Newsfeed: Monday, January 7

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    Taliban Suffers Heavy Causalities In Kandahar

    The spokesperson for Afghan Ministry of Defense announced today during a press conference that at least 97 Taliban were killed in ongoing operation in different parts of Kandahar over the past two weeks by Afghan forces backed by US air support in southern Kandahar province.

    It was also reported that 17 roadside bombs were defused and 80 pounds of homemade explosives were destroyed during these operations.

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    Five people Arrested After MoI Released The Wanted List

    The ministry of Interior said Monday that at least five people were arrested by police after Afghanistan’s Interior Affairs Ministry released a wanted list of 222 individuals who are accused of different crimes including robbery, abduction and murder in Kabul.

    The ministry called on citizens to cooperate with police to locate these individuals.

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    Power-line to capital and seven provinces cut due to fighting in Baghlan

    Breshna, the company providing electricity to Afghanistan, announced in a statement on Monday that the electricity line imported from Uzbekistan has been cut off due to clashes between militants and Afghan security forces in northern Baghlan province.

    The lines were cut around 9 am and effects capital Kabul and seven other provinces, the statement said adding that the first power transmission line was cut off some 26 kilometers south of Pul-e Khumri while the other line was cut around 11 am.

    Both lines were cut off in Doshi district, the statement read.

    Capital Kabul, central Parwan and Kapisa, as well as Wardak and southeastern Ghazni, Logar, and Paktia have been effected as a result of the cut off, Breshna said.

    Breshna added that technical teams placed near the effected sites are awaiting for improvement of security to fix the disconnected lines.

    Kabul needs 450 megawatts of electricity, out of which a total of 300 megawatts is being supplied out of imported electricity from Uzbekistan.

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    Afghan Police Thwart Mosque Bomb Attempt In Herat

    Afghan police forces have thwarted an attempt by insurgents to detonate improvised explosive devices in a mosque in Afghanistan’s western Herat province.

    The militants were attempting to detonate two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) inside a mosque in Adraskan district but police discovered and defused the explosives with the support of local residents., The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Monday in a statement.

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    51 Insurgents Including A Taliban Shadow District Governor and A Red Unit Commander Killed in Faryab

    Ministry of defense in a statement on Monday informed that at least 51 insurgents including a Taliban’s shadow district Governor and a Taliban’s Red Unit commander were Killed in several operations over the past 24 hours in Faryab.

    31 insurgents including Mullah Sarvar, Taliban’s shadow district governor for Almar district and Mawlavi Habibullah, Taliban’s Red unit commander killed, while 4 wounded and a hideout was destroyed in airstrikes by the Afghan airforce in Almar and Qurghan districts of Faryab Province, according to the statement.

    The statement also added that 16 insurgents were killed, 1 weapon and ammunition depot and 1 hideout , were destroyed in airstrikes by the Afghan airforces in Kajaki, Marja and Nahar Saraj districts of Helmand Province.

    In a separate operation, two insurgents were killed, 3 depots, 1 hideout destroyed, 400 kg explosives and 11 IED s were discovered and defused in ANA clearing operations in Shah Valikut district of Kandahar Province, the statement reads.

    Finally, two insurgents were killed in airstrikes by the Afghan airforces in Dara-i-Pech district of Kunar Province, as per the statement.

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    Iran & Afghanistan Discuss Water Dispute

    Iran and Afghanistan have started a new round of talks on water sharing from the Helmand river & its tributary, according to Iranian media source.

    “Negotiations focused on resolving the dispute over the critical share of the two countries which was determined as per a treaty signed in 1973 in Kabul:” Iranian media.

    Iran and Afghanistan accuse each other of taking more water from the Helmand River than originally defined by an existing agreement, the issue is becoming political in both countries. Afghans believe there is a run-off into Iran that needs to be controlled, while Iranians complain that they are deprived of their fair share, especially because of Afghan dam-building.

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    Pakistan and UAE Agree To Cooperate Closely for Afghan Peace

    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates’ Armed Forces Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan agreed on Sunday to work jointly for peace and stability in Afghanistan, according to China news agency Xinhua’s report.

    The two leaders held talks on bilateral matters and condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, and expressed their resolve to work closely to root out the scourge, said a joint statement issued at the conclusion of the visit of Sheikh Mohamed.

    The two leaders agreed to work closely for the lasting peace and stability of Afghanistan.

    Khan briefed the UAE leader about the efforts Pakistan has made to support and facilitate the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led reconciliation process. He also appreciated the role the UAE has been playing in the reconciliation talks, the statement said.

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    Wanted Persons List Goes Public By MoI

    The Ministry of the Interior has published a list of people who are under the prosecution of security institutions in Kabul.

    The list includes 222 people who, according to the Interior Ministry, have been charged with various crimes, including robbery, abduction and murder.

    The Ministry of Interior has published all the details of these individuals on its website and asked the residents to share with the ministry if they have any information about them.

    The ministry says that those who provide information about these individuals will be subject to “material and moral rewards.”

    The list published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior shows that the wanted individuals are from different provinces of Afghanistan and are accused of robbery, murder, abduction and banditry.