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    Insurgents Disgust People by Carrying Out Attacks:President Ghani

    “The criminal terrorists killed and injured a number of civilians in a suicide attack near the Malek Asghar Square in Kabul this afternoon,” the Presidential Palace said in a statement that was released on Monday.

    President Ghani also condemned the terrorist attack, saying that terrorists, “by carrying out such criminal attacks, not only wont reach their evil targets, but will further increase the Afghan disgust and hatred towards them by doing so”.

    “The President expresses his deep condolences and sympathy to the families of the martyrs, and he asks for the wounded the complete recovery,” the statement added.

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    Developing: IS-K Claims Responsibility of Kabul Attack

    IS-K has recently claimed responsibility for the suicide attack that took place in PD 2 of Kabul city. Their statement also added that their target were the protestors.

    As per Ministry of Interior’s statement, an explosion occurred at 1:45 PM on Monday near Kabul District Centre in PD 2 of Kabul. It killed 6 people and injured 20.

    On Sunday night, demonstrators began to march from west of Kabul towards Presidential palace to protest against government’s neglect at the situation in Malistan, Jaghori, and Uruzgan.

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    As 6 People Lose their Lives, MoI Condemns Kabul Explosion

    Ministry of Interior has released a statement denouncing the terrorist attack in Kabul, which resulted in the killing of six people including three women, two men and a military man and 20 injured, including three military.

    The terrorist incident took place around 1:45 PM today as per the statement, “when a suicide bomber exploded himself near a police checkpoint against the Isteqlal High School.”

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    Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police and Air Force Demolish Huge Drug Cache

    In a statement released by the Ministry of Interior, it was announced that Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police and Afghan Air Forces carried out a “successful ground and air raid in the Rusi Maidan region, Logar province, arresting eight drug smugglers.”

    “During this operation, Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police and Afghan Air Forces destroyed over 21 tons of hashish,” the statement added.

    Some amount of ammunition and military equipment were also seized.

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    Developing: 3 Killed and 8 Wounded

    Health officials have informed that 3 people have been killed and 8 wounded in the explosion that took place in PD 2 of Kabul. They have been taken to the hospital.

    It has also been reported that security forces have identified the suicide bomber.

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    Developing: MoI Spokesperson Says the Attack is VBIED

    Najib Danish spokesperson to MoI has said that the explosion is likely a VBIED attack and that it happened close to the protestors in front of Estiqlal the high school in PD 2.

    An explosion was reported by residents on social media in the PD 2 area of Kabul city.

    Casualties feared. More details to follow.

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    Breaking: Explosion in PD2 Kabul

    An explosion has been reported close to the Steqlal High School, PD2 of Kabul city.

    Residents of the area have informed on social media about the explosion that has been heard.

    More details to follow.

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    117 Fighters and 30 Afghan Forces Killed in Jaghori

    With the ongoing clashes between security forces and Taliban in Jaghori district of Ghazni, the NSC has informed 1TVNews that 117 Taliban fighters have been killed so far.

    However 30 Afghan Forces including commandos have been killed and injured in the clashes as well.

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    Weather Forecast Centre Opens in Kabul

    The Afghanistan Meteorological Authority (AMA) opened a Weather Forecast Centre in Kabul on Monday.

    The officials of AMA also announced that more such centres will be opened across provinces in Afghanistan.

    The centre will be able to forecast bad weather, floods and storms.

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    81 Insurgents Killed Across 5 Provinces in Past 24 Hours

    The Ministry of Defense has released multiple statements to inform that a total of 81 insurgents have been killed across 5 provinces of Afghanistan in the past 24 hours.

    42 insurgents were killed, and 1 vehicle, 3 motorbikes, 100 kg explosives, some weapons and ammunition were destroyed along with 12 IED being discovered and defused in ANA airstrikes and commandos clearing operations in Sangin district of Helmand Province.

    In Ghazni, 17 insurgents were killed and 1 vehicle was destroyed in ANA airstrikes in Malistan district. In same province, 3 ISIS insurgents were killed in ANA airstrikes in Qarabagh district as well.

    Furthermore, 8 insurgents were killed in ANA response attacks in Trenkut capital of Uruzgan Province.

    Additionally, 6 insurgents were killed and 4 were wounded in ANA airstrikes in Pashtun kot district of Faryab Province.

    Finally, 5 insurgents including Noorddin, a Taliban Red unit deputy were killed in ANA commandos clearing operations in Nirkh district of Wardak Province.

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    ANA Chief of Staff Sends Reinforcement Troops to Ghazni Districts

    ANA Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Yaftali has announced that he has sent reinforcement trolls to Malistan and Jaghori Districts of Ghazni. He added that Dr Shah Jahan will lead the war in Jaghori.

    Army, NDS and Commandos have been sent to these districts.

    The chief added that there are now enough commandos in Malistan.

