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    RS Service Member Killed in Herat

    It has been reported by Resolute Support that one of their service members was killed in an attack in Herat on Monday. Reports also indicate that the attack was carried out by a member of Afghan security forces.

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    150 Cargos of Afghan Grape Spoiled on the Border with Pakistan Due to Elections

    The deputy director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Khan Jan Alkozai, told Radio Azadi, that there are currently 200 cargos of fresh fruit blocked on the Torkham route.

    “The fresh fruit cargos have been blocked on this route for five days due to parliamentary elections, and about 150 fresh fruit cargos, especially grapes, have rotten”, he said.

    This official of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry added that it is now the time to harvest fruits in Afghanistan, especially grapes, and traders and gardeners have been damaged by roadblocks.
    Alkozai has emphasized that these cargos are worth about $ 600,000.

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    Taliban Commander Hafiz Kor Killed in Herat

    Herat police Chief said in a statement on Monday that as a result of the police clash with the Taliban in Shindand district of the province, Mahyuddin known as “Hafiz Kor”, was killed.

    “This Taliban commander Mahyuddin, known as “Hafiz Kor”, was responsible for most of the terrorist attacks in Shindand district”, Herat Police chief said.

    Three other members of the Taliban group were also killed and three others were severely wounded in the clash. An officer of the National Police Headquarters in Shindand district was also killed.

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    Kandahar Attack Perpetrator Trained Under Close Aid of ISI and Haqqani: Former Director of National Directorate of Security Confirms

    According to sources of Rahmatullah Nabil who is the Former Director of National Directorate of Security, the attacker who was responsible for the open fire in Kandahar and killed Gen Raziq was trained in the Al-Hamza Martyrdom Brigade which is reported to be a training ground for suicide bombers and comes under the direct supervision of Taj Mir Jawad. According to Mr Nabil, Taj Mir is close to ISI and Haqqani network.

    In a statement issued by Mr Nabil on Twitter, he claimed that, “Most of the time Tajmir is in Peshwer. The assassination was planned by Mullah Shireen, TB Quetta Shura member in close collaboration with ISI. Time for NUG & StateDept to press Pakistan for arrest/handover of Tajmir & Shireen! Governor Wissa is also questionable. A big test for all sides.”

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    Kandahar Attack Perpetrator was Assigned as Bodyguard of Governor on Fake Tazkera and Fake Details

    The National Directorate of Security Chief said in a security meeting with officials that the attacker who targeted General Abdul Raziq, had been assigned as the bodyguard of the Kandahar governor with a fake Tazkera, fake name and fake personal assurance. According to Masum Stanekzai, the man had a telephone conversation with people across the border, just five minutes before the attack.

    TOLOnews reporter says that NDS chief told journalists about the meeting on the day of the incident in which Kandahar governor, Gen Abdul Raziq, Gen. Miller, Commander of Resolute Support Mission, and other security officials were present and the meeting lasted about half an hour and “no discussions were held about Durand Line or peace talks.”

    NDS chief also told reporters that at least 15 people have been arrested in association with the assassination of Gen. Abdul Raziq, and that further investigations are ongoing.

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    Chief Executive Abdullah Shuns Claims of Foreign Forces Being Behind Kandahar Attack

    Chief Executive Abdullah has rejected all the rumours surrounding any hand of foreign forces behind the Kandahar attack which took place in Kandahar governor’s office on last Thursday.

    In a conversation about the incident, he said that, “There is a rumour that the Kandahar incident is linked to Resolute support forces, and these rumours have been launched by the enemies of the Afghan people and their regional supporters. Those who give these rumours justify the crimes of the enemies of the Afghan people. The justification for the Taliban’s crimes itself is hostility to the Afghan people.”

    The Kandahar attack was perpetrated by a bodyguard planted by the Taliban and their chief target was Kandahar Police Chief Gen Raziq, who was killed in the attack.

    Gen. Scott Miller, who is the commander of NATO’s Resolute Support mission escaped the attack unhurt, however Brig. Gen. Smiley, who oversees the NATO military advisory mission in southern Afghanistan was wounded in the attack.

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    Tadeen Khan Appointed New Provincial Police Chief in Kandahar

    Tadeen Khan, the brother of martyred Gen. Raziq has been appointed as the new provincial police chief in Kandahar after being awarded the rank of Major General.

    This comes after Gen. Raziq lost his life last Thursday in an insider attack by the Taliban in Kandahar governor’s office.

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    Mullah Mansour, the Taliban Chief in Kunduz Province, Killed

    The 209 Shahin Corps commander announced the death of Mullah Mansour, the Taliban military chief in Kunduz province.

    According to the 209 Shahin Corps’ statement, as a result of operations and clashes on Sunday between security forces and Taliban militants in the district of Imam Sahib, Mullah Mansour, the Taliban Chief in Kunduz and Mullah Yasin Wahdat, along with 20 people under their command, were killed.

    The announcement added that the Taliban commander, in addition to involvement in destructive activities in Kunduz province, also contributed to some security incidents in neighbouring provinces.

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    Zabul Governor Survives Armed Attack in Mizani

    It has been reported to Pajhwok News that Zabul governor Rahmatullah Yarmall has survived an armed attack in the district of Mizani. As per the governor, he was visiting the district to assess the security scenario on Sunday when he was attacked by the Taliban during his return to Qalat city.

    It was confirmed that Mr Yarmall escaped the attack unhurt and that one security guard was injured.

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    Breaking: Helicopter Crash In Logar

    Logar Provincial Council reports the crash of a helicopter in Logar province.

    A Logar provincial council member, Mohammad Qasim Seddiqi, told Reporterly that a helicopter has crashed in the vicinity of Kharwar district of Logar province.

    Seddiqi further said that there are no details about the type or the affiliation of the helicopter.

    More details to follow.

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    Road in Parwan Named in memory of General Abdul Raziq

    Security officials have announced that a road in Parwan province has been named after General Abdul Raziq, former police chief of Kandahar province who lost his life in an attack last week by the Taliban.

    Interior Ministry spokesman, Najib Danesh, wrote on Twitter that the Parwan Police Headquarter road was named “Shahid Star General Abdul Raziq Achakzai” this morning to honour his memories and dedications.

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    11 Insurgents Killed in Airstrike at Kunar

    It has been reported that 11 insurgents were killed, and 4 others were injured along with destruction if many weapons as a result of an airstrike and cleanup operation in Chapa Dara and Asmar districts of Kunar province.

    This has been reported by the Ministry of Defence in a statement on Monday.

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    24 insurgents Killed in Ghazni

    The Ministry of National Defense informed in a statement that 11 insurgents were killed and 13 others were injured as a result of clearing operations by the security forces in the vicinity of center of Ghazni province.

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    Taliban Faced Heavy Casualties in Kunduz province

    Security officials have reported heavy casualties among insurgents in Kunduz province.

    The Ministry of National Defense said in a statement that 79 insurgents were killed and 82 were wounded and 3 others were arrested as a result of air strikes, artillery and clearing operations in the districts of Imam Sahib and the capital of Kunduz province.

    The statement provides no details on the casualties on the side of Afghan civilians and military personnel.

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    Mullah Baradar Released from Jail in Pak

    The co-founder of Afghan Taliban, “Mulla Baradar”, has been released from jail in Pakistan as per reports. According to Pakistan based “The News”, he was released on solicitation of the Qatar government.

    Mullah Baradar was captured by security agencies in Karachi in 2010.

    In the past there had been attempts to release him so as to negotiate but he was not released by Pakistan since he had shown willingness to talk to the Afghan government on reconciliation.

    He is also one of the four men who founded the Taliban movement in Afghanistan in 1994 and held multiple senior positions in the Taliban government before it fell in 2001. Since then he has stationed himself in Pakistan where he was caught.

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    MCIT Announces $200 m Private Sector Investments in ICT Sector

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Shahzad Aryobee has announced that the ICT sector of Afghanistan will be receiving investments to the tune of $200 million from the private sector spanning over the next 2 years.

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    4 Million Voters Across 4567 Polling Stations: IEC

    The IEC has announced that in the parliamentary elections that just took place, 4 million Afghans had voted across 4567 polling station.

    Additionally, the proportion of women was at 33% of voters.

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    US Brig Gen Smiley Wounded in Thursday Kandahar Attack

    US Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Smiley, who oversees the NATO military advisory mission in southern Afghanistan, was wounded in Thursday due to the Taliban attack in Kandahar governor office, as confirmed by the Pentagon on Monday. Smiley is reported to be recovering after suffering at least one gunshot wound in the attack.

    As per CNN, Navy Cdr. Grant Neeley, a spokesman for the NATO Resolute Support mission has said that “I can confirm that he is recovering from a gunshot wound he received during the attack in Kandahar.”

    Brigadier General Smiley, the commander of Train, Advise, Assist and Command-South, is based in Kandahar.