Newsfeed; Monday, May 13

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    20 Pieces of Ancient Monuments Discovered in Herat

    Local officials reported the discovery of 20 pieces of ancient works in Herat province.

    Herat media office said on Monday that 20 historical and ancient monuments dating back to several thousand years ago have been discovered in one of the remote villages in Kashan district during digging and agricultural activities.


    After the comprehensive examination by Ministry of Information and Culture’s technical delegates, these works will be delivered to the National Museum, said Herat media office.

    Kohsan is one of the important districts of Herat province in which there are many ancient and historical sites.

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    EU & Afghanistan Working Group Meetings in Kabul see Former’s Support for Peace

    The first meeting of the Special Working Group on Economic and Social Development and the second meeting of the Special Working Group on Human Rights, Good Governance and Migration took place in Kabul on 7th and 9th May between European Union and Afghanistan.

    It was announced in a statement by the European Union that it is strongly engaged in supporting peace and development in Afghan through closer regional cooperation and economic ties and trade opportunities with Afghanistan’s neighbours, the wider region and Europe.

    The Special Working Group on Economic and Social Development was co-chaired by Ms. Naheed Sarabi, the Deputy Finance Minister of Afghanistan and by Ms. Raffaella Iodice, Head of Unit for Middle East/Gulf, Central Asia, South Asia in the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission.

    The working group initiated a discussion between the EU and the Afghan government about future cooperation priorities under a new country programme which will cover the period from 2021 to 2027. The meeting discussed also the short term priorities for the current and the next year.

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    Indonesian Special Envoy Dr Percaya Says Ready to Host Peace Talks

    In a statement released by the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was written that Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, met with the deputy and special envoy of Indonesian FM, Dr. Desra Percaya.

    Delivering the letter of Indonesian FM to that of Afghanistan’s, Dr. Desra described Republic of Indonesia’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan.

    Mr. Parcaya also expressed his country’s readiness for hosting the peace talks. Mr. Rabbani also mentioned that Indonesia was a good friend of Afghanistan, appreciated Republic of Indonesia’s support to the peace process, led and owned by the people and government of the I.R of Afghanistan highly regarded Indonesia’s efforts for facilitating the direct talks.

    FM stressed implementation of the agreements lately signed between the two countries.

    Finally, Dr. Parcaya expressed his country’s commitment in educating &building the capacity of Afghanistan’s mining sector personnel.

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    Mohaqiq: President’s Pledge to Preserve Pasture for Kuchis Was Provocative Action

    Mohammad Mohaqiq, the second deputy of executive chief and leader of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, says that the promise for preserving the pasture for 20 generations of Kuchis was a provocative act and meant to persuade Kuchis to engage in an intra-triable conflict with Hazaras.

    In a statement while condemning the Taliban attack in support of Kuchis in Hesa Dawm Behsud Maidan Wardak province, Mr. Mohaqiq said that the debate on conflict between “Kuchis and villagers” lingers as unhealable wound for many years and the government has not taken any measure to resolve it.

    CE deputy criticized president Ghani and added that, the previous governments used to station security forces on line between Behsud and Dash-e-Gul in spring of every year to prevent conflict, but the current government haven’t done that so far.

    Lack of consideration for the request of people and proposal of Maidan Wardak province for establishment of a local military unit for Hesa Dawm Bihsud indicates the mutual cooperation of government and the Taliban to suppress people of Bihsud district, said Mohammad Mohaqiq.

    Mr. Mohaqiq’s statement comes at a time when on Sunday the reports talked about Taliban insurgents’ assault to support Kuchis in Bihsod district of Maidan Wardak province. The attack claimed lives of seven people and left wounded many members of Public Uprising Forces.

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    Presidential Candidates Council Announce Two Options for a Caretaker Government

    In a meeting, the Presidential Candidates Council emphasized the end of National Unity Government tenure on (First Jawza) May 22 and announced a two-options plan for a caretaker government.

    Presidential Candidates Council has said, the first option is that the current president with his deputies withhold his candidacy for the presidency, and can continue his work as “caretaker government ” after first Jawza of current year.

    The council has emphasized that, if the first option was not met, the second option would be that, the presidential candidates and eligible legal, independent and committed personalities of political parties and civil institutions registered with Ministry of Justice can nominate themselves for position of caretaker government and the current president cannot run for the tenure of caretaker government.

    They warned that if the leaders of the national unity government continue to work illegally after (first Jawza) of current year, in opposition to the constitution and the high interests of the country, the consequences of this illegal action would lie on their shoulder and senior authorities of the government.

    The Presidential Candidate Council has added that it has the right to take advantage of any legal and political mechanisms at the national and international levels and take necessary measures to prevent the continuation of the very government which they consider as a government which lacks legitimacy.

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    Alice Wells Meets IEC Commissioners

    US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells met with the Afghan Independent Election Commission’s Commissioners on Monday morning to hear about their preparations for the upcoming presidential elections in September, as announced by US Embassy in Kabul.

    Ambassador Wells stressed the importance of a transparent, credible election process, of making swift preparations to complete voter registration, and hiring and training the staff needed to conduct the elections in a timely manner.

    Wells arrived in Kabul on Sunday and has already met with President Ghani and CE Abdullah.

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    CE Abdullah Says Afghan Forces Have Foiled Several Taliban Attacks

    Chief Executive Abdullah said at the Council of Ministers meeting that Afghan forces have foiled many Taliban attacks on major cities of Afghanistan.

    CE Abdullah said “The National Unity Government is committed in holding timely elections using biometric system, people demand transparent election which will indicate the rule of law”. Dr Abdullah is a presidential candidate for 2019 elections.

    “Unfortunately, the fighting is still ongoing during Ramadhan. We wanted a ceasefire during this month, but so far it’s not agreed,” Abdullah said.

    But he also said that Taliban still continues the fighting and so far no basic step has been taken about the peace process.

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    Taliban Intelligence Chief for Baghlan Province Arrested

    Security officials reported the arrest of Taliban intelligence chief in Baghlan province.

    Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that Haji Mohammad Ramin was caught as a result of joint operation of Afghan and US forces in Baghlan Province.

    Ten bodyguards of the Taliban intelligence chief were also killed in the operation, as per MoD.

    Ministry of Defense added that, the detained individual was behind the attack against Baghlan police Command.