Newsfeed: Monday, November 19

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    Former Deputy Foreign Minister Karzai Meets US Envoy Khalilzad

    As US envoy Khalilzad keeps his schedule packed for Kabul visit, he met with the former deputy foreign minister of Afghanistan Hekmat Khalilzad Karzai on Monday.

    Karzai posted about the same on social media and also informed that the two discussed on the “ways to end the war and achieve peace in Afghanistan.”

    Mr Karzai also stated that “[It is] necessary that we all dedicate towards stopping the bloodshed & setting Afghanistan on a peaceful course.”

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    Former NSA Atmar Meets US Envoy Khalilzad

    Former National Security Advisor of Afghanistan, Haneef Atmar stated on his Twitter account that he met with US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad on Monday.

    Mr Atmar added that the two discussed Afghan peace process and upcoming presidential election.

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    Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets Special Representative of Germany for Afghanistan

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani released a statement on social media to inform that he met with the German Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Potzel Markus.

    As per Mr Rabbani’s statement, the two discussed bilateral issues, peace process, Geneva Conference & the preparations for the upcoming presidential elections.

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    Country-Specific Review of Afghanistan in OECD Eurasia Week

    For the first-time ever, a country-specific review of Afghanistan took place at OECD.

    Chief Executive Abdullah was present in the review conference and as per statement by OECD, “Key challenges were identified & recommendations were provided to address business informality, digitalisation of public services and access to finance”.

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    Gunmen Kill Passengers in Ghor

    Syed Zia Hussaini, a security official in Ghor, informed 1Tv News that an attack by gunmen happened before dawn at 4:30a.m. in Barkhana area of Ghor.

    He said that the vehicles were on their way from Herat province and that the passengers who were killed were from Daikundi province.

    The official also put responsibility of the attack on Taliban for the violence, but the group has yet to make comment.

    Nabi Zamir, a doctor at the hospital, said that the dead included two elderly and one youth.

    An injured woman said that the attackers also stole the passengers’ money.

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    31 IS-K Terrorists and 49 Insurgents Killed Across 4 Provinces

    Ministry of Defense in several statements has declared the killing of 80 total insurgents out of whom 31 were IS-K terrorists across 4 provinces.

    31 insurgents were killed, and 15 were wounded in ANA clearing operation in Malistan district of Ghazni and the district was cleared of insurgents too.

    21 IS-K terrorists were killed, 8 depot of weapons & ammunition, 1 clinic, 1 workshop, 2 motorbikes & round of heavy & light weapons with ammunition discovered & destroyed, 4 computer laps and some documents seized in ANA airstrikes & clearing operations in Deh Bala district, Nangarhar.

    18 were insurgents killed, 3 others were wounded, and 2 hideouts and 1 motorbike were destroyed in ANA airstrikes in Nahar Saraj, Grishk and Sangin districts of Helmand Province.

    Five more insurgents were killed, along with 1 Excavator and 1 motorbike being destroyed in ANA airstrikes and response attacks in Zarmat district of Paktia and Qarabagh district of Ghazni Provinces.

    Finally, five insurgents were killed and 7 were wounded in ANA response attacks and artillery attacks in Deh Rahwod district and capital of Uruzgan province.

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    Chief Executive Abdullah Goes to Paris for OECD Eurasia Week 2018

    Chief Executive Abdullah announced on social media that he has landed in Paris, France for the OECD Eurasia Week 2018.

    He has already met with the Afghan Ambassador to Paris in Afghanistan’s Embassy and hen expressed his gratitude towards the hard work of the Embassy to “keep Afghanistan connected to the world”.

    The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Eurasia Week is held to let “speakers reflect on the main lessons learnt over a turbulent decade of challenge and reform in the region and to consider how those lessons should shape policies for the years ahead.”

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    Taliban Confirm Meeting with Khalilzad, Shuns Interim Government Rumor

    The Taliban have confirmed in a statement that US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad met with Taliban in Doha, Qatar for a three day discussion.

    The meeting was between senior members of the insurgent group and high-ranking delegation of US led by Khalilzad, as per the statement. The period of meeting was between November 14-16.

    The statement confirmed that no agreement was reached but Taliban insisted on creating an Islamic Government. The statement also shunned any rumours of interim government proposal.

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    Armed Taliban Suffer Heavy Casualties in Farah Province

    Ministry of Interior has informed in a statement that the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, and Air Forces launched ground and air raid to clear some of the areas from terrorists and enemies of peace and stability of Afghanistan.

    The operation was carried out in Khak Safid district, western Farah province, and as a result, 23 armed Taliban were killed, 20 others were wounded and 25 others were arrested.

    Four vehicles and some amount of ammunition used by the militants were also destroyed.

    Several villages of Khak Safid cleared of armed Taliban and the clearance operation is under way to be cleared from armed Taliban presence.

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    President Ghani Meets Former President Karzai

    President Ashraf Ghani met with former President Hamid Karzai to discuss peace advisory board, as per presidential palace’s statement.

    During this visit, President Ghani talked about the formation of the Peace Advisory Board, and in addition to the appreciation of former President’s ideas and suggestions, he added that peace “is a national process and we need a nationwide consensus to reach it and people consultative series continues with different groups.”

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    President Ghani Discusses Advisory Board With Loy Kandahar Elders and Legislators

    According to a statement by the presidential palace, on Sunday evening, President Ghani met with Loy Kandahar elders and legislators.

    The main agenda was to discuss advisory board for peace process as well as its formation of negotiating team, and they also discussed the composition of the board.

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    ANA Health Dept Commander Admits Casualties Have Risen Among Soldiers This Month

    “Casualties among Afghan National Army Soldiers have risen sharply this month, compared to last month”, remarked Major Gen. Abdul Raziq Siawash, the Commander of the Afghan National Army (ANA) Health Department.

    This comes after constant battles are ongoing in various parts of the country-Ghazni, Uruzgan, and Farah notably.

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    Most Votes of Kandahar to be Recounted

    Kandahar election commission head, Nematullah Wardak, has said that due to a decision made by the Independent Election Commission, 90% of votes will be recounted in Kandahar. “Staff based at the central office are recounting votes from 1,200 polling stations. The candidates also wanted votes to be recounted,” said Wardak.

    An IEC team is also visiting Kandahar so as to check the recounting process.
    “The election commission and the team takes money from some candidates and increases their votes when they did not have any votes on the main list. Those who had gained no votes, will be given hundreds of votes,” Shekiba Hashemi, a candidate said to TOLONews.

    Several parliamentary election candidates feel that the IEC officials in Kandahar are supportive of certain candidates and want to ‘rig’ the results. Some candidates believe that Kandahar election commission officials are making it easier for electoral fraud for selective candidates.

    Other candidates also question as to why only 90% votes are recounted, why not all.
    “This move has been made based on the request of a number of candidates. While all the candidates had asked that all the votes should be recounted,” Mohibullah, a representative of a candidate said.