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    Ambiguous use of biometric system a trouble: Mohaqiq

    The second Deputy Chief Executive, said on Saturday in a meeting with American ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass, “after a long period of controversy with the political parties, the government has finally accepted the use of biometric technology on the election day, but the use of this technology is still unclear. Political parties must be content with this issue; otherwise, it will be a problem.”

    The Deputy Chief Executive added that in order to increase transparency and gain public confidence and oversee the central biometrics system in the elections, a Joint Monitoring Committee with the membership of representatives of political parties, the government and the election commission should be developed.

    The United States ambassador said that, despite all the challenges ahead, the Afghan people are still eager to hold elections.

    “To ensure the transparency in the election, people’s confidence in the process should be gained.”, he added.

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    Government should not let US privatise the Afghanistan war: Senate

    The Afghan Senate has responded sharply to the privatisation of the war in Afghanistan and the handover of the Afghan war to the Blackwater Private Military Company.

    The head of the Blackwater Company recently announced that the United States intends to hand over the Afghan war to the private company, but Senate members are worried about the plan, saying that the government should prevent the decision of the United States.

    Senate members who spoke on Sunday at a meeting stressed that if the Afghan war mission is to be handed over to Blackwater private company, it means that the United States has failed in Afghanistan.

    Afghan Senate officials while accusing Blackwater company of intimidation and criminality, said that the decision is against the will of the Afghan people.

    At the end of the meeting, Senate Speaker Fazl Hadi Muslimyar said that the United States should respect the will of the Afghan people and refrain from passing the war to the private company.

    Blackwater had previously advised the United States President, Donald Tramp, to hand over the responsibility of the Afghan war to them, but the proposition was rejected by the President of the United States.

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    Suicide Attack Organizers Arrested

    The National Directorate of Security (NDS) announced on Sunday the arrest of two organizers of suicide attacks in Kabul.

    “The National Security Forces arrested two organizers of suicide attacks in the third district of Kabul in a special operation, NDS said in a statement.

    From these people, a suitcase loaded with explosives, a pistol and a Corolla car were obtained.

    According to the National Directorate of Security (NDS), for six months, they have been trained to build mines, Car bombs and suicide vests in the Akora Khattak area of Peshawar.

    They are members of the Haqqani terrorist network which were supposed to attack a city belt in the fifth district police station of Kabul using five people and also planned to assassinate politicians, civil society activists and religious scholars in Kabul city.

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    Newly Appointed Denmark Ambassador to Kabul Assures Cooperation

    Minister of National Defense, General Tariq Shah Bahrami, met with Danish Ambassador on Monday to discuss Danish supports to the government and people of Afghanistan and expressed his appreciation for the presence of the Danish soldiers who have fought and sacrificed along with the Afghan Armed Forces against Terrorism.

    “The Afghan government is committed to spend the Danish taxpayers’ money in the right place.” said the National Defense Minister in a statement on the security situation and the measures of the Afghan Ministry of Defense to fight corruption, to implement the reforms and the new personnel law.

    In return, the new ambassador, Mr. Nicolaj Hejberg Petersen, appreciate the value of the plans of the Ministry of Defense and the achievements of the Afghan soldiers, and confirmed that the Danish government is working to eradicate corruption, assist the security sector and promote education and training with Afghan armed forces.

    He also said that we are set to increase the number of Danish soldiers who are operating within Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan.

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    Chinese Foreign Minister Defends Azhar Masood

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Li has defended Beijing’s blockage of India’s requests at the UN to list the chief of Pakistan based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed Azhar Masood as a global terrorist.

    The US, Britain and France all back India to designate Masood Azhar a terrorist under the Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council.

    “If all parties come to a consensus, we will support it. But it is the parties that are rightly concerned who are not coming around to the same conclusion like India and Pakistan don’t have the same conclusions,” Mr Wang said on Friday in response to a question.

    Mr Wang also added, “Whether these people are terrorists or not, there should be solid facts and proof. If there is irrefutable evidence, no one can turn its back on it. I don’t think Pakistan will do that.”

    Azhar Masood is accused of several terrorist attacks in India including the Uri attack of 2016.

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    Suicide Bombing Coordination Center in Helmand Destroyed

    Security officials have confirmed the destruction of a suicide bombing coordination center in Helmand province.

    “Twenty terrorists have been killed and 22 others arrested during a clean-up operation in Nahr-e-Saraj district of Helmand province.”, the ministry said in a statement.

    During the operation, 6 hideouts and 31 vehicles of the enemy also destroyed.

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    IEC Chairman Warns Candidates

    In a press conference, Mr Abdul Aziz Ariayi, Commissioner of Electoral Complaints Commission has said that candidates need to be wary of carrying out overwhelming campaigns and processions on the streets.

    IECC had previously warned that if the candidates violate any campaign law, there will be repercussions.

    Mr Ariayi has also confirmed that any media violation of the campaign by candidates will be duly investigated upon by a committee and people are free to submit such complaints with IECC. He has informed that so far there have been no complaints submitted by anyone at IECC.

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    27 ISIL fighters killed in Nangarhar province

    Security officials have reported the killing of 27 ISIL fighters in Nangarhar province.

    As a result of air operations in Khogyani district of Nangarhar Province, 27 ISIL fighters were killed, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

    In this operation, a hideout of these terrorists has also been eliminated as per the statement

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    Kabul Police Arrests Two On Charge of Candidates’ Murder

    Kabul Police and Criminal investigation department have reported that they have arrested two people who were tied to the murder of parliamentary candidates in Kabul.

    In a statement by Chief of Staff of Senior Deputy, Ministry of Interior A.M Abdulrahimzai, it was confirmed that two suspects were detained.

    According to the senior official of Ministry of Interior Mr Abdulrahimzai, the arrest happened after the police forces of Kabul carried out a joint operation.

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    In Afghanistan, Reconciliation is the Key: Miller

    The US and NATO’s Resolute Support Commander in Afghanistan Gen. Austin S. Miller has answered a very common question the foreign forces have been asked. Addressing the question as to the reason behind presence of his forces, he replied that the answer is Reconciliation between Afghan government and Taliban.

    The US Department of Defense came out with Gen Miller’s statement which said “The war has continued for 17 years. NATO and coalition forces are in for the long haul, and the Taliban cannot hope to wait out the coalition. The smart option is to reconcile and rebuild Afghanistan together.”

    Gen. Miller also cleared out that other terrorist outfits like Deash, al Qaida and others have no role whatsoever in new Afghanistan.

    These statements come as US and NATO forces have offered their cooperation and support for the upcoming parliamentary elections next month.

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    New Ambassador to Pakistan

    Some sources have announced the appointment of a new Afghan ambassador to Pakistan.

    Relevant sources in the Afghan government told the BBC that Shokrullah Atef Mashal was appointed as a new ambassador to Pakistan.

    Mr. Mashal is the successor to Omar Zakhilwal, the former ambassador of Afghanistan in Islamabad.

    Previously, Mr. Mashal was the head of Afghanistan’s Cricket Board.