asif Nabizada, and Homa Ahmadi

    For Paktika, there are 4 people who have been elected to the parliament lower house: Mohammad Mirza Katawazai, Mohammad Daud Katawazai, Nader Khan Katawazai, and Heela Mojtaba.

    In Faryab there are 9 people who would be representing in parliament: Hashmat Arman, Rasool Faryabi, Haji Hashim, Anwar Bashli, Babur Jamal, Sanjer Kargar, Rangina Kargar, Shafiqa yolchi, and Fawzia Raufi.In Balkh, 11 individuals have been elected to the Wolesi Jirga: Abbas Ibrahim Zada, Hamid Sharifi, Ahmad Shah Ramazan, Ali Mohaqeq, Alam Khan Azadi, Raees Abdul Khaliq, Zahir Masroor, Gulrahman Hamdard, Saifora Niazi, Breshna Rabbi, and Fawzia Hamidi.

    Finally in Badakhshan, 9 people have made their way to the parliament’s lower house: Abdulrauf Enaami, Waqef Hakimi, Hojatullah Kherdmand, Wali Niazi, Zabih Atiq, Zalmay Mojadadi, Zia Yaftali, Nelofar Ibrahimi, and Sadeqa Adib.

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    37 Insurgents Killed Across Afghanistan in Past 24 Hours

    Ministry of Defense released a statement to report that 37 insurgents have been killed across 13 provinces of Afghanistan.

    As a result of the offensive, airborne and cleanup operations of the security forces over the past 24 hours in the provinces of Nangarhar, Laghman, Kapisa, Ghazni, Logar, Zabul, Uruzgan, Herat, Badghis, Samangan, Faryab, Kunduz and Helmand, 37 insurgents were killed and 29 others were wounded, according to the statement.

    The statement added that during these operations, several hideouts and a significant amount of ammunition and explosives belonging to the insurgents were also destroyed.

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    President Ghani Insists for Citizens’ Charter to Focus On Vulnerable, Neglected Communities

    President Ghani in a meeting with members of Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program on Monday, asked them to speed up their projects while ensuring 50 percent representation of women in the program.

    As per the statement released by Presidential palace, the president also said that implementation of projects in districts that have suffered more destruction from terrorism, and among vulnerable communities, such as Kochis have to be prioritized.

    The President stated that Citizens’ Charter, which is an inter-ministerial program that kicked off in September 2016, belongs to the people, who want delivery. Therefore he called on the involved ministries to accelerate their activities.

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    Several Villages of Tagab District Cleared of Armed Taliban Presence

    Ministry of Interior has issued a statement informing that 39 armed Taliban insurgent were killed, 11 were wounded and five other armed Taliban insurgents were arrested during a clearance operation.

    The operation carried out jointly by Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in Tagab district, northeastern Kapisa province, the statement reads.

    52 villages of Tagab cleared of armed Taliban and several check posts established at various points to ensure the security.

    Afghan National Defense and Security Forces seized some amount of ammunition as well.

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    Herat Governor Rahimi Resigns from Post

    Herat governor Mohammad Asif Rahimi has given his resignation to step down as Governor.

    Being away from his family was cited as his resignation, as per the letter of resignation.

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    Chief Executive Abdullah Assures Timely Presidential Elections

    While addressing an event in Kabul, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah expressed that peace is the top priority of the Afghan government.

    He also assured that presidential elections will not be delayed and shall take place well in scheduled time which is April 20, 2019.

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    12 Taliban Militants Including Local Commander Killed in Faryab, 15 Others Wounded

    According to a statement by 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan Military, a clash broke out between the Afghan armed forces and Taliban militants in Hab Baza area of Dawlatbad district in Faryab.

    The statement added that 12 Taliban militants which included their local commander called Mullah Nusrat were killed as a result.

    The statement informed that at least fifteen other insurgents of Taliban including one of their other commanders Mullah Musa were wounded during the clash with the armed forces.

    The Afghan forces also confiscated some weapons belonging to Taliban following the clash, the 209th Shaheen Corps said, adding that security personnel and local residents did not suffer casualties during the clash.

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    Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation Grants AFN 15000 for Refugees Returning Home

    The Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation has recently provided assistance to displaced families that are returning to their areas.

    The Minister for Refugees and Repatriation said on Sunday at the sideline meeting of the Council of Ministers that AFN 15,000 from ministry of refugee and repatriation and $ 200 from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will be granted to the displaced families returning to their areas.

    MoRR minister Mr Balkhi also said that as of now 500 families have returned to Malistan district which was under attack by Taliban half a month ago.

    The Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation has also announced the adoption of a strategy to address the problems of migrants and displaced persons during the winter months.

    According to the strategy, 83,000 families will be assisted, of which 53,000 are under the auspices of the UNHCR and MoRR.

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    Afghan National Swimming Team to Compete in World Swimming Championship

    Hamed Rahimi and Ramah Arifi are set to represent Afghanistan’s national swimming team at the world swimming 25m championship.

    The championship is going to be held in Hangzhou, China on December 11.

    This is the first time Afghanistan is participating in the championship.

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    After Consultations, Guidelines for Peace Talks Negotiating Team Set

    The Government’s Peace Talks Negotiating team Meeting was held today under the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at Presidential Palace.

    In this meeting, President Ghani presented the guideline, basic principles of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and his instructions regarding peace talks, as stated in a press release by the presidential

    President Ghani said that the provided guideline was the result of a massive public consultation that lasted eight months.

    During the meeting, second VP Sarwar Danish, and CE Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, also spoke saying that the negotiating team has the support of the government and the people.

    Speaking at the meeting, Abdul Salam Rahimi, Director General of Administrative Office of the President, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, Special Representative in Regional Affairs for Peace Consensus and Head of the Secretariat of the High Peace Council, and Dr. Faruq Wardak, thanked the President and said that they had a major responsibility and do their utmost to accomplish it responsibly.

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    Afghan Air Force Helicopter Crash Lands in Kandahar

    Aziz Ahmed Azizi, Kandahar governor spokesperson confirmed to Reporterly that an Afghan Air Force helicopter crash landed in Kandahar.

    The incident happened last night and the crash happened close to the provincial airport.

    The reason was cited as technical issue and 5 people were wounded, confirmed Azizi.

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    If Afghan Government Doesn’t Solve Unemployment Problem, then it Will Lead to More Insecurity: ILO

    The International Labor Organization (ILO) on Sunday, has raised concerns regarding unemployment in as they cited that Afghanistan has the highest number of unemployed work force in the globe.

    ILO head in Afghanistan, Manzoor Khaliq, pointed the findings by different organizations that show the rate of unemployment in Afghanistan to be between 25 percent and 30 percent and thus indicates that Afghanistan has the highest number of unemployed work force in the world.
    “The current situation is not good. Government should have plans in this regard to create job opportunities for the people,” said Khaliq.

    Talking at an event organized around a project titled “Start and Improve Your Business”, Khaliq said that unemployment is one of the key catalysts behind insecurity, insisting that unless unemployment issue is not looked after by the government, it is likely to put up more hurdles in security.

    Officials from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, at the same event, also informed about their findings which show the rate of unemployment and lack of sufficient work is at 35 percent, thus corroborating to ILO’s estimates.

    This concern of ILO comes amidst 400,000 people entering the workforce every year as per government estimates.