    Yaftali also said that “ two districts of Ghazni, which in the past 17 years were a quiet and peaceful area and a place for education, unfortunately have recently been insecure. But our efforts are continuing with our forces to push back the Taliban from these districts.”

    ANA Chief informed that the air force carried out an airstrike last night against Taliban in Malistan, in Ghazni province, and that commandos have already arrived in the area. He said dozens of Taliban fighters have been killed so far.

    He admitted that the commandos suffered some casualties but did not confirm how many.

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    Airstrike in Malistan Kills 17 Insurgents

    In a statement, the Ministry of Defense has announced that 17 insurgents have been killed by an airstrike in Malistan district of Ghazni.

    Additionally, a Taliban vehicle was destroyed too.

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    Sarwar Danish: Government Leadership Commands the Suppression of Enemy Attacks

    Following the launch of protests of the central region and Hazarajat people in front of the presidential palace last night, and closure of the Kabul and Polytechnic universities by protestors this morning, second vice president has announced the government’s command to suppress enemy attacks in the districts of Uruzgan Khas, Jaghori and Malistan.

    A statement by Second VP Sarwar Danish states that the government defends the dignity and freedom of the residents of the Jaghori and Malistan districts in Ghazni province and in the Uruzgan Khas district in Urozgan.

    The statement reads: “Our enemies are so wrong … The leadership of the government has issued decisive orders to suppress the enemy’s attacks as soon as possible and secure Jaghori and Malistan districts.”

    At the same time, Sarwar Danish added that people have the right to criticize the government in a non-violent manner and make demands through demonstrations or any other legal means.

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    Steep Rise in Taliban Attacks Causes Casualties on Forces and Displacement Among Civilians: MoI

    Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior confirmed on Sunday that there has been a steep rise in casualties inflicted on the security forces by the Taliban in the past few weeks.

    Ministry’s spokesperson Najib Danish told TOLONews that “This year, the Afghan security forces had vast movements across the country, whenever the role of security forces is increased in war, it is natural the number of casualties would also increase”.

    Taliban insurgents have been expanding the scope of their attacks as they are targeting Baghlan, Faryab, Farah, Kunduz, and Ghor provinces.

    Apart from casualties faced by security forces, civilians have also had to bear the brunt of war, many of whom have had to flee from homes.

    In the past few days, Taliban have launched attacks in Jaghori, Malistan and Khogyani districts of Ghazni, Trinkot in Uruzgan, districts in Baghlan, Farah , and Kunduz provinces.

    Last week in the senate, Uruzgan’s representatives emphasised that several families are getting displaced in the province as a result of the clashes there.

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    University Students in Kabul Shut Gates in Protest

    A number of students from central Afghanistan and Hazarajat in Kabul, closed the gate of the Kabul and polytechnic universities from 6 am today in protest against the recent insecurity of Ghazni and Uruzgan.

    Ministry of Education while announcing this news added that the protesters are set to read a resolution in the presence of the media and the gates will be reopened in a few hours to the students.

    At the same time a number of polytechnic students also closed the gate of the university for protest.

    On Sunday night, several demonstrators marched from west Kabul city towards Presidential Palace in protest of the government’s neglect towards the crisis in Uruzgan, Jaghori and Malistan. The insurgents have been attacking residents of these districts while people forces are handling the situation and few security forces have come to help too. But the situation is still reported severe.

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    US Envoy Khalilzad Meets First VP

    On Monday, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad met with the Afghan First Vice President Dostum. Dostum is also the leader of the Junbish Party.

    The two met in Kabul as a part of Khalilzad’s visit to Afghanistan and discussed the peace process.

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    Head of Kabul IEC Office and 6 Others Sacked by IEC for ‘Mismanagement’

    The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Sunday announced that they have fired 7 staff after receiving complaints over mismanagement. One of those who is sacked is the head of Kabul office of IEC.

    “The head of the commission’s site office has been fired from the job along with six of his colleagues and he has been replaced by a powerful caretaker manager who previously served in Mazar,” said Zabiullah Sadat, IEC deputy spokesman.

    IEC’s recently announced that it is recounting all votes for Kabul, and for eleven other provinces.

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    Protestors in Kabul Call for Justice in Uruzgan, Jaghori, and Malistan Districts

    On Sunday night protestors started a march from west of Kabul to the Presidential Palace, which they reached by Monday morning. Some placards held by them read “Ghani and Abdullah Wake Up”

    Protesters called on the NUG to clear the Khas Urozgan, Jaghori & Malistan districts of Taliban and terrorists and send humanitarian aid to the displaced, along with more permanently troops to the areas and to establish a military corp in the areas.

    The protestors believe that the government is utterly neglecting the crisis in Uruzgan, Jaghori and Malistan districts.

    However, Sayed Roshandil, the Kabul Police Chief has said that the protestors have violated the law they are supposed to inform the police about their plans of a demonstration well in time.