Newsfeed: Wednesday, October 3

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    Just In: Explosion in Jalalabad

    According to local sources, there has been a huge blast in the capital city if Jalalabad, Eastern Nangarhar.

    No word on casualties and responsibility yet. More details to follow.


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    Wealth lies in Villages: President Ghani at AgFair

    Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday at the International Agricultural Fair in Kabul that wealth is in the villages and you can become wealthy from the village and he urged people to prefer domestic products over foreign products.

    He urged Afghan investors to invest in the agricultural production process.

    President Ghani, referring to marketing for agricultural production, noted: “The Ministry of Agriculture should work more on the market, because many of our agricultural products are still wasted, due to the lack of market.”

    Referring to the investment in the air corridor for exporting agricultural products, he said: “Through Indian corridor with $800,000  investment by the government,  the Afghan farmers and gardeners exported goods worth  $70 million last year, and we will increase that value to multiple hundred million by next year.”

    The president emphasized on the revival of the textile industry in Afghanistan and said: “The revival of textile production in Afghanistan is our major focus, and our decision is to provide clothing for the entire ANP and ANA using Afghan textile products by next year. Afghanistan’s textiles will be alive and the textile industry Afghanistan would stand tall again “

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    Suicide Bomber Targets Maruf District

    Security officials have said that say that the suicide attack was carried out by a Humvee tank and 13 policemen were killed as a result.

    The attack happened in a building of Maruf District.

    The attack was carried out on Tuesday at 10:00 am on security headquarter of Maruf district.

    Security sources say that following the suicide attack, there was a clash until 3 am. As a result of the clash, four Border Police and three ANP have been killed and six Border Police have been wounded

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    30 Terrorists Killed and Wounded in Several Provinces of Afghanistan

    Security officials have reported the killing and wounding of 30 terrorists in 13 provinces of Afghanistan.

    As a result of the invasive, airborne and cleanup operations of the security forces over the past 24 hours in the provinces of Helmand, Nangarhar, Nimroz, Sar-e-Pul, Kunar, Faryab, Badakhshan, Ghazni, Kandahar, Logar, Herat, Baghlan, and Uruzgan, 24 terrorists were killed and 6 others wounded.

    The statement provides no detail about the causalities of security forces and civilians.

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    27 Terrorists Killed in Farah Province

    Security officials have reported the killing and wounding of 27 terrorists in an ANP special Unit forces ambush.

    The MoI said in a statement that 18 Taliban fighters were killed and 9 others wounded in an ambush by Special Unit Forces in the Barankot area of Farah province.

    The statement added that a number of weapons and ammunition, as well as several motorcycles, had been captured by the government forces.

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    The head of NSC PR Resigns

    Tawab Ghorzang, the head of public relations of NSC has resigned from his position according to a statement released on Wednesday.

    He was appointed to this position at the time of Hanif Atmar. Prior to that, he was the head of strategic communications at the National Security Advisor Office.

    Meanwhile, during the second round of Karzai’s administration, Mr. Ghorzang was spokesman for the Office of Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) for a while.

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    High Security Alert in 5 Ghazni Districts/Operation on #2 Highway

    Local authorities in Ghazni have reported a high security alert and risk of threat in five districts of the province.

    The Spokesman for Ghazni governor, Arif Noori told Khabarnama that districts of Giru, Dehyak, Muqur and Gilan are still in high security threat.

    He added that the cleanup operations in these areas will soon be launched.

    Arif Noori continued that the Taliban have been attempting to carry out operations on certain districts and outposts by Humvee and Ranger vehicles taken from security forces during the past months, which faced air strikes.

    The local official said that clean-up operations on Highway No. 2 in the Arezoo area of Ghazni began at 5am on Wednesday.

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    Customs Tariffs See Threefold Hike on Import

    The Afghan government has increased tariffs on imported goods from 150 to 450 thousand Afghanis per container. Afghan businessmen have protested in response to this decision.

    The increase in customs tariffs has led to threats by Afghan businessmen. The businessmen said on Tuesday that they will close the markets if tariffs are not lowered.

    The Deputy Head of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Khan Jan Alkozay, said that the government’s decision is unjust.

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    Not All Biometric Devices Have Arrived

    The Independent Election Commission is reported to have been still awaiting the arrival of the biometric Devices that are to be used for the upcoming elections.

    The devices were to arrive in Kabul by Tuesday but haven’t yet.

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    UNAMA Head Concerned About Election Insecurity

    In a statement released by the head of UNAMA, Tadamichi Yamamoto, it was clear that the head is concerned about the violence and overwhelming nature of the election.

    “I am outraged by attacks that are deliberately targeting civilians  seeking to exerciser their basic right in participating in elections”, said Mr Yamamoto.

    In the past few days, 7 candidates have already been killed. On Tuesday, there was an attack on the election rally of a candidate in Kama district of Nangarhar.

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    IS-K Claims Responsibility for Nangarhar Election Rally Attack

    The ISIL group has claimed responsibility for the attack that took place in a political rally in Nangarhar on Tuesday.

    A suicide bomber targeted an election rally of a parliamentary candidate in Kamah district of Nangarhar province on Tuesday night.

    The spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar, Ataullah Khugyani, said that the attack left 14 people killed and more than 30 others wounded.