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    Women’s Education Essential for Future of Afghanistan: Kandahar Leaders

    The Community leaders at a UN-backed symposium at Kandahar University underscored the importance of investing in education for women’s meaningful participation at all levels of Afghanistan’s social, political and economic life.

    The event, organized by UNAMA’s Kandahar field office and Kandahar University’s Pacha Khan Academic Research Centre, drew more than 50 participants from the southern province’s academic community.

    As per UNAMA report, the participants discussed how investing in the education of women not only will help reduce poverty and gender inequality but also will help ensure the promotion and protection of women’s rights, leading to a more just and equitable society.

    “In speeches and during panel-style discussions at the daylong symposium, members of Kandahar’s academic community focused on the importance of women’s access to education in helping to create a more stable and just society, and one in which the importance of peace is understood,” the report reads.

    Afghanistan has made strides in addressing women’s rights with legislation and in other areas, but much remains to be achieved as Afghan women continue face violence and discrimination. Many structural barriers, including illiteracy and violent extremism, make women especially susceptible to violence and abuse.

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    European Parliament Found Human Rights Breaches in Afghanistan

    The European Parliament has adopted three resolutions taking stock of the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

    The European Parliament deplored the widespread and ongoing sexual abuse of thousands of boys and young men in Afghanistan, a practice locally known as bacha bazi, which constitutes child slavery and is prevalent in several provinces in the country.

    Members of European Parliament called on the Afghan central and local authorities to eradicate such practices and to set up a national victim support helpline dedicated to children’s rights abuses.

    They also urged the Afghan government to start a nationwide campaign to educate the general public about the prohibition of bacha bazi, as only a combination of law enforcement and education will make it possible to achieve the cultural change needed to eliminate such abuse.

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    Afghan Security Forces Abandoned Darzab District of Jawzjan

    Local officials say Afghan security forces have completely abandoned the Darzab district of Jawzjan province.

    “Due the presence of government forces on one side and the presence of the Taliban on the other, the Taliban clashes and the use of houses as trenches caused a decision to be made that the security forces abandon the district,” The spokesman of Jawzjan governor, Abdul Marouf Azar told Reporterly.

    According to Azar, a number of the security forces have abandoned the district and the remaining forces will abandon the district up to the next order of clearing operation.

    In the meantime, the local police commander of Darzab district, Nasratullah told media reporters that all of their personnel, who had been besieged in the antennae shell of the district for a while, are now transported through the choppers to the capital city of Maimana.

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    Peace in Afghanistan Needs An Essential National Dialogue: NSA

    The National Security Adviser (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib says Afghanistan needs an important national dialogue in addition to a national consensus within the country for a lasting peace.

    The NSA office on Monday said that Hamdullah Mohib has met with the members of the Peace Foundation and discussed over the current issues regarding the peace in the country.

    Praising the efforts of the members of Peace Foundation, Mohib said, “We need an important national dialogue regarding peace to bring to all parties involved the necessary awareness of the peace and its related steps.”

    The NSA office stated that the issue of peace in Afghanistan should be consolidated at the regional and global level, taking into consideration all external dimensions.

    “Peace must be for ending of all wars, not for the Afghans to disintegrate in the name of peace and continue this series of wars again after some time,” Mohib added.

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    14 Security Forces Killed in Taliban’s Attack in Jawzjan

    Afghan local officials have confirmed that at least 14 security forces have been killed in a Taliban’s attack in Faizabad district of Jawzjan province.

    The spokesman of Jawzjan governor, Abdul Marouf Azar told Reporterly that the armed Taliban insurgents attacked the Haidar Abad outpost in Faizabad district at around 03:30a.m. (local time) on Monday.

    “The clashes continued up to 05:00a.m., and 14 security forces were killed and five others were wounded,” Azar said.

    Azar noted that at least seven Taliban insurgents were killed and three others were wounded during the clashes.

    He further added that the Afghan reinforcements have arrived at the area and now the area is under the control of security forces.

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    Taliban Military Officials for Provincial Prisons Killed in Herat

    Afghan local officials say the Taliban’s military officials in charge of provincial prisons have been killed in Herat province.

    The Herat governor office in a press release on Monday said, “Mullah Nabi Jan, a Taliban military official, Aqa Wali, Taliban’s official in charges of provincial prisons and Sayed Shah a commander of the group were killed in an airstrike on Sunday night.”

    According to the governor’s office, the airstrike was conducted based on the information of the National Directorate of Security in Haft Gala area of the Pashton Zarghon district.

    The office added that the killing of these Taliban members would directly affect the security situation in Herat’s eastern districts.

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    31 Taliban Insurgents Killed, Wounded in Daikundi: MoD

    The Ministry of Defense (MoD) says at least 31 Taliban insurgents have been killed and wounded in Daikundi province.

    MoD in a press release on Monday said that Afghan security forces have conducted a special operation in Kejran district of Daikundi province.

    According to the press release, eleven villages of the province have been cleared of the insurgents during the operation.

    “At least 14 Taliban insurgents have been killed and 17 others were wounded in the operation,” the press release reads.

    The Kejran district of Daikundi province is one of the insecure districts of the province where the Taliban sometimes carry out bloody attacks on security forces stationed in the district.

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    Organizers of Terrorist Attack on Security Forces’ Outpost Killed in Helmand

    The Ministry of Defense (MoD) says the organizers of a terrorist attack on an outpost of security forces in Helmand have been killed.

    MoD in a press release on Sunday said that six members of the organizers a terrorist attack on a security outpost in Sangin district have been killed during an operation by the Afghan security forces.

    The press release cited the number of Afghan forces casualties as four killed, but earlier, Omar Zawak the spokesman of Helmand governor told Reporterly that at least ten soldiers were killed and four others were wounded in the incident.

    Following the report, the Maiwand Corps also confirmed that at least 10 soldiers have been killed in Taliban’s attack on a security outpost in Helmand.

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    Pakistani Taliban’s Key Leader Killed in Khost Province

    Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commander Qari Saifullah Mehsud has been shot dead by gunmen in Afghanistan, the group confirmed on Sunday.

    Qari Saifullah Mehsudwas killed outside the Guloon camp in Khost province, the group spokesperson said in an audio message, Anadolu News Agency reported.

    The spokesman claimed that the attack was carried out by the Haqqani network, as they had killed three terrorists belonging to the TTP’s Hakimullah Mehsud group in the area a few days ago.

    The TTP was founded in 2007 by Baitullah Mehsud and is currently divided into four factions — Swat group, Mehsud group, Bajaur Agency group, and Darra Adamkhel group.

    Qari Saifullah Mehsud was among the terrorists wanted by Pakistani authorities for his involvement in various attacks in the country.

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    Taliban Reject Reports on Ceasefire

    The Taliban has rejected the reports that they have made a decision on a temporary ceasefire nationwide.

    Spokesman for Taliban’s Qatar office, Suhail Shahin said in a tweet that some media outlets release their reports without any evidence.

    “Of course, if anything happens, we will definitely share with the people and the media,” Shahin said.

    This comes as the Associated Press on Sunday evening quoted anonymous sources within the Taliban saying that the ruling council of the group – in Pakistan – has agreed to a temporary ceasefire.

    The AP reported that the Taliban chief must approve the agreement “but that is expected.”

    The report added that the intra-Afghan negotiations are expected to be held within two weeks of the signing of a U.S.-Taliban peace deal