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    Tehran Will Attend Talks on Afghanistan Only in Presence of Afghan Central Govt.: Iranian Official

    Iran’s Foreign Ministry says its country’s participation in any talks on Afghanistan depends on the partnership of the Kabul central government.

    Assistant to Iranian Foreign Minister and Director General of West Asia at Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs Seyed Rasoul Mousavi said, “The Islamic Republic has clearly declared that it will not participate in any negotiations in which the Afghan government does not participate.”

    He stressed that peace in Afghanistan should be established inside the Afghan state, and said, “If the foreign states are after imposing peace, it is doomed to failure and Iran will never partner in such a plan.”

    Elsewhere, Mousavi said given the fact that the content of the Afghanistan peace negotiations have changed, Iran may participate in the next meeting of China, the US, Russia and Pakistan on Afghanistan in Moscow.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that his country had an interest in Iran joining the Russia-China-US format for Afghanistan talks.

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    Abdullah’s Team Says More Than 137,000 Votes Are Fraudulent

    The “Stability and Partnership” electoral team says more than 100,000 votes were recorded outside the voting time and 70,000 votes still didn’t meet photo criteria.

    “the controversial 137,630 votes had possibly been registered six days after the election day after setting the data of the devices to voting day,” Noor Rahman Akhlaqi, an observer of Abdullah’s team, told a press conference in Kabul today.

    He noted that 700 chips and biometric devices are missing and they have repeatedly asked for details over these missing devices.

    Akhlaqi stated that around 300,000 fraudulent biometric votes are still in the server.

    “Recounting of votes should not be done under supervision of those who are accused of committing fraud,” he said.

    Previously, the commission said that 1,843,107 votes were valid votes and that it was ready to launch auditing and recounting of the votes.

    Akhlaqi said that all invalid votes should be detected before the process of recounting begins.

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    China-Afghanistan Inter-departmental & Regional Security Cooperation Mechanism Meeting Held in Beijing

    The third meeting of the inter-departmental and regional security cooperation mechanism between China and Afghanistan was held in Beijing, according to a statement issued by Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

    Guo Guoping, Foreign Affairs Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-chaired the meeting with the First Deputy Adviser of the Afghan National Security Council and exchanged views.

    Representatives from relevant departments of the two countries

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    Airstrike Kills Child, Three Taliban Militants in Ghazni

    Local officials in Ghazni province say at least three Taliban insurgents along with a child have been killed in an airstrike in Abb Band district of the province.

    The Ghazni governor’s press office in a statement said that Afghan air forces conducted an operation at around 02:30AM on Monday in Abb Band district.

    “At least three Taliban insurgents were killed along with a child in the airstrike,” the statement said.

    This comes as Save the Children in reaction to the killing of children in Takha incident said that the killing and maiming of children must stop immediately and perpetrators of such acts must be held accountable.

    Recent reports from the UN indicate that between 2015 and 2018 more than 12,500 children were either severely injured or killed in Afghanistan as a result of the conflict, including the deaths of more than 600 due to bomb blasts like the one in Takhar.

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    Taliban Attack on Convoy Kills 10 in Badakhshan

    At least 10 people were killed when Taliban insurgents attacked a security convoy in northern Badakhshan, an official confirmed.

    The ambush took place in Nusai district of the remote northern province of Badakhshan bordering Tajikistan, police spokesman Sanaullah Ruhani said on Sunday.

    He confirmed five security forces were killed and seven others injured in an exchange of fire.

    Also, five Taliban insurgents were killed and six others injured, he added.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

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    Roadside Bombing Kills Eight Civilians in Baghlan

    Local officials say a roadside bombing has killed at least eight civilians in Baghlan province on Monay.

    Jawed Basharat, provincial police chief’s spokesman, says six other people were wounded in the bombing in the Dand Shabuddin area outside of Puli Khumri, the provincial capital of Baghlan.

    Basharat says women and children are among the casualties.

    “Four children, two women and two men were killed and six other civilians–including children–were wounded,” he said adding that the victims have been taken to a nearby hospital.

    No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but the area of the bombing is under Taliban control.

    In September, the insurgents attacked Puli Khumri and blocked the city’s main highway to Kabul for more than a week.

    No group has claimed responsibility for the blast.

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    Film Archivists as Freedom Fighters: Restoring Afghan Films Destroyed By The Taliban

    In the mid-1990s, many films were lost during the Taliban’s reign of Afghanistan, but archivists in Kabul are trying to wrest these movies from being lost to history.

    When the Taliban held the dominant power in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, many of the country’s artworks were destroyed or left to decay, including a vast body of films. The Taliban regime also banned the creation and release of film, period.

    On a new episode of the Post Reports podcast, The Washington Post visits archivists in Kabul working to wrest the country’s vast trove of documentary films — many of which depict a different, arguably more Westernized side of Afghanistan — from being lost to history.

    “They compared the process of preserving them to preserving other artifacts that are crucial to understanding Afghan history,” said reporter Siobhán O’Grady. “These films show what Afghanistan was before, and what so many people still aspire to reclaim, whenever the war does eventually end.”

    When the regime took hold, “The Taliban ended up storming the National Film Archive, and a lot of the films were hidden because the works knew that something like that would happen,” O’Grady said. According to The Washington Post, the films featured images of women with their hair uncovered or in plainclothes, mingling openly with men. Given the penalties tied to freedom of expression, the National Film Archives knew that the films were at risk. The Archives managed to hide many of the films behind false walls, or move them to another location.

    “They’re very old films on old reels, so they need very specific care. They need to be in climate-controlled temperature, and they need to be washed and clean,” O’Grady said. “They stayed in the building, decaying, and finally a few years ago the staff started to think about digitizing them.”

    It’s an expensive and time-consuming process. Currently there are 10 restorationists on staff, working full-time six days a week “diligently cleaning and watching the movies over and over again” for quality control.

    The first movie to break out of Afghanistan post-Taliban was 2003’s narrative feature “Osama,” which brought the country’s cinematic culture a higher profile when the film received the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. Afghanistan submitted the film to the Academy Awards, but “Osama” failed to land a nomination. In total, the country has submitted 14 films to the Oscars, none of which have been nominated.

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    Govt. Will Probe Pakistan Security Complaint: MoF

    Ministry of Foreign (MoF) has said that the Afghan government hasn’t been officially informed of any security concerns that have prompted Pakistan to close its consular services in Kabul.

    Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul in a statement said that it was indefinitely closing its consular office in the Afghan capital due to security reasons, amid mounting tensions between the neighboring countries.

    Islamabad has not disclosed any details on the security concerns but on Sunday, Pakistan’s foreign affairs ministry summoned the Afghan chargé d’affaires to convey concerns about the safety of its diplomats in Kabul.

    The spokesman of MoF, Geran Hewad told AP that the Afghan officials will investigate the issue.

    Afghanistan and Pakistan have an uneasy relationship, with Kabul blaming Islamabad for supporting the Taliban in the country’s protracted war.

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    An Entire Generation of Afghan Children Has Known Nothing But War: Save the Children

    Save the Children in reaction to the killing of children in Takha incident said that the killing and maiming of children must stop immediately and perpetrators of such acts must be held accountable.

    Save the Children in a statement said that it continues to be outraged by the number of children killed and wounded throughout Afghanistan by acts of extreme violence, following the tragic deaths of nine children killed by a roadside bomb on their way to school in Takhar province.

    “Recent reports from the UN indicate that between 2015 and 2018 more than 12,500 children were either severely injured or killed in Afghanistan as a result of the conflict, including the deaths of more than 600 due to bomb blasts like the one in Takhar,” the statement said.

    It stated that this concerning trend has continued and even worsened in many parts of Afghanistan this year. Children must be able to attend school without fear of death or injury.

    Save the Children stressed that a peaceful and productive future for Afghanistan relies on the protection and education of its children and called on all parties to the conflict must stop killing and injuring children now.

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    Pakistan Embassy in Kabul Stops Operation

    Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul has said that it was indefinitely closing its consular office in the Afghan capital due to security reasons, amid mounting tensions between the neighbouring countries.

    “Owing to security reasons, Consular Section of the Embassy of Pakistan, Kabul will be closed from tomorrow, Monday, November 4, until further intimation,” said a press release by Pakistan’s Foreign Office.

    Islamabad on Sunday summoned Afghanistan’s charge d’affaires over the harassment of Pakistani diplomats stationed in Kabul.

    A statement issued by the Foreign Office said, “The Afghan Charge d’affaires was summoned today to convey serious concerns over the safety and security of the diplomatic personnel of the Embassy of Pakistan, Kabul, and its sub-missions.”

    Closure of the visa section will come as a huge blow for many Afghans, hundreds of whom apply daily for permits to travel to Pakistan where they seek medical treatment, goods and university educations.

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    Firefighters Extinguished Fire in Kabul PD13

    Firefighters have extinguished a massive fire that engulfed a fuel tanker in PD 13 of Kabul city early Monday morning.

    Around the “Waras” fuel tanker were many residential houses. No casualties were reported and the loss is still not estimated.

    The spokesman of Kabul Police, Ferdaws Faramarz said the firefighters arrived on time, pouring water over smoldering flames.

    Investigators were trying to determine where the fire began as well as what had caused it, Faramarz added.