Newsfeed: Monday, November 26

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region

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    Wardak Residents Want Alipoor to be Prosecuted

    As residents of Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif protest against Alipoor’s arrest, residents of Wardak has taken to streets to protest against commander Alipoor himself.

    The Wardak residents have called for Alipoor to be prosecuted.

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    Forces Suffer Casualties in Farah

    Security officials in Farah
    province confirm the casualties to government forces and the Taliban in a clash in the province. A police official told TOLONews that a clash took place on Sunday after a police convoy was ambushed by the Taliban.

    Meanwhile, Dadullah Qane, a member of the Farah Provincial Council, claimed that a police convoy collided with a Taliban ambush while heading to Jawin District to introduce the new district commander.

    He added that 20 policemen were killed in the clash and four others were wounded including the deputy chief of the Farah police..

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    Day Two of Protests Against Alipoor Arrest Continues

    Demonstrators began the second day of their protests in Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul against arrest of local commander Alipoor.

    Journalists also report of firing that was heard in western parts of the city particularly in Shaheed Mazari road.

    This is the second day of protests. They began on Sunday in Kabul. There were reports of clashes between the police and protestors. The protestors claim that arrest of local commander Alipoor is unjust and unfair. On Sunday, even Deputy Chief Executive Mohaqiq called out the arrest and said it was wrongful.

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    Resolute Support Confirms Non-Involvement in Alipoor Arrest

    In a statement published on social media, NATO’s Resolute Support has confirmed that it “does not get involved in internal Afghan investigations. We do not have a role in this case at all.”

    The statement also added that “It remains 100% in the hands of Afghan institutions.”

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    Afghan Winner of Global Classic Bodybuilding Championship Dedicates Gold Medal to Gen Raziq

    Ahmad Yasin Salik Qaderi has won a gold medal in the Global Classic Bodybuilding championship which took place in Macau, China.

    He told a news source that he wants to dedicate his gold medal to the family of late Gen Abdul Raziq who was assassinated last month in Kandahar.

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    President Ghani Leaves for Geneva Conference

    President Ghani earlier this morning left for the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan.
    The president is going to be delivering a speech at the conference, as confirmed by the presidential palace.

    Along the sidelines of this conference, President Ghani will also have some bilateral meetings with the representatives of participants countries and organisations, the statement by presidential palace adds.

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    NATO Had Nothing to Do with Alipoor’s Arrest: US Forces

    It has been claimed by US Forces that “Neither U.S. Forces nor Resolute Support had anything to do with the arrest Alipur. NDS will also confirm this information.”

    This was confirmed by the US Forces spokesperson in Afghanistan Colonel Dave Butler.

    This comes after Kabul sources inform that VP Danish met with representatives of protestors who in turn claimed that NDS chief Istanikzai informed them that Alipoor was actually arrested by US forces and then transferred to the NDS.

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    Chief of Border Forces Summoned for Interrogation

    Hasibullah Quraishi, who is the chief of general staff of border forces has now been transferred by special forces to Kabul for interrogation.

    He was called by the military prosecutor on allegations of corruption and on the claim of misusing his authorities a week ago, military source confirmed to news sources.