Newsfeed; Monday, December 2 2019

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    Presidential Candidates Council Insists on Partnership Government

    The Presidential Candidates Council says Afghanistan is currently in crisis and needs a partnership government.

    The council in a press conference on Monday outlined a proposal for formation of a “National Electoral Partnership Government.”

    During the press conference, the Presidential candidate, Ahmad Wali Masoud said the partnership government should be based on a national coalition-based political model to continue systematization and democracy.

    Massoud reiterated that if the partnership government plan does not take practical actions, the crisis in Afghanistan will expand.

    “We should try to save Afghanistan from sinking into crisis,” he said.

    He further added that despite the frauds, the election has not the response for what people wants and caused crisis in the country.

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    Acting Defense Minister, Gen. Miller Met With First VP

    The Acting Defense Minister, Asadullah Khalil and the top US commander Gen. Scott Miller in a trip to Jawzjan province met with the first vice-president, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum.

    The senior Afghan and US officials met with Gen. Dostum in Sheberghan city, the center of Jawzjan province.

    The aim of the meeting is not clear so far.

    This comes as previously, Gen. Dostum in a meeting with a number of Afghan lawmakers has warned that the security forces should keep neutrality in the election process.

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    Six Killed Including Taliban Designated Judge in Kapisa

    Local officials in Kapsia province say at least six Taliban insurgents including a Taliban designated judge were killed in a clearing operation by Afghan security forces.

    The air and ground operations were conducted in Badrab village of Kapisa’s Tagab district at around 10 pm on Sunday, officials said.

    The provincial police spokesman, Abdul Shayeq Shurish said that the operations aimed to crackdown the Taliban insurgents in the district.

    Shurish said, as a result, at least six militants including a Taliban designated judge and a group’s key commander for Tagab district were killed.

    He added the insurgent’s seniors were identified as Qari Khushal and Zikrullah accordingly.

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    Supporters of “Stability & Partnership” Stage Protest in Takhar, Faryab

    Afghan local officials say a number of the supporters the “Stability and Partnership” electoral team staged protests in Takhar and Faryab provinces.

    The spokesman of Takhar governor, Jawad Hejri told Reporterly that a number of the supporters of “Stability and Partnership” electoral team staged a protest in this province on Monday morning.

    “Security forces are providing the security measures of the protesters, and the protesters are gathering around the Taloqan circle and the protest is underway,” Hejri said.

    In the meantime, the spokesman of Junbish-e Mili party, Bashir Ahmad Tayenj has written in his Facebook page that the supporters of “Stability and Partnership” in Faryab province staged a protest and demand the invalidation of 300 thousands votes they believe are fake.

    This comes as the supporters of “Stability and Partnership” staged a protest in Kabul on Friday and a number of other protesters launched protest in Baghlan province on Sunday.

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    Gorbachev Says US Troops Withdrawal From Afghanistan Vitally Important

    On the day President Trump went on a surprise Thanksgiving visit to Afghanistan; former Soviet leader Gorbachev shared his memories of the USSR’s role in the Afghan conflict in the 1980s and much more.

    Sitting down to be interviewed by CNN, the first and only Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev commented on Donald Trump’s intention to withdraw the US contingent from Afghanistan, arguing the move would be vitally important.

    “They must be withdrawn. That is the main lesson. You know, it’s like a match. The match is lit, a fire spreads. And these clashes, when the leading, largest countries in this conflict become ever more involved, they are dangerous for all nations”, the former head of the USSR noted speaking about the lessons learned from the Soviet troop pullout from the region in 1989.

    “It’s good that already all over the world there is a conversation and people are talking, people are reacting, and this is the most important thing”, Gorbachev said, further proceeding to make a direct appeal and an explicit imperative.

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    Security Forces’ Vehicle Comes Under Attack in Kabul; Two Killed

    The Ministry of Interior (MoI) confirmed that at least two were killed and three others were wounded when a vehicle of the security forces attacked by unidentified gunmen.

    The spokesman of MoI, Nasrat Rahimi has said that the a vehicle of security forces came under attack by armed men in Yaka Toot area of Kabul, PD9 at around 07:30am on Monday morning.

    According to Rahimi, at least two security forces were killed and three others were wounded in the incident.

    He further added that investigation is underway regarding the incident.

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    Investing in Women Means Investing in Peace, Indonesia Tells Afghanistan

    Afghanistan’s acting information and culture minister, Hasina Safi has spkesn at the Dialogue on the Role of Women in Building and Sustaining Peace, an event hosted by Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi in Jakarta.

    Courtesy of Foreign Ministry of Indonesia has urged Afghanistan to empower its women so that they can play a more significant role in peacebuilding, calling on the government to draft more inclusive policies and promote affirmative action in the war-torn and ultra-patriarchal country.

    In support of the Afghan peace process, Indonesia hosted on Friday a two-day dialogue featuring dozens of Afghan women led by Afghan Acting Information and Culture Minister Hasina Safi.

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    Russia ‘Condemns’ Civilian Deaths Linked to NZ Defense Force’s Firing Ranges in Afghanistan

    Russia has called on New Zealand to punish any person responsible for civilian deaths at the Defense Force’s firing ranges in Afghanistan.

    At a press conference overnight, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said New Zealand must investigate “crimes”.

    Zakhrova’s comments appear to reference a Stuff Circuit investigation, which revealed seven children were among 17 killed and injured on former firing ranges by unexploded ordnance left behind on a New Zealand firing range in Afghanistan

    Zakhrova said that it seemed “these crimes were done because of their attitudes towards locals, their disrespect towards them. These are outright attempts to hide this fact”.

    “The attempts to hide such facts generate the feeling of impunity,” she said.

    “We condemn such crimes against civilians in Afghanistan and we call for British and New Zealand authorities to finish the investigations and to punish those accountable for them.”

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    Afghan National Arrested with Gold Hidden in Shoes in India

    An Afghan national was arrested by Customs officials at Indira Gandhi International airport on Sunday for allegedly trying to smuggle into the country around 1 kg of gold by hiding it in the shoes worn by him.

    According to a senior Indian Customs official, the passenger was intercepted after his arrival from Mazar-e Sharif Afghanistan.

    A detailed personal and baggage search of the passenger resulted in the recovery of 997 grams of gold which had been concealed inside the shoes worn by him, the official added.

    On further investigation, the accused admitted to having smuggled in another 400 grams of gold during his previous visit.