Newsfeed: Saturday, June 1

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    Taliban Commander Killed By His Bodyguard in Balkh

    Army officials in the northern Afghanistan have reported the killing of a Taliban commander by his bodyguard. Khan Wali a commander of Taliban insurgents was killed by his bodyguard in Balkh’s Khwaja Roshnaye village, press office of 209th Shaheen Corps said on Saturday.

    Khan Wali was reportedly a commander of a group of 50 Taliban insurgents and the main source of insecurity in the Chahar Bolak and Dawlat Abad Districts, The province of Balkh has recently witnessed Taliban activities.

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    Karzai Urges Acceleration of Peace Efforts Through Intra-Afghan Talks

    Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that the parties involved in war should accelerate their efforts to achieve nationwide and sustainable peace through Intra-Afghan talks.

    In a statement released on Saturday, Mr. Karzai expressed concerns over the recent increase in civilians’ causalities and said that he strongly condemns every kind of military operation which causes bloodshed of Afghans.

    He has also called on parties involved in the war to stop the military operations against each other and accelerate their efforts to achieve national and sustainable peace through Intra-Afghan talks.

    Mr. Karzai welcomed Taliban’s ceasefire in Eid al-Fitr in a statement yesterday, which was later rejected by the Taliban.

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    A Five-Member Taliban Network Arrested in Laghman

    The National Directorate of Security (NDS) reported the arrest of a five-member Taliban network in Laghman province.

    The NDS elite forces arrested a five-member network in Mitarlam town, the capital of Laghman province, the NDS said in a statement on Saturday.

    The statement added that the five-member network, which used to operate secretly in Mitarlam, were were involved mine-embedding, assassinations and threatening individuals were arrested red-hand with a Magnetic IED.

    The NDS also stated that the detainees confessed to their crimes.

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    54 Taliban Insurgents Including Four Commanders Killed in Ghazni

    56 Taliban insurgents including 4 commanders were killed in Ghazni province, as per local officials.
    The Press office of Ghazni province said, in a statement, on Saturday that, 56 Taliban fighters including four commanders and a local commander of the insurgents were killed on Friday night as a result of an ambush by local police, commando operations and airstrikes by the Afghan and Coalition forces in Abdulla Gul and Lewanai bazar areas in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province.

    The Taliban insurgents were targeted by the security forces, while the group planned to attack the local police outposts in Abdullah Gul and Lewanai areas in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province, Ghazni media office added.

    According to the statement there were foreigner terrorist of the group among individuals killed but there is no exact figure of the terrorists. Some weapons were also confiscated by security forces, as per statement.

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    Eight Big Hideouts of Taliban Insurgents Destroyed in Helmand

    Security officials have announced the destruction of eight big Taliban hideouts in Helmand province.

    In a statement, the Afghan Interior Ministry said that following joint operations of the security forces for the clearance of some insecure areas in Nahri Saraj district of Helmand province, eight big hideouts of Taliban insurgents, which were used for organizing large-scale terrorist attacks in Helmand province, were destroyed.

    The statement added that seven Taliban insurgents were killed and five others were wounded in the operation.

    The explosion of 25 mines of Taliban insurgents were also prevented in the operation.

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    Ministry of Energy and Water Flags Flood Warnings

    Water Resources Management Department of the Ministry of Energy and Water has issued a warning for the possibility of flash floods and rise of water levels in some rivers.
    The Department said in a statement on Friday that based on the forecasts of meteorological organizations, the possibility of floods, due to precipitation and the rise of water levels in some rivers due to melting of snow is predicted from May 31 to 2 June.

    The department has said the possibility of floods and water levels rising some rivers are predicted in areas like Panj River, Harirud-Murghab, Kabul maritime basin, Kokcha River, Panj, Talqan, Baghlan, GHor, Ghazni, Logar, Kabul, Laghman, Kunar and Nangarhar.

    Meanwhile, floods in early March and following months caused a lot of causalities and heavy damages in many parts of Afghanistan from north to south east.

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    Khalilzad Welcomes Meeting Between President Ghani & PM Khan

    The United States’ Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad welcomed the meeting between President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistani PM Imran Khan and considered it to be a positive step in the relationship between two countries.

    In a tweet, Khalilzad welcomed the meeting between President Ghani and PM Khan on the sidelines of the OIC Summit in Mecca saying that, “Improved Afghan-Pak ties are key to reaching, implementing & capitalizing on opportunities for regional connectivity, integration & development. US stands ready to assist Afghan peace.” He reaffirmed the assistance of the United States in the Afghan Peace Process.

    Khan assured Ghani that Islamabad will support Kabul in bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan, the Pakistani Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

    “Prime Minister Imran Khan reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. He also underlined Pakistan’s firm support for an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process for political solution in Afghanistan,” the statement said.

    The statement also added that Ghani and Khan will further discuss security and economic issues in the forthcoming visit of the Afghan president to Islamabad.

    Meanwhile, the Presidential Palace in a statement said that Ghani and Khan also discussed issues around regional connectivity as well as trade and transit.

    The statement said that Khan promised to resolve the problem over the closure of Pakistan airspace to Afghan flights between Kabul and New Delhi.