Newsfeed: Monday, October 1

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    Negligent Mayors Leading to Land Usurpation: President Ghani

    President Ghani, at the third National Mayors Conference held on Monday, called the consolidation of state lands in all provinces as top priorities of the mayors.

    According to the president, in the past, the municipalities did not work on consolidating the state lands, which led to the misuse and usurpation of these lands.

    In another part of his speech, he said that from his point of view, there is a weak connection between towns and villages in Afghanistan, and mayors must establish the relationship between the city and the village in a fundamental manner.

    President Ghani stressed that the historical heritage of Afghanistan should be revived in all provinces. According to him, Afghanistan has at least two and a half thousand years of urban heritage, and all the big cities and towns of the country were located along the Silk way.

    The president emphasized that the Afghan cities should have a direction to develop, not only within the national framework but also within the framework of regional cities.

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    51 terrorists Killed and wounded in several provinces of Afghanistan

    Security officials have reported that more than three dozen terrorists have been killed or wounded across many provinces of Afghanistan.

    As a result of the invasive, airborne and cleanup operations of the security forces over the past 24 hours in the provinces of Helmand, Nangarhar, Nimroz, Sar-e-Pul, Badakhshan, Ghazni, Kandahar, Logar, Kunduz, Herat, Baghlan, Badakhshan and Uruzgan, 45 terrorists were killed and six others wounded.

    The statement added that during these operations, a significant amount of ammunition and explosives belonging to the terrorists were destroyed.

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    IEC Confirms Approval of 19 Provinces’ Voter Preliminary List

    IEC has unveiled that it has approved the preliminary list of voters of 19 provinces so far. 10 days ago, it had done so for only 10 provinces.

    The approval of the rest of the provinces are pending and IEC is expected to complete the process soon. IEC has also added that they have dropped 600,000 duplicate ideas in the process of approving voter list

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    All Biometric Devices to be Delivered by Thursday: IEC Chief

    Independent Election Commission’s chief has confirmed that all the biometric kits numbering to 22000 are expected to be delivered to Kabul by Thursday.

    Last week, some 4000 biometric devices had been delivered to Kabul which was followed by IEC training 250 of its employees in Kabul for using the devices.

    With the delivery of all biometric kits, the trained IEC personnel would be sent to all provincial offices to disseminate the usage knowledge to provincial IEC personnel.

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    Citizens are bound to go to government agencies: Prez Ghani

    Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani announced earlier on Monday that the exclusivity of government-provided services has made the government agencies complacent towards properly addressing people’s problems, but still, people have to go to these institutions.

    Speaking at the Third Afghan Mayors Conference in Kabul, he said that the relationship between the government and the people should change.

    President Ghani, as an example, said that if a seller sells expensive products twice, the customer will no longer go to him, but the problem in Afghanistan is that the services are monopolized by the government.

    He added that people are not content by turning to government agencies, but they have to go to these offices because no other authority can issue a driver license or other documents apart from the government.

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    Afghanistan enters U-19 Semi-finals after Defeating Nepal

    In a match against Nepal on Monday, Afghanistan U-19 cricket team defeated Nepal to advance into the semi finals of Asia Cup.

    Azmatullah Omarzai, claimed four wickets in the first innings in which Nepal was batting. Afghanistan tossed out all wickets for Nepal’s score of 131.

    Afghanistan reached the target of 132 runs in 37.3 overs. Rahmanullah Gurbaz (26) while Omarzai (23) and Arif Khan (23) were major contributors.

    The next opponent for Afghanistan would be team India and the match is set to happen on Tuesday.

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    Destruction of terrorists’ suicide vests and ammos in Jawzjan province

    Security officials have announced the destruction of suicide vest, mortar shells, rockets and barrel mines in Jawzjan province.

    As a result of an Afghan security forces cleanup operation in Faizabad district of Jawzjan province, 2 suicide vests have been identified and destroyed, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

    The statement added, “In the operation, 50 mortar shells, 9 rockets, 6 barrel mines and 5 hand-held bombs were destroyed.”

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    Iran Targets Terrorist HQ in Syria

    Iran has targeted the terrorist commander headquarters in Syria as a response to the terrorist attack in Ahwaz on Monday, with six surface-to-surface ballistic missiles.

    According to reports, six Iranian drones attacked the command center following this missile attack.

    According to the Fars News Agency, “At 2 am today the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Airborne Corps missile unit, in response to a recent terrorist attack in Ahwaz which was carried out by elements of the Takfiri group, targeted the headquarters of terrorist leaders in Syria in the Al-Bukmal area in eastern Euphrates, with several surface-to-surface ballistic missiles from Kermanshah. ”

    According to the report, firing missiles were of two types, Zulfiqar (750 km) and Qiam (800 km).

    These missiles crossed the sky of Iraq and hit the east of Euphrates in Syria.

    The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, a year ago, in response to ISIL terrorist attacks in Tehran, targeted the terrorist headquartes in Deir ez-Zor with 6 missiles of Zulfiqar and Qiam types.

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    Candidate’s Family Members Attacked in Kunar

    A Parliamentary candidate in Kunar province has said that three people were killed last night in an attack at his guesthouse.

    Qari Ataullah Safi told Radio Azadi on Monday that three of his close associates in the electoral campaign were killed in Nerang district in the attack.

    Abdul Ghani Musamim, spokesman for the governor of Kunar, confirmed the attack, but said that it is still unclear who is behind the attack.

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    IECC asks IEC to not Intervene

    In a press conference by commissioner of electoral complaints commission, it was made clear that the IECC is the body to receive and take care of complaints, not IEC.

    The IECC called on the IEC to stop intervening in its affairs over the issue of candidates violating election rules. IECC made it clear that if any more interference by IEC continues then the body will be prosecuted.

    The IECC spokesman Ali Reza Rouhani said all violations of electoral campaigns will be probed and handled by the electoral complaints commission except media violations that will be probed by the election commission’s media committee.

    Rouhani also added that “Lack or delay in issuance of the preliminary list of voters and lack of a specified period for addressing complains over voters list are the problems that have created problems for us.”

    This new quagmire between the commissions has begun ever since election campaigns began on Friday last week.