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    AGO addressed 1,974 Corruption Cases in 1398

    The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) addressed 1,974 cases of corruption in 1398, the official said on Monday. Head of AGO, Farid Hamidi at the State Accountability Program to the Nation said
    291 of them were high-level cases.

    A total of 1,909 people linked to corruption cases were imprisoned. 102 million US dollars and 385 million afghanis were recovered, he said In total, AGO addressed 41,026 cases in 1398, majority of which (21,492 cases) were criminal offenses.

    691 cases were kidnapping cases and 5,768 cases were related to narcotics. According to Hamidi, 2,975 cases of violence against women and 16 against journalists were addressed in 1398.

    Additionally, 186 electoral crime cases were addressed during the year.

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    UAE & China Will Assist Afghanistan with 30,000 Coronavirus Test Kits

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China will provide diagnostic kits for coronavirus to Afghanistan, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said.

    The health minister, Firozudin Firoz in a press conference in Kabul said that we should take the coronavirus serious and take protective measures.

    He said that currently the test kits for coronavirus are only in Kabul and efforts are underway to provide for other provinces too.

    He added that fighting the coronavirus is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Health but all of Afghan people have responsibility regarding that.

    According to him, around 264 suspected cases have been recorded in the laboratories which 21 of them are positive and the remaining are negative.

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    Schools Are Going To Be Online in Herat Amid Coronavirus Concerns

    Local officials in Herat say the government and private schools are going to be online with cooperation of local media in Herat province.

    The Herat governor press office in a press release said that based on the decision of provincial emergency committee, all preventive measures have increased amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    The press release added that the protective and preventive measures have also increased in Islam Qala border.

    The transport department was also instructed to disinfect all cargo vehicles that are coming from Iran to Afghanistan.

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    Coalition Forces in Afghanistan Establishes Quarantine Areas, Say No Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

    The US-led international coalition in Afghanistan said there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus infections among coalition troops and personnel in the country, but quarantine areas have been established for those awaiting tests.

    “Our medical facilities in Afghanistan are prepared to implement appropriate quarantine or isolation measures, as appropriate while awaiting test results,” a statement from NATO’s Resolute Support said.

    Resolute Support declined to disclose how many personnel are in quarantine.

    ” Those who believe they are at risk or have flu-like symptoms have immediate access to on base medical care,” the statement said.

    US lawmaker last week expressed concern that troops in Afghanistan were not properly protected from what has become a global pandemic.

    Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Mark Pocan said troops from their state deployed to Afghanistan were experiencing symptoms of the disease but were denied testing.

    The US lawmakers’ remarks came amid rising concerns of coronavirus outbreak in Afghanistan which has 21 confirmed cases in the country.

    The bulk of US Troops are based in the country’s East and south, hundreds of miles from the Iranian border. On Saturday, 300 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division returning to US from Afghanistan began a 14 day quarantine, the division said in a statement.

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    Rahmatullah Nabil Warns Political Crisis Should be Solved

    Former NDS chief Rahmatullah Nabil says other terrorist groups will become active if the political crisis in the country is not solved.

    Nabil called on politicians to make an effort to end the crisis.

    He suggested that the government should not enter the intra-Afghan talks unless there is a political consensus on peace.

    Afghanistan has averted a full-blown political crisis after the two main contenders in a bitterly disputed presidential election — each claiming victory — agreed to back down from their escalating feud.

    Incumbent President Ashraf Ghani — who was officially declared the winner — agreed to postpone his inauguration, while his main challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, pledged to halt his attempts to set up a parallel government.

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    13 Security Forces Killed, Wounded in Ghor

    Afghan local officials have confirmed that at least 13 security forces have been killed and wounded in Taliban’s attack in Ghor province.

    The Chief District of Shahrak district, Haji Muhammad Kabiri told Reporterly that clashes erupted between Taliban and security forces in Salah Khana area at around 20:00pm on Sunday night.

    According to Kabiri, at least nine soldiers were killed and four others were wounded in the clashes.

    He added that the Taliban burned down two tanks of the security forces and took another tank with themselves.

    He noted that at least 15 Taliban insurgents were also killed and a number of others were wounded in the incident.

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    150 Suspected Criminals Detained in Herat

    The Afghan National Police has arrested 150 suspected criminal on charges of different crimes in different clampdown carried out in western Herat province during the past 20 days.

    Provincial Police Spokesman, Abdul Ahad Walizada said that Herat police has conducted several crackdowns against criminals in the capital city and district of Herat province, in which 150 people accused of killing, armed robbery, kidnapping, drug smuggling and plundering, had been detained.

    He said that 23 rifles of weapons with enough bullets discovered and confiscated from the nabbed indicts.

    He stated that 15 cars and motorbikes, which have been stolen by armed robbers, were discovered and confiscated from the detained culprits and handed over to its owners.

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    Police Detect, Defuse IED in Kabul

    Kabul Police have detected and defused an Improvised Explosive Device (IEC) in Kabul city.

    Police said, “Security forces have detected an IED which was attached to a Mercedes vehicle in PD12 of Kabul and defused it.”


    Officials added that the IED was defused by the engineering team of the National Security Directorate.

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    Parliament Offers Mediation between President Ghani, Abdullah

    The Lower House of Parliament expressed concerns about disagreements between President Ghani and Dr Abdullah Abdullah over presidential elections and offered to mediate between the two sides.

    The extraordinary meeting of the Afghan House of Representatives was held with officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and Public Health. The meeting discussed the fight against coronavirus outbreak and the resolution of disputes between President Ghani and Abdullah.

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    10 Killed, Wounded in Traffic Accident on Kabul-Kandahar Highway

    Afghan local officials have confirmed that at least ten people have been killed and wounded in a traffic accident on Kabul-Kandahar highway in Zabul province.

    The spokesman of Zabul governor Gul Islam Seyal told Reporterly that a Coaster type vehicle has collided in Pakhkandi area of Shajoy district on Sunday evening.

    According to Seyal, at least four people were killed and six others were wounded in the incident.

    He added that the wounded have been transferred to the hospital and their health conditions are satisfactory.

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    Security Force, Civilian Killed in Clashes with Taliban in Faryab

    Afghan security officials confirmed that at least one soldier was killed, one civilian and three Taliban insurgents were killed after clashes erupted between the two sides in Faryab province.

    Faryab Police command in a press release said that the Taliban insurgents attacked a security outpost at around 03:00am in Yangi village of Qaisar District.

    Faryab Police added that after killing of three Taliban’s Red Unit members and wounding of four others, the group’s attack pushed back.

    According to the Police, one security soldier was killed, one other was wounded and one civilian was killed by the Taliban.

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    Pakistan Deported 10 Virus Suspects to Afghanistan

    Ten Afghan nationals were deported to their country after they were suspected to have developed coronavirus-like symptoms.

    The Khyber administration at the Pakistan-Afghan Torkham border sent back these people but declined to comment whether they were tested positive for the virus.

    Pakistan-Afghan border at Torkham crossing remained shut down from Sunday.

    A border official said the Afghan nationals who had recently been to China come to Pakistan via the Torkham border.

    They were having health issues since the past few weeks and were staying with the locals for trade purposes.

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    Security Forces Kill 14 Taliban Insurgents in Helmand, Zabul

    The Afghan Security Forces have killed at least 14 militants in separate clashes erupted between them in southern Helmand and Zabul provinces.

    Three other Taliban fighters received injuries.

    Ahmad Jan Ahmadi, a military official in Zabul on Sunday said the clash took place in Mullah Faiz village of the Mirzani district, where nine militants had been killed and three others wounded. “Some weapons and ammunition were captured,” he said.

    In another clash, in Marja district of Helmand province, five insurgents were killed, provincial police chief, Khalilurahman Jawad said, adding that key Taliban commanders Mullah Omari and Mullah Musafar were among the dead.

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    Taliban Calls on Health Organizations to Protect Prisoners Amid COVID-19

    The Taliban have called on the international health organizations to pay attention to its prisoners who are detained in the Afghan government’s prisons amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    According to the militants, there are approximately 40,000 group members in Afghan prisons, which lack health facilities.

    Earlier in the day, Afghanistan’s Human Rights Commission requested the Taliban to allow health workers into militant-controlled areas of the country in order to spread awareness amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    Afghanistan has so far confirmed 21 COVID-19 cases in the country. So far, the virus has killed over 5,800 people worldwide, and over 156,000 people have contracted the disease.

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    Pakistan Shuts Border with Afghanistan Over COVID-19

    Pakistan closed its borders with Afghanistan on Monday for two weeks amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

    According to a notification issued by the Pakistani Interior Ministry, the country’s borders with neighboring Afghanistan were completely sealed from Monday for an initial period of two weeks “in the best interests of the three brotherly countries.”

    Pakistan confirmed 17 new cases of the novel coronavirus Sunday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 51.

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    Reduction of Violence in Afghanistan Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

    Following the spread coronavirus (COVID-19) in Afghanistan–21 positive cases have been reported as of Monday, both the Taliban and the Afghan government report a drop in violence.

    The Interior Ministry has said that 16 attacks took place over the past 24 hours.

    While on Friday, March 13, the Ministry of Defense reported 95 security incidents in 24 hours. These incidents, the ministry said, included offensives, rockets, shelling and roadside bomb blasts in Kapisa, Laghman, Kunar, Balkh, Helmand, Faryab, Badakhshan, Kunduz, Wardak and Logar.

    In the meantime, the Taliban. also said the spread of the coronavirus has not “affected their activities,” but stated that the casualties on both sides had decreased recently.

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    COVID-19 in Afghanistan; Number of Confirmed Cases Reaches to 21

    The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has announced that five new confirmed cases have been recorded in three provinces.

    The spokesman of MoPH, Wahidullah Mayar in a press release said that two new cases reported in Herat, two in Logar and one in Badghis provinces.

    This comes as the Foreign Ministry announced the cancellation of all bilateral meetings and restricted issuing visas due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Afghanistan on Saturday announced the closure of all public and private education institutions over fears of the spread of the virus known as COVID-19.

    Neighboring Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have closed their borders with Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan woke up to face the grim challenge posed by COVID-19 at least three months after the virus was first detected in China in December 2019.

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    Iran Extraditing Afghan Children Who Are Waste Pickers Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

    Iranian officials say government entities are trying to send back working children who live in Iran back to their countries, primarily Afghanistan, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

    As per Radio Farda report, around three million Afghans live and work in Iran but there are also many children with or without parents who do menial jobs or are waste pickers.

    Latest figures from 2019 indicate that four thousand children in Tehran spend their days scavenging garbage bins and dumps and 80 percent are foreigners.

    The Children Protection Society in Tehran says these children live together in groups of 50-60 and the danger of coronavirus spreading among them is quite high.

    Six months ago government agencies sent 400 of these children to three centers and now Tehran’s governor has announced that in a joint effort with Iran’s welfare agency to send back 380 children to their countries.

    The director of Tehran’s welfare agency chief Saeed Aram has told Shahrvand newspaper on March 15 that the extradition of these children back to Afghanistan and Pakistan has started.