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    Pashdan Dam Construction Work Resumes After 3-Year Gap

    The construction activity of Pashdan Dam in Herat province has resumed after a gap of three years, the Ministry of Energy and Water said.

    The construction of the dam was halted three years ago in 2015 by when, 30% of the project was completed. The halt was due to reasons which not revealed by the Ministry of Energy and Water. However, officials of the ministry recently emphasise that insecurity was one of the main reasons for the halt in the construction work of the project.

    Pashdan Dam is situated in Karokh district of Herat and the dam project will be completed within the next three years, assured an in charge of the project from the ministry Abdullah Qazizada.

    Mr Qazizada explained that two foreign companies (one of which is from Azerbaijan) and one Afghan company are handling the construction of the dam,
    “The intention is that this project should be completed 100 percent in accordance international norms,” said Qazizada as he told some
    Foreign experts are also promoting the dam.

    “Because of the speed and development of the work to finish the work of this dam early, we work 15 hours in two times, which is 10 hours from the day and five hours from the night,” said Alexander Franchuk representative of an Azerbaijani company, which works on the project.

    “We are doing our best. So far, we have not faced with any problems or security incident in the area,” ensured Mohammad Arif, Commander Pashdan Protection Unit.

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    New Scheme Does not Mean Quota,Only 25% of Higher Education Seats will be Competed Based on the Zones: MoHE

    Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education spokesperson Faisal Amin, said at a news conference on Saturday in Kabul that this year’s Kankor (university entrance exam) will be held generally as before, but for only 25% of Kankor seats in the fields of medicine, engineering, law economics , Agriculture and Computer Science, there will be a competition at zones level.

    According to this scheme, all provinces of Afghanistan, including the capital, are divided into eight zones based on the required disciplines, and these courses are filled with those who will obtain the highest scores at that particular zone, regardless of general scoring.

    Mr Amin also said that the selectees coming from zone-based system will undergo a prerequisite semester in order to get prepared to begin studying in the fields.

    MoHE spokesperson emphasized that the plan was approved according to the current circumstance of the country, through which it will get to train local and native cadres for their own regions; because there is not even one doctor in some provinces, he said.

    “We need specialists who work in their own neighborhoods,” he added. “Unfortunately, most people who study in universities of major cities do not return to their communities; we currently do not have a doctor in Paktika province, so the plan is for those who have the potential, but there is no room for them to unleash it.”

    The Ministry of Higher Education says that the Kankor exam is a competitive and national process, and the quota-based Kankur in accordance with the population of the provinces is discarded in MoHE’s new scheme.

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    3 Key IS-K Members Arrested in Nangarhar

    Officials have reported the arrest of three major members of the IS-K group in Nangarhar.

    Nangarhar officials said in a statement that as a result of an operation by Afghan 02 security forces in areas of Behsud district of Nangarhar, the head of IS-K press, an IS-K local guide in Jalalabad, and a person who was in charge of transporting the IS-K members were detained.

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    15 Insurgents Killed in a Foreign Forces Airstrike in Ghazni

    Ghazni security officials have reported on the coalition air operations in Ghazni province.

    “Five insurgents were killed and five others wounded as a result of the air strike of the foreign forces as well as the ANP clash with the insurgents in Nowruz Khel village of Moqur district,” Ghazni province officials said in a statement.

    The statement continues to say that 10 insurgents were killed and 2 others were wounded in a separate airstrike in the Abdullah Gul area of Qarabagh District.

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    Messi Football Fan in Ghazni whose Family was Displaced Gets Support from LaLiga

    The Spanish Football League, LaLiga announced on a social post that they are going to fully support the Afghan boy who is a dedicated Lionel Messi fan.

    Murtaza Ahmadi, a little Afghan boy from Ghazni became famous on social media for his dedication as a fan of star football player Messi but due to the recent Taliban attacks in Ghazni, his family was did place.

    Murtaza’s family were living in south-eastern Ghazni and have now escaped to the capital. This is the second time they have had to flee their home. The previously lived as short-term refugees in Pakistan in 2016 and returned to Afghanistan soon.

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    Uzbekistan Keen on Projects with Afghanistan & Pakistan

    Uzbekistan’s Ambassador Furqat A Sidikov while speaking to the businessmen community at the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) expressed that his country has had more than $500 million bilateral trade with Afghanistan.

    “Uzbekistan mainly exports utility metres, wheat, dried legumes and chocolate to Afghanistan”, Sidikov said.

    He also expressed that Uzbekistan is wanting to build a railway link with Pakistan through Afghanistan.

    The Pakistan ICCI’s President Ahmed Hassan, has thus called for finalisation of Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan Trilateral Transit Trade Agreement so as to get rid of any trade barriers.

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    11 Civilians Freed from Taliban Prison in Helmand

    It was reported in a statement by the media office of Maiwand 215 Corps that a minimum of 11 civilians were freed from Taliban’s prison in Helmand.

    This was a result of the operation by Afghan Commando Forces unit in Sangin district of Helmand.

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    10 Armed Individuals Arrested in Kabul in Special Ops

    It has been reported that police forces in Kabul arrested at least ten armed individuals during a Special Operation conducted in Bagrami district of Kabul province.

    The Kabul Police Commandment in a statement announced that the irresponsible armed individuals were arrested on Thursday.

    The statement further added that the men belonged to Sahib Gul alias Mullah Tuti group who were involved in land grabbing and other illegal activities.

    According to Kabul Police Commandment, the brother of Sahib Gul who is identified as Daud has also been arrested during the operation too.

    The security forces also confiscated 8 Ak-47 assault rifles, 19 Ak magazines, 560 bullets, a vehicle, and some other military kits and uniforms, the statement added.

    The Kabul Police Commandment added in the statement that the detained individuals have been over to the relevant judiciary institutions.

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    US Special Envoy Khalilzad Discusses Afghan Peace in Moscow Visit

    As US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad went on his visit to Moscow, it has been reported by a statement that he met with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov.

    The two discussed Afghan peace prospects. Russian president’s envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov was also present.

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    IECC & IEC to Review Kabul Votes Decision

    The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) as well as the Independent Election Commission on Friday informed that the decision to invalidate Kabul’s votes will be reviewed.

    According to a joint statement, in a meeting, it was decided that IECC should review its decision.
    “It was decided that IECC will review its decision on invalidating Kabul votes and the two commissions will resolve their disagreements,” Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi, deputy spokesman for IEC, said.

    The election commissions issued a joint statement which said that their meeting was chaired by the Second Vice President Sarwar Danish and the head of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General and election commissioners were also present so as to tend to the problems that sprang up after the announcement on Kabul votes by IECC on Thursday.

    The statement says that the two electoral commissions agreed to coordinate with each other to resolve their differences regarding the parliamentary polls.

    The statement also added that it was conceded for the IEC to share all the information on votes cast using by using biometric system and also any other information as per IECC’s request and needs.

    On Thursday, the IECC declared that they have invalidated the votes that were cast in Kabul and called for fresh elections, along with announcing the dismissal of some key officials of IEC. In what could have turned into a potential fight between the IEC and IECC, leaders have expressed that it is good to see the two bodies cooperating.