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    Peace Negotiations Impossible Without Ceasefire: Ghani

    Speaking at the introduction ceremony of the new head of the National Directorate of Security today, President Ashraf Ghani said, that he is ready for talks with Taliban but the negotiations are not possible without a ceasefire.

    Ghani said that, people want peace and that the ownership of the process is by Afghans. “Our way is clear. We have chosen sustainable and dignified peace and we will not go back…negotiations [with the Taliban] are impossible without a ceasefire,” Mr. Ghani reiterated.

    He said, “We created national and international consensus on peace. We created the environment for peace, but the Taliban took it wrong.”

    Assuring that the Afghan government has a proper plan for peace and is strengthening its regional and international relations in this respect, he said that Afghanistan and the Afghan forces will not be compromised in the peace process.

    Ghani remarked that the Taliban have safe havens in other countries, without naming a specific country and had a message for the Taliban.

    He said, “If you [the Taliban] will leave these relations, you will be embraced by Afghans. You will be embraced by Afghans if you leave drugs business.”

    President Ghani called on all political elites in Afghanistan to show their commitment to the Afghan people and build a proper relationship.

    Mr. Ghani said that election is the only solution for “the inherited crisis” of the past four decades.

    This comes as US President Donald Trump called off negotiations with the Taliban. His decision was faced with mixed reaction among Afghan politicians and the ordinary Afghans.

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    Afghan Forces Retake Yamgan District of Badakhshan After Four Years

    Afghan forces retake control of Yamgan district, four years after it fell to Taliban insurgents, local officials said.

    Speaking to Reporterly Nek Mohammad Nazari provincial spokesman said that Afghan forces recaptured the building of Yamgan district of Badakhshan province.

    There is no report on casualties of security forces and Taliban group in the district so far, he said.

    Meanwhile, Afghan security forces launched a massive operation on 29 August to retake Taliban held districts and the forces recaptured Wurdaj district on 7 September after five years.

    Nazari added that, more than 200 Taliban insurgents have been killed and injured including their commanders and foreign national fighters of the group during the massive operation launched 10 days ago.

    During the operation, four members of security forces were injured but civilians did not suffer any casualties, Badakhshan provincial spokesman said.

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    Taliban Strategic Compound & Six Hideouts Destroyed in Uruzgan

    A Taliban strategic compound and 6 hideouts of the group have been destroyed in Uruzgan province, National Directorate of Security (NDS) said.

    NDS Special Forces carried out an operation on hideouts of Mullah Bismillah, leader of the 100-member group of Taliban, National Directorate of Security said in a statement on Monday.

    The statement said that the NDS Special Unit conducted the operation in Khas district of Uruzgan province.

    The statement further added that various types of weapons and ammunitions were also seized by security forces in the operation.

    Six Taliban hideouts were demolished during the raid, the statement confirmed.

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    NZ Intelligence Agencies Had No Part in Torture of Detainees in Afghanistan, Report Finds

    New Zealand’s intelligence agencies had no part in the torture of detainees in Afghanistan, according to a report about the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) and Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB).

    Quoting 1News Now, the Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security has published the report into whether the (NZSIS) and (GCSB) had any connection to the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation”, detention and rendition programme in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2009.
    Madeleine Laracy, the Acting Inspector-General says, “The Inquiry has examined the role of the New Zealand intelligence agencies in respect of the events in Afghanistan. The NZSIS and the GCSB had lines of connection to the CIA, but they were not complicit or otherwise involved in torture or ill-treatment of detainees.”

    Madeleine Laracy, the Acting Inspector-General says, “The Inquiry has examined the role of the New Zealand intelligence agencies in respect of the events in Afghanistan. The NZSIS and the GCSB had lines of connection to the CIA, but they were not complicit or otherwise involved in torture or ill-treatment of detainees.”

    “The Inspector-General’s Inquiry was commenced after a report by the US Senate Committee on Intelligence which was highly critical of the CIA’s activities. The purpose in carrying out this Inquiry was to understand if the New Zealand agencies had any knowledge of, or connection to, the CIA’s programme.

    “The CIA’s activities in Afghanistan involved abuse that is unlawful in New Zealand and at international law and amounted to torture. It also involved the unlawful transportation, or “rendition”, of detainees to and from Afghanistan to other countries for interrogation. The programme was put in place as part of the US’s response to the 9/11 bombings.

    “Our office’s Inquiry considered whether the agencies’ policies and guidance were and are adequate to deal with the complex legal and ethical obligations that arise when engaging cooperatively with foreign counterparts.”

    The Inquiry found both agencies, but to a much greater degree, the NZSIS, received many intelligence reports obtained from detainees who, it was subsequently revealed, had been subject to torture.

    Although New Zealand had no direct involvement in the CIA programme and did not act unlawfully, some indirect involvement can’t be ruled out.

    The report says “the failing was one of omission, in not identifying that the CIA programme raised risks for their agencies and for the New Zealand Government.”

    On one occasion the NZSIS provided questions to the CIA to be put to a detainee. While the NZSIS was not aware that detainee interrogations involved torture, it was known that the individual was being held by the CIA in an undisclosed location.

    In addition, the Inquiry found that agency staff, particularly those from the GCSB who were deployed to Afghanistan, lacked adequate training and support.

    It was considered that the Directors of the agencies at the time were operating in a difficult political and intelligence environment but still needed to be more alive to the risks for their agencies and New Zealand in maintaining cooperative information sharing arrangements.

    The classified report, and the version that has been published, were substantially completed under the watch of the recently departed Inspector-General,

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    Six Arrested In Connection With Killing of Kabul Garrison Member: MoD

    At least 6 irresponsible armed men were arrested in connection with killing of a Kabul garrison soldier on Monday, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said.

    The deputy spokesman of MoD, Fawad Aman stated that a member of Kabul garrison was killed at Traffic square area of Kabul city today.

    “Noor Mohammad, a member of Kabul Garrison killed after he was shot by some mourners of “18 Sonbulla” the national martyrdom day of Ahmad Shah Masoud,” Aman added.

    This comes as the Ministry of Interior warned yesterday that no one is allowed to carry weapons or indulge in random firing.

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    Four Members of Public Uprising Forces Killed In Jawzjan

    At least four members of the public uprising forces have been killed in infighting in Jawzjan province, local officials said.

    Abdul Waheed Wijdan, Jawzjan police chief on Monday told Reporterly that one of the members of the forces opened fire on his comrades after a verbal altercation occurred between them.

    He added that the incident took place in an outpost of public uprising forces in Aqcha district of the province.

    Wijdan added that, investigation is underway and it is not yet clear whether the individual was Taliban’s infiltrator or not.

    The ‘alleged infiltrator’ who opened fire on the comrades was also killed in the incident, the police chief said.

    Meanwhile, the Taliban in a tweet claimed that the group’s infiltrator killed four members of Public Uprising Forces.

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    German Police Suspend Training in Kabul After Taliban Attack

    The German Federal Police have suspended the training of Afghan officers in Kabul in the wake of last week’s deadly attacks by the Taliban, it was confirmed on Sunday.

    German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) has also removed the biggest part of their personnel from the Kabul.

    According to Spiegel magazine, personnel were partially evacuated from Afghanistan, while, those who remained in the country were relocated to Mazari Sharif city in the country’s north.

    Only a small part of the staff remains in Kabul. They were transferred to a military camp at the airport. German police officers were engaged in training Afghan officers in Kabul.

    “The other half of the members of the… GPPT are flying out for the time being for a lack of accommodation,” an interior ministry spokesman said in a statement from Berlin.

    “The question of the continued ability to work is currently being clarified,” the spokesman said.

    He said “The continuation of the successful cooperation with the Afghan security authorities also depends on this.”

    At least 16 people were killed and more than 100 injured last Monday in a bomb attack on Kabul’s Green Village, a large fortified compound that houses aid agencies and international organizations.

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    Roadside Bomb Injured Three in Kabul

    At least three people were wounded in a roadside bomb explosion near Shahid square, PD 4 of Kabul city on Monday, security officials confirmed.

    Ferdaws Faramarz, Kabul Police spokesman told Reporterly, “A roadside bomb blast occurred between Salim Karwan square and Shahid square in Kabul.”

    Faramarz added that the investigatory team has gone to the area.

    Details to follow.

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    Taliban Attack Two Districts of Takhar; Clashes Underway

    Local officials reported that the Taliban group has launched offensive attacks on 2 districts of Takhar province.

    The Taliban group attacked Khwaja Ghar district of Takhar on Sunday night. Clashes are going on between security forces and the group, provincial spokesperson Javad Hijri told Reporterly.

    Hijri refuted the report about the collapse of the district to the Taliban and called it baseless. He attributed the rise of insecurity in Khwaja Ghar to the bad situation in Dasht-e-Archi.

    Khwaja Ghar district shares border with Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz and the situation in Dasht-e-Archi has recently worsened and the district is almost under control of Taliban group, he said.

    There is no report about casualties of security forces and Taliban group so far, reinforcement forces have been sent to the area, the provincial spokesperson confirmed.

    “Security forces were unharmed but heavy casualties were inflicted on Taliban group although there is no exact number to it yet”, he said.

    Provincial Spokesperson, further added that Taliban group attacked from three fronts on Yangi Qala district but the attacks were defeated in two directions.

    Takhar police in a statement said that 28 Taliban insurgents including a commander of the group were killed in Yangi Qala district.

    Meanwhile, the Taliban claimed that the group has captured Khwaja Ghar district of Takhar province.