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    Keran Wa Munjan District Falls to Taliban, Recapture Operation To Launch Soon

    Provincial officials have informed that the operation to recapture Keran Wa Munjan district of Badakhshan will be launched soon.

    Speaking to Reporterly on Monday, Nek Mohammad Nazari provincial spokesperson, said that the preparation to retrieve the district has been taken in the province, and the central government has sent backup forces through Panjshir road, but the forces have not reached Badakhshan due to the closure of the route.

    He added that with the arrival of reinforcement, the recapture operation will commence.

    Referring to the threats of Taliban insurgents in the vicinity of districts of Keran Wa Munjan, the provincial spokesperson said that Yamgan district of the province has been in control of the Taliban for about four years.

    The Keran Wa Mujan district collapsed to the Taliban on 22 July following the capture of Lapis mine of the province by Taliban group.

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    Ishkahsim Border Market Reopens

    Local officials have announced the inauguration of Ishkashim joint market which lies between Badakhshan province of Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

    The Tajik-Afghan joint market reopened on Sunday and was inaugurated by deputy governor of Badakhshan of Afghanistan, and governor of Badakhshan province of Tajikistan on occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Afghanistan Independence, Badakhshan provincial office said in a statement on Monday.

    This border market has been closed for several years due to security threats and reopened by the suggestion of Badakhshan governor.

    The residents of the border areas of the province experienced many problems because of the remoteness of the border bazaar was a place where these people used to solve their problems and their needs, the deputy Badakhshan governor said.

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    Two Foreign Nationals Detained on Charges of Forging ID Cards & Passport in Kabul

    Two foreign nationals who wanted to get a passport using fake ID cards were arrested in Kabul, security officials said.

    Ministry of Interior in a statement said that a personnel of Central Kabul Police Department has identified and arrested these foreign nationals.

    The statement further added that the individuals were detained when they were referred to the passport office.
    The Interior Ministry did not comment on the identities of these individuals.

    The detainees have been introduced to judicial institutions for further investigation, as per the statement.

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    Taliban Commander Detained in Baghlan

    Security forces have reported the arrest of a Taliban insurgents’ commander in Baghlan province.

    The Ministry of Interior in a statement said that the Baghlan Counter-terrorism Police arrested a Taliban commander from Pole-Khumri city, in an operation.

    The detained commander was in charge of a group of 20 insurgents who were operating in the surrounding of Chesma-e-Sher and Baghlan-Mazar-i-Sharif highway, the statement said.

    The ministry said that the arrested individual has confessed to his crimes during the initial investigation.

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    Afghan Special Forces Storm Key Taliban Compound in Uruzgan

    The Afghan Special Forces stormed a key Taliban compound in Uruzgan province of Afghanistan, the Special Operations Corps said in a statement on Sunday.

    According to the statement released by Special Operations Corps, the Special Forces stormed the Taliban compound in Dehrawood district on Saturday night.

    The statement further added that the Special Forces killed 4 Taliban militants during the operation.

    Furthermore, the Special Operations Corps said the Special Forces destroyed the Taliban compound and all its facilities during the raid.

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    NSA: Sunday’s Attack in Kabul Direct Attack on Democracy

    Accompanied by high ranking government officials, NSA Hamdullah Mohib is visiting Baghlan province on Monday.

    As NSA Mohib arrived in Baghlan today, he is set to oversee the provincial security council in the province.

    The NSA told Baghlan local security officials that, “working closely with people, acquiring their support and working for the betterment of their lives is the best security strategy”.

    He said that National Directorate of Security is still assessing Sunday’s attack in Kabul and added that he believes this was direct attack on democracy and to disturb the elections.

    He added that “Enemies of our people are trying to pressurize the main highways for its role in the new trade strategy of the government. Baghlan is an important province located on the way towards Central Asia. Government will utilize all the means for its security”.

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    3 Mine-Makers of IS-K Group Killed in Nangarhar

    Provincial officials have reported the killing of 3 Pakistani national mine-makers of IS-K group in Nangarhar.

    As a result of Nangarhar National Directorate of Security forces’ operation carried out in Saaki area of Momand Dara district, 3 mine-makers of IS-K group were killed, Nangarhar press office said in a statement on Monday.

    The statement added that, one individual was also arrested during the operation.

    The members of IS-K group killed in the operation were also involved in kidnapping in the province.

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    Death Toll Surges to 20 in Kabul Complex Attack

    The attack on PD4 Kabul on Sunday has left 20 people dead and 50 others wounded, Nasrat Rahimi, the spokesperson of Ministry of Interior announced.

    The attack had supposedly targeted vice presidential candidate Amarullah Saleh, who is President Ghani’s aid and VP candidate for the elections

    The complex attack took place in PD4 on Sunday when an explosion occurred followed by a complex attack by attackers. Special security forces had to block all roads connecting to Shaheed Circle